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I am raising money for a Service Dog to help me have a better life. I am a Desert Storm Veteran who has served my country In the US Air Force. I have been diagnosed with Severe Post Trau... more


Created by Nick Willard on March 21, 2011

I am raising money for a Service Dog to help me have a better life. I am a Desert Storm Veteran who has served my country In the US Air Force. I have been diagnosed with Severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) I have been advised to obtain a Service Dog to assist me with my struggles.

The money collected will go towards the cost of commuting from Madison to Chicago and the housing while I am there. Since the training, grooming, and the supplies that it takes to turn a great dog into a Service Dog are all donated by Paws Assisting Wounded Warriors, any money that is not used for the propose of commuting, and hotel will be given to PAWWS

 Paws Assisting Wounded Warriors FaceBook Page.

Information on Paws Assisting Wounded Warriors:

Paws Assisting Wounded Warriors is based in Palos Heights, IL. Our staff is comprised of professional dog trainers dedicated to the training of all our service dogs. Our canine candidates come from a variety of sources, including rescue dogs.


The first step on the program is to pair the wounded warrior with a dog. All canine candidates must pass a series of temperament tests in order to be eligible to enter into the program. In addition, all dogs must be at a pre-determined level of obedience before being handed over to the veteran. The ‘pairing process’ between the veteran and dog is critical because the ‘bond’ that develops between them is an essential element of the program. They will live together from that point forward. All placement and training fees are at no cost to the veteran.


Our service dogs are trained for a series of standard commands however depending on the individual needs of the veteran, the dog will undergo additional training for these specific tasks. The canine will then become an official ‘Certified Service Dog’.


A Certified Service Dog is allowed by law to enter public places such as the veteran’s work place, restaurants, buses, stores etc. These are rights set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


Our program runs approximately 6 months in length and is comprised of several training stages, most of which are catered to the individual requirements of each soldier / canine team. These stages include individual and group sessions focusing on canine behavior, canine care and hygiene, training techniques, dog-whispering techniques, obedience, public access and socialization, specialized service tasks and more. Each team shall satisfy a minimum of 80 hours of specific service training and public access.


The skills learned in our program can also aid in new career paths for some of our veterans. These include but are not limited to canine behaviorist, trainers, veterinary technicians, professional dog handlers, groomers and more.


All funding is derived from charitable donations. Please help our cause and donate today.  


Psychiatric Service dogs to assist with recipients suffering from PTSD are trained to alert to and interrupt their handler’s destructive behaviors (including but not limited to anxiety/ or panic attacks, and/or flashbacks, and/or aggressive tendencies) The dogs are trained in deep pressure therapy to help alleviate anxiety in their handler. Dogs are trained to provide boundary and distance between their handler and others in crowed public situations. All dogs are trained in advanced obedience for reliable public access skills. Lifetime training support is included.


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I notice you are in Manila American Cemetery in the picture on this page. I work there perhaps we've met. I have a daughter in Chicago and brother in Madison. Why don't we talk on email? caloudb@abmc.gov

posted by Hubert Caloud 17 months ago

I suggest you also contact Dryhotch here in Madison also for assistance. It is located on Excelsior Drive on the west side.

posted by Linda Schluter 17 months ago

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Angela Goldsmith

17 months ago


Thank you for serving our country! I have posted this to my facebook and twitter feeds in the hopes that it helps you reach your goal.



Rodney Nars

17 months ago


I hope you are vet disabled by severe PTSD. I have it but not bad. I hope my small donation will help you get your service dog faster.


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