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Brief Introduction__________________________________________ As more and more species become endangered, a need for more conservation volunteers grows.  For years, I have been working w... more


Updated posted by Courtney Dunn 25 months ago

Update on my current volunteer efforts:

For my Senior Research Project, I am studying vocalizations and behavior in Panthera tigris - otherwise known as the Tiger. Far from penguins I know, but this news is worth sharing.

In Lucknow, India, a tiger has been seen "terrorizing" villagers and killing domesticated animals. Many efforts have been started to relocate this tiger, but so far no success. I was contacted two weeks ago regarding my vocalizations and if I could send in some of the recordings to a conservation organization for help in this effort.

I jumped at this opportunity because it is, after all, what the goal of my project was - to help save wild tigers. So, as of roughly a week ago, recordings of my internship tigers have started being used to help lure the Lucknow tiger to safety.

How awesome is that! Just goes to show you how far simple volunteering can get you. I hope I can inspire more to do the same.

To learn more about my project and the tigers I work with, please visit



Updated posted by Courtney Dunn 25 months ago

Getting closer to my goal! I changed the overall total to once again reflect my donations I have received in person. Thanks to all for your help so far.



Updated posted by Courtney Dunn 26 months ago

Taken by a Commercial Appeal photographer. Alyran the African Penguin and Me going to visit the reporters.


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Created by Courtney Dunn on October 28, 2011

Brief Introduction__________________________________________

As more and more species become endangered, a need for more conservation volunteers grows.  For years, I have been working with organizations of different levels helping endangered animals from the smallest bird to the largest mammal.  This May I hope to embark on the largest trip I have ever done to work with SANCCOB in Capetown, South Africa.  The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Seabirds works to conserve and protect  seabirds through rehabilitation and awareness.  With your support, I will be able to purchase airfare and travel insurance while in South Africa. Your support will also enable me to protect and preserve seabirds, like African Penguins, for future generations.

Learn more about SANCCOB here. You can also learn more about the organization I will be sponsored by here.

What I Will Be Doing_______________________________________

- 6-Week Volunteer Trip in Capetown, South Africa
      - Working with SANCCOB

"As well as learning about the life-cycle and conservation of the African Penguin, which is still an endangered species, you will also be very 'hands - on' as you are taught how to catch, hold, feed and tube feed these wonderful birds each with their own individual characters. You will care for the weak, the strong, the cheeky and the just plain daft and when the sun is high you will probably find yourself longing to join them in the pool too! You will also be involved with the many other tasks that need to be carried out daily including the preparation of fish, cleaning the pens, pools and mats,  sterilizing syringes and many more things besides."

My Story _________________________________________________

My life has been based upon one simple, short word – hope. We define it as feeling something is possible no matter what, that what you want to accomplish can and will happen. This something for me was a career with animals – specifically conservation medicine. While growing up, I faced the challenge of living in a small town with few opportunities as well as the only animals I saw on a daily basis being cattle and dogs. Despite all the curves life threw at me, I never gave up.

A year after graduating high school, I had been accepted into an ongoing internship at the Memphis Zoo. This is where the story really begins. I started working with the Bird Department - mainly with African Penguins. Although the Zoo was over three hours away, I started making the trip every Saturday. These little feathered creatures quickly got a hold on my heart and I soon found myself wanting to know more and more about them. My wish came true when we started a research collaboration with SANCCOB - The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Seabirds. I grew an interest in SANCCOB and wanted to travel to work with them personally but, could never afford the expenses. So, I went on to volunteer at other stateside institutions.

As if three hours was not enough, I journeyed to New Zealand where I was surrounded by the some of the largest conservation efforts on the planet. From there,I found myself invited to the Smithsonian Conservation Research Institute where few undergraduates ever set foot. Now, I find myself traveling to an even different state to volunteer at a tiger rescue sanctuary.

While relaxing after one of these internships, I stumbled upon AVIVA’s facebook page, the organization which coordinates SANCCOB’s international volunteers. They were holding a contest in which the winner would receive the trip package to work hands-on with SANCCOB in Capetown, South Africa. Extremely excited, I started sharing the link to all my friends, hoping to get in as many contest entries as possible. I awoke early that Friday morning to see the results…and…posted at the top of the AVIVA page was my name announced as the winner.

Every day since then has felt like a dream. It amazes me how far I’ve come since my childhood and how far hope has carried me. I have found myself working with some of the world’s most amazing animals and become a better person along the way. In just a few short months, I will find myself working alongside some of the leaders in conservation work with African Penguins and other coastal birds.

This is where all of you come in. Although I have won the trip package, my airfare and living expenses are not included. Due to my college expenses and planning for starting veterinary school in the Fall, I cannot make this trip without help from all of you. Even if you cannot donate large amounts, every dollar counts. With the help of my family, friends, and even kind strangers, I hope to and will make a difference in the lives of the wild African Penguins I meet.


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Hi! I can't offer financial support but can offer advise. I did a different Aviva trip two years back. It was the best thing I ever did. But I found an amazing website called they provide ridiculously cheap flights for people traveling for humanitarian reasons. I'm not sure if SANCCOB is on their list but it's worth looking into. Going through them saved me over $600 dollars on my flight from the states to capetown. Goodluck!

posted by Kimberly Scharf 29 months ago

I wish you all the best. You are doing a great thing. There should be more like you in this world.

posted by Jane 30 months ago

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25 months ago


Have fun helping the penguins!



Charlene Boden

27 months ago


Helping you to obtain your dream!



Jess and Mike

27 months ago


Good luck girly!



Kathy Mosteller

28 months ago


Keep up the good work.



Jim Jalenak

28 months ago


Thanks for all you do for the Memphis Zoo



Kelly Jewell

28 months ago


I'm excited for you Courtney. What you are doing is amazing.




28 months ago


Because i want you to travel.




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29 months ago



Lynne Donahue

29 months ago


Good luck and have fun Courtney!


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