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Breatharian. It’s a word that often brings a look of confusion. The simple thought of it confounds and astounds people, often because there’s so much confusion around what it actuall... more


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Created by Genesis Sunfire on June 15, 2012

Breatharian. It’s a word that often brings a look of confusion. The simple thought of it confounds and astounds people, often because there’s so much confusion around what it actually means. An unfortunate lack of information, misinformation, urban legends, and tall tales circulating serve to keep the public confused and active food addicts. The truth is the body is operating in spite of the fact that we are eating, not because of the fact that we eat. If we clean up our body and detoxify through a long healthy regimen of eating fresh living food, the body can eventually be returned to the natural state of thriving. Breatharian and life coach, Genesis Sunfire, is ready to clear up this confusion…by offering us a true look inside the world of a functional and fit breatharian. After years of holding up a model that we can actually aspire to, he is now ready to step firmly into his life mission: traveling the world, uncovering the often unasked questions of fellow breatharians and immortals, as well as health professionals and experts who can shed light on how our eating habits are affecting every aspect of our lives.

There is much more to the food-free lifestyle than just giving up food. It’s a holistic life approach, an evolution and a tuning in to one’s higher intuition. Genesis aims to bring an understanding to how we are creating our modern society through all of our perceptions. How can we see the bigger picture? It’s time to step back and see how all of our misunderstandings are creating the reality that we all complain about but feel helpless to change. By bringing together breatharians and non-breatharians, those who aspire and those who just seek a richer life experience through understanding, Genesis will demonstrate how we can grow and help others through doing exactly that.

Your support and contribution is critical for this project. Travel expenses, accommodations and equipment will be ongoing needs. We often wonder how we can support forward momentum and lasting change on a planet that has its priorities a bit out of order. Here is your opportunity. Answer the call of one human’s experience and effort to change how we view what is possible. Genesis has achieved what many consider impossible. It’s time to review our belief systems and truly open our minds to the possibilities. Please support today. Genesis offers all of his life experience for our perusal and we now have an opportunity to give back. All of humanity is on the line. When we have an opportunity to learn from a true master, we must grasp it and in this modern world, only funding will allow it to happen. The time is now: open your heart and dig deep.

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