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I adopted a stray cat whom I've named Leonidas and like any good pet owner I took him to the vet to have his shots updated and make sure he was in good health. When he wasn't gaining wei... more


Updated posted by Betsy Diaz 2 months ago

I FINALLY GOT APPROVED FOR CARE CREDIT!! Luckily its enough to get his treatment!!! I'm still grateful for all the support and i'm still going to leave this page up until he officially gets the treatment done. Whatever I have collected so far will be used as the first payment on the card, and any additional donations (though not ridiculously necessary) would be much appreciated!



Updated posted by Betsy Diaz 6 months ago

Thank you all for your support!!! everything is still VERY slow going, and 2013 is seriously trying to kick my butt but Leo and I are still going strong!!


Updated posted by Betsy Diaz 11 months ago

Felicia!! thank you very much for doing what you can to help out!! in truth i've lost hope with this site as well as getting his treatment, but i'm still doing what i can to budget things out! sadly 2013 has not been very kind to myself or my family and this have been very difficult for us. i havent even been on my computer in about 4 months because of all the activity going on at work and things at home. Leo is going well however his body got used to the old medicine and he is now being given a higher potency of the meds. i'm hoping his body either wont get used to it OR it takes a very long time to. other than that i'm glad to say he is gaining some weight (still not as much as before) and no more scratching!! however this is getting extremely costly and if i'm to even be able to attend college i'll need my companion healthy so he can be with me through it all.

it fills my heart with happiness to know that there are people out there that still care! if this link doesnt really nab as many hits please try this link:

thank you so very much for your kindness!

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Created by Betsy Diaz on June 12, 2012

I adopted a stray cat whom I've named Leonidas and like any good pet owner I took him to the vet to have his shots updated and make sure he was in good health. When he wasn't gaining weight I had some blood work done and we discovered he had Hyperthyroidism. 

          At the time I was told there were two options; oral medication that he'll need twice daily for the rest of his life, or a radioactive iodine treatment that will cure hyperthyroidism. The side effects of the medicine are: nausea, vomiting, lethargy, lack of appetite, and hair loss/facial scabbing (due to the fact the cats face gets so itchy the cat will literally scratch its own face off in order to relieve the itch), it can also become ineffective over time. 

          The oral medicine was more cost effective since I'm a 21 year old who works in retail trying to pay bills and save up to go back to college. But I always knew the iodine treatment is a better option. It’s a one-time only shot (with a minimal chance he'll need it again) and he needs to be hospitalized for approximately 5 days in order for the radiation to regulate, there are no side effects (besides the minimal chance he gets Hypothyroidism which is extremely rare and he's a perfectly healthy cat besides the hyperthyroidism), and he will live a long and happy life without pilling or liquid medicine. 

          The reasons I'm here is because recently I noticed a bald patch above Leon's left eye and the skin was red and looked irritated, so the side effect I was most afraid of is starting to take effect. If I could afford to do so I would immediately set up an appointment to have the radioactive iodine treatment to cure his hyperthyroidism. Also, everywhere I go they tell me to apply for Care Credit, and I did. However, Care Credit rejected me because I have absolutely no credit history and was unable to get approved. I finally have a credit card courtesy of my bank but the limit is low and building the score takes quite a while. Gofundme is literally my only option at this point. As much as I'm uncomfortable taking things from anyone I know this is my last resort. From every fiber of my being I greatly appreciate and will always be thankful and grateful to every single person who donates to help my baby boy get his cure.


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I'm still too young to help out since I don't have a job or anything, but I'm asking my parents and everyone I know to help out. It's been awhile since anyone donated anything so I think it's time to change that.I'm posting about this on several websites that I go on, so hopefully Leonidas is able to get his treatment soon.

posted by Felicia Mallory 11 months ago

Having not long moved and still looking for a job, I am financially unable to help Leonidas, but I have made a banner and am posting everywhere I can with a link here to spread the word about your baby's fight. All my best and all my love to you and Leo.

posted by Kimber Starnes 21 months ago

Although I cannot help with donations I have been praying hard to find ways to help your precious cat. It sounds like the procedure is highly expensive. Have you shared your information in other ways? Perhaps, put a piece in the newspaper or sending letters to local vets asking if they can work out payments?

posted by Donna Wike 22 months ago


posted by Regina Scheidecker 22 months ago

a way to help me out she really does care about our little furry children she will help you her name is Dr.Cindy Charlies located at Chicago Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center, 3123 N. Clybourn, Chicago, IL 60618 l and apply for care credit ASAP!!! :) best of luck jennifer and Booboo

posted by Jennifer Vazquez 22 months ago

hey, i know exactly what you are going baby boy he had some tumors in his mouth and i took him to sooo many vets he went through many surgeries and waisted alot of money and they keeped coming back...then i found this vet who is the one i owe my babies life to...she was very comprehensive about my situation 18 year old period. so he needed a 2500 surgery and she reduced it to 1980 and she told me to apply to care credit and got approved with 650 and paid the rest cash with my savings took over 4 months to save it...i also prayed alot and now my baby his okay and the tumors didnt come back the doctor shes the best and shes a sweetheart she told me that if the surgery didnt work she told me not to worry that she promised me she was going to cure him and after the surgery if they came back she was gonna do surgery on him again until he was cured free of charge....she also told me that if i didnt get approved for the care credit to go back and talk to her and she would find aw

posted by Jennifer Vazquez 22 months ago

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Hope this can help with Leonidas' treatment. Take care. :)



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For Leonidas. Please, treat him well, animals are better than we are. Good luck, God Bless, Marina



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For Leonidas



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