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In January of this year we found out we were expecting a new bundle of joy, after a few complications, including a surgery and bleeding issues, we then discovered it was not one, but thr... more


Updated posted by Sheena Ledwell 20 months ago

The babies are here! More updates to come soon, but an emergency c section led to them being born at 32 weeks and 4 days. They are in NICU and we are in for a possible long stay. The financial burden of going back and forth and the fact that the delivery led to more medications is becoming very stressful. We were able to get a room at the Ronald McDonald house, but Aeris still has school and Anthony has to work so we are unsure what to do being so far from the hospital. Please continue to pray and share this as we are struggling to be here for the babies as well as at home for Aeris.


Updated posted by Sheena Ledwell 21 months ago

We have both good and bad news, all three babies are still doing great and still growing stronger every day. They could be here as early as a few days, or as late as 3-4 weeks. We finally got a decision letter from insurance and they agreed to pay for one shot refill which was awesome, not what we fully wanted and its only a shot, nothing else was mentioned in the letter so my nerves are frazzled about having to refill the medicine for the cholestasis, but its better than nothing. On the other hand that same night Anthony was laid off from work. It seems it's still one step forward and two steps back then spinning in circles for now. It's almost time to meet our precious gifts though so I'm just going to keep praying and trust that God has a plan.


Updated posted by Sheena Ledwell 21 months ago

Quick update. My blood tests came back and I have cholestasis, liver failure during pregnancy. It's a little scarier since I have had previous liver issues, but hopefully they caught it early and i will start to heal once they are born. That means more meds insurance wouldnt pay for and more trips to the dr as well. On a good note, baby girl A's fluid is back to normal, still not as good as her brother and sisters, but better. However on a bad note my cervix also changed so I had to have the first round of steroids today in case they come in the next two weeks. We also found out the carseats we received are not rated for preemies so we have to purchase new ones. Seems like it is one step forward and three steps back for now, but hopefully we will get to where they will be ok. Please continue to share our story, it truly is sad how insurance could cover so much and then just turn their backs when we needed it most. We are hoping it is fixed before the babies arrive because we are beyond nervous that we will have problems with aftercare when they get here!

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Created by Sheena Ledwell on June 21, 2012

In January of this year we found out we were expecting a new bundle of joy, after a few complications, including a surgery and bleeding issues, we then discovered it was not one, but three new little blessings on the way. The feelings of shock and disbelief were enormous, and then the fears set in. Fears of health issues, loosing them before they were viable, having the money to care for them, and so on. Medication to keep from loosing the pregnancy had to be taken daily and bedrest hit right away. After a few weeks I was released to work but was only able to work for a month before complications made it impossible. With a 5 year old to also care for things got hard quick, but luckily my husband managed to get on nightshift at work, which included a payraise. For a while things were good, the babies were all doing great, we found out it was two girls and a boy, they are all healthy and growing well, and I was doing very well with the pregnancy except for being limited in the activity I could manage to do. Then things started to get harder. after some pains at just 20 weeks along, we discovered my body was giving up and was not handling the pregnancy as well as it had . Surgery had to be done immediately to sew my cervix shut and keep the babies in until they could survive. Medication was started to help stop any contractions and then shots were started to help thicken and keep the cervix closed. This caused my husband to miss some work and put us behind on bills, then things continued to go downhill. Insurance refused to pay for the shots, which are $75 weekly, and then our car had some problems, making us choose between the car getting fixed and the medicine I had to have. We chose the medicine of course, and finally managed to get the car fixed since my husband was back to work. At this point I was on strict bedrest, only allowed up to use the restroom and shower every other day. As hard as it is, we were managing, until insurance struck again. They are now not only refusing to pay for shots, deciding I had too many perscriptions for a certain timeframe, they now refuse to pay for any of the medicine I need, including contraction medicine, shots, vitamins, the medicine to keep my recurring urinary tract infection at bay, any medications I need from now on, and most importantly, if I go into preterm labor or need steroid shots for the babies lungs. As of now we are looking at $800 a month or more in prescriptions alone, and that's if I don't need more and manage to not need to be hospitalized. All we want is our babies to be safe and be able to make it to our 34 week goal, which seems closer now that we have made it to 24 weeks, but still so far away when thinking of the money needed to get there. We are overjoyed that family and friends have stepped up and donated baby items, but now an even more important task of getting the medication and care needed to make sure our babies stay safe and healthy has hit full force. We are hopeful to be able to make it these next 10 weeks and are now terrified of the bills that are piling up so quickly. We managed to get one weeks worth, but that will be gone fast and still the threat of hospitalization and the unknown of what they will or will not cover is looming. All this has hit when we still have so much to get before the babies arrival. We appreciate any and all help and thank you for taking time to read our story.


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