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Regen Morris is an 11 year old student at Pi Beta Phi in Gatlinburg. He is the youngest son of Dan and Tishia Morris. He is a member of the Beta Club, Tennis Team & was the leading high... more


Updated posted by The Regen Army 15 months ago

Great News Everyone! Ripley Entertainment has agreed to donate up to $5000 to Regen if we can get $5000 more donated! We will use $6142 currently donated on gofundme ( as a starting point. Ripley's will match dollar for dollar up to $5,000 or a total balance of $11,142! Everyone please donate! I will repost this on my Facebook page as well as our Aquarium Facebook Page! Ripley's is Rootin For Regen!


Updated posted by The Regen Army 15 months ago

The activity today has been nothing short of magical on the page. All of you mean so much to this family and what you are a part of in prayer, emotional, and financial support is so positive. Continue to talk about Regen. Share his story. Strength in numbers. Strength in numbers......


Updated posted by The Regen Army 15 months ago

The support in the form of prayer, words, & donations has been amazing so far. It warms the heart to watch a community rally behind a family like you all have. Keep talking. Keep sharing. Keep praying.

One note to mention. If you are making a donation on the GofundMe page and have a message for Regen and his family you need to make sure that you display publicly. If not, it will come across as anonymous without your message.

~God Bless

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Created by The Regen Army on January 3, 2013

Regen Morris is an 11 year old student at Pi Beta Phi in Gatlinburg. He is the youngest son of Dan and Tishia Morris.  He is a member of the Beta Club, Tennis Team & was the leading high scorer for his basketball team last season.

Regen has been hospitalized since November 5, 2012. Regen was diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma. He has three malignant tumors and he is in a fight for his life. Regen is currently admitted at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital in Atlanta.  In an effort to provide him with the best care possible his family and Doctors are trying to get Regen authorized and transferred to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  God is still, and will always be, in the miracle business and I BELIEVE in HIS MIRACLES!!! Join me in praying without ceasing for Regen while lifting up his family. Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5 

At this time, Regen & his family are facing an unknown future. Please pray for support for Regen's family and guidance for his physicians and our ultimate prayer will be for a full recovery.

This page is to support Regen Morris! The medical care that Regen has received and will hopefully continue to receive is extremely expensive and every little bit helps. Every cent that is donated through this GoFundMe campaign goes directly to Regen's family.  We are here to give positive thoughts, support & prayer to Regen, Tishia, Daniel, Walker & Braeden & Reg's doctors! We will read these posts to Regen daily & I will post updates on Facebook for everyone! For many reasons the family has decided to not make the Facebook group public.  It would be far to bothersome to moderate that.  If you are not part of the Facebook group then you can join it here and show your support

As you can see from the pictures below, Regen is loved by many.  His community is pulling an praying for him along with other people all over the country.  This campaign has only just begun and we have so very far to go.  Thank you in advance from the bottom of our hearts on behalf of Regen's family & community.


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Please, if you can help, do. Mary

posted by Johnny Thompson 15 months ago

this is an amazing story and how any person isnt touched by this is beyond me donations incoming within the next week. people need to spread the word help this little guy out

posted by Eddie Pederson 15 months ago

Many thanks to Annie Maloney and family for setting this up. Such a graciuos act of kindness that we greatly appreciate. Sincerely, Dan & Tisha Morris

posted by Tishia Morris 15 months ago

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Billie Jo Bruce

6 months ago


Our church is praying for you Williams Falls Church in Sevierville Tn hold your faith God is a miracle working God, we all love you



Kyle Bush

10 months ago


Thanks to all who donated at Kyle's birthday party! We are all Rootin' for Regan!



Amanda Barnes

11 months ago





philip silverthorne

12 months ago



wayne cavins

12 months ago






12 months ago



Marsha Kevitch

12 months ago


We are visiting from Florida. We saw the signs "Rootin' for Regen" and researched it on Google to find out about it. I will pray for Regen because I believe that my God is The Great Physician and is in the healing business. I believe in miracles!



Georgianna Rodriguez

13 months ago


I have been following you for sometime. I admire the strength you and your family have. All of you have brought me closer to God. As they say "God works in mysterious ways." I'm praying for you, Regen and your family.




13 months ago



Jessica Santiago & John Deans

13 months ago


We are praying for you Regen!! Keep on being awesome!!!


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