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Imagine art on this green fence, created in response to the insights gained from a reflective walk on the nearby labyrinth. The Rivoli Park Labyrinth project won a grant to install a wal... more


Updated posted by Lisa Boyles 6 days ago

Supporters, I have good news to report. The community art display was installed on April 1st. Thanks to my brother, Geoff Boyles, for his help with this task.

Our community service day with Pro (Act) Community Partnerships, Inc. ended up happening on April 12th. We had great weather and an awesome crew of nearly 40 people. You can view a photo album of that day at www.facebook.com/rplabyrinth.

We are still in need of funds to plant flowers and bushes to make the space into a wildlife habitat. Spread the word about the Rivoli Park Labyrinth to your family and friends.

A tremendous amount has been accomplished to prepare for the event on May 3rd at 1 pm. I hope you are making plans to be a part of the World Labyrinth Day event that Saturday as we "walk as one at one" with other labyrinth enthusiasts around the globe. If you have any questions, message me.


Geoff Boyles installed the community art


Updated posted by Lisa Boyles 1 month ago

Thanks to your support, I was able to buy all the supplies for the community art installation on the fence at the Rivoli Park Labyrinth. Twenty-one panels are being painted in preparation for the opening on May 3rd. Learn more by reading the March blog post at www.rplabyrinth.blogspot.com

As spring approaches, we will turn our focus towards landscaping again. We have a workday planed for March 29th. One of my fellow Focus 2020 community action grant winners, Derrin Slack, has arranged for youth volunteers from Pro (Act) to help us out that day. Money that has been raised from this Go Fund Me campaign is also going to be used to buy flowers to beautify the labyrinth path and create a spot of remembrance near a boulder that my father placed on the edge of the labyrinth.

If you haven't already liked the public Facebook page, please consider doing so to receive more frequent project updates at www.facebook.com/rplabyrinth.

Have joy in the journey and thanks for traveling with me, Lisa


Updated posted by Lisa Boyles 2 months ago

This is the first panel, completed by artist George Brookins, that will be part of the community art installation at the Rivoli Park Labyrinth. It is his interpretation of the quote, " The fragrance always remains on the hand that gives the rose." by Mahatma Gahndi. We will have an outdoor opening to view the community art installation on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 as part of World Labyrinth Day. Come at 1 pm to participate in a facilitated labyrinth walk at the site. Send a message to get the address.


Art by George Brookins

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Created by Lisa Boyles on September 8, 2013

Imagine art on this green fence, created in response to the insights gained from a reflective walk on the nearby labyrinth. The Rivoli Park Labyrinth project won a grant to install a walking path and restore the soil in a vacant lot in an urban neighborhood. The labyrinth is named after the neighborhood, Rivoli Park, which is located on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis, IN. The grant did not provide enough funds for the full vision of the project, though, which includes also installing community art and a building an outdoor bulletin board where visitors can post their reflections. Your support will help that full vision become a reality.

Anyone who contributes to this fund is encouraged to send a postcard sized drawing or anything you think would be appropriate to put up on the outdoor bulletin board that you helped build. You are also encouraged to send a message with a thought or quote that you would like posted, if delivering a card is problematic. Contact me through this site for the address of the Rivoli Park Labyrinth and (soon to be) Community Art Space. Know that any amount is appreciated, but for anyone that donates at the $100-$199 level, a piece of original art will be made for you and if you give $200 or more a local labyrinth facilitator will design an experience for you here in Indianapolis. Often when people walk a labyrinth they come away with a thought they would like to share. Building an outdoor bulletin board, with special features to protect postings from the elements, will provide a way to display those reflections.

The other thing that I would like to create with the money that you contribute is a community art installation. I am partnering with groups to decorate wood panels at their sites which can then be placed on the fence, art gallery style. Three sites in the community have already said they want to participate.

A student from the neighborhood public school drew this picture to depict what peace looks like to her as part of the celebration of the International Day of Peace. Work like this will be become a part of the beautiful transformation of the lot. The labyrinth will be installed in October of 2013 as part of a city wide service challenge. We would like to start focusing on painting the art pieces later this fall and hang the panels in rows on the fence starting in the spring. The plan is to have at least three rows of seven panels to display.

When you send in your postcard, you are sending us inspiration for these more permanent and weather resistant art panels. We would like to have quotes, thoughts, or pictures from everyone touched by this project included. I will send you a thank you note that you can keep or can pass on if your gift is made in honor of someone else. If you would like to make an offline donation, please contact me directly using the button on this page. If you are in Indianapolis, know that you are invited to our yearly celebration on June 21st, 2014 at 6 pm for a picnic dinner potluck. Updates will be on our Facebook page, Rivoli Park Labyrinth Indianapolis, www.facebook.com/rplabyrinth. And if you would like to help in out by doing some gardening or in some other way, just let me know. You may also follow the blog of the project at http://www.rplabyrinth.blogspot.com. Click in the upper right hand corner of the blog to subscribe or to view the archives. Thank you so much for being a part of completing the transformation of this lot from bleak emptiness to vibrant expression.

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Labyrinth Lover


Indy Contra

4 months ago


Thanks for building a sense of community. We're sorry for the loss of your father but we will all enjoy the labyrinth he, you, and all in the community helped to create. Your friends at IndyContra dance.



Betsy Kachmar

4 months ago


Thank you for suggesting this opportunity to honor Gordon & support you in your effort.



Dan Sockrider

6 months ago


Thanks, you already passed on the keychain to me. Please keep me apprised of what happens with this, and look forward to working with you in the future.




6 months ago



Katherine Eggleston

6 months ago




6 months ago

Art Lover


Susan Boyles

6 months ago


Great project! This is one of the best community project that I have ever watched grow. I wish you all the best in the future


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