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SAILOR IN NEED OF A NEW BOAT Dear friends, fans, and supporters of Jaret Ferratusco, As some of you may know, Jaret is in the middle of his latest tour - and we were all devastated to... more


Created by Jillian Rabe on May 30, 2012


Dear friends, fans, and supporters of Jaret Ferratusco,
As some of you may know, Jaret is in the middle of his latest tour - and we were all devastated to hear of the break in last night- and that all of his camera equipment was stolen. A truly horrifying experience most for Jaret...
This link is here now to share and spread in the hopes to gain support and some financial ease to this unexpected nightmare. The value of the total stolen equipment is about $5,000 - so as much as we can collectively come up with, I know would mean the world to him - and as a community of friends and support, I have no doubt in my mind that we can do it. As Jaret is on the road right now, he is having a hard time getting back to everyone directly, but wanted to share with you, that...
"In the past 15 hours or so, I have been greatly humbled by those that have taken my work to heart and have followed this little world of art for so many years...
I know on a piece of paper, on a police report, a camera and some lenses is just "stuff." But it's not just stuff to me. It's my whole world."

From one person who's life has been touched by Jaret and his work, to another, I welcome and invite us to come together and show love and support for this amazing man and the art and perspective that he has dedicated his life to bringing and sharing with all of us. Let's help him get his camera and lenses back. Even $5 helps - I know we can get $5000 if we all work together.



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IV: So, my situation is that I will probably be taking a break while I gather funds to replace the camera body, which is the most expensive of everything lost. Then I'll work on getting a lens, and I hope to be back on my feet and shooting regularly by the end of summer. THANK YOU! to every person who has ever been interested in my work and followed that work through the years, and THANK YOU! to Jillian Rabe for starting this fund and THANK YOU! to every person who has put money from their own pockets into making this wrong a right. Please send me your addresses and I will be attempting to send prints to all donors by the end of summer. And, if we're in the same bar at the same time, a drink on me as well. Yours very sincerely, Thank you, JARET.

posted by Jaret Ferratusco 23 months ago

III: my stolen one, which would be witty but cruel). In a strange scene, there were a few random passers-by who actually gave me hugs, not even asking what was missing, just knowing that something important was gone. In hindsight, that's actually kind of bittersweet; strangers usually don't hug strangers. But I hugged everyone that day. The band went on a scouting missing around the vicinity and looked in every trash can, every shadow, asked every person hovering about, did everything. It was like a search party in the woods. Kind of surreal. And in the span of time since this happened I've been hearing from a lot of people expressing their support and their appreciation for the work I've been doing all these years, and the response has been so overwhelming that I don't want to keep that shriveled, lost little guy standing in front of a broken window in my head. I'm still a little guy, but, I have my chin up and I'm going to just plain get new equipment and start again. So, my situat

posted by Jaret Ferratusco 23 months ago

II: seconds, some person or persons cleaned me out of something that is not only difficult to replace as a part of my functioning life, but nearly impossible for me to replace monetarily. The equipment that was stolen wasn't just things that I'd picked up on a whim or collected just because, these were things that I have worked hard to acquire over a course of about 11 years, which is about how long I've been doing Corpse On Pumpkin by name. I've changed equipment along the way, but it has been an uphill climb that whole way and everything in that bag was a part of me, not just something I got off a shelf at Best Buy to fill an empty space in my camera bag. I kind of had no clue what to do when I saw that smashed window and the empty space where my camera had been a few minutes before, and it was hard to breath, and my face just sort of sunk in and I shriveled there on the sidewalk. Probably the most pathetic I have ever looked, and I'm glad no one got that on camera (unless it was

posted by Jaret Ferratusco 23 months ago

Foremost, I want to say that this fundraiser is a friendly one, and no one is being bullied to donate. It was started with the idea of friends helping out friends. I appreciate your reading this, but by no means are you being asked to give me anything just because you like my work. All donations are expressly adored and appreciated beyond normal means of compassion, and that's what this fundraiser is about, to me. Thank you, thank you. So, we were only in San Francisco for a few minutes and the club was locked and each of us walked around the block a little, gone less than 25 minutes, but upon returning found a window was smashed out and some of our things were no longer there. I lost my only working camera and all of my four lenses as well as all the film I had for tour. The funny thing is, this is the first time I have ever left my camera in a car before, aside from stops at gas stations when you go in to get an apple and pay for gas. But, it only took a few seconds and in that few

posted by Jaret Ferratusco 23 months ago

Your inspiring work should not, cannot be silenced. http://corpseonpumpkin.tumblr. com/archive

posted by Helena Pion 23 months ago

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22 months ago


please make more beautiful things...




22 months ago


I love you so very much. Fuck that old camera. This new one's going to rule so hard.



edward sharp

22 months ago



Cory and Aliza

22 months ago


Hope your up and shooting again soon! Here's to righting wrongs! Please put this towards a macro lens for pictures of your foreskins <3




22 months ago




22 months ago


You humored us into giving you many free CDs. We still have your letters on our wall. A gracious thank you is in order. Onward and upward, old chum.




22 months ago



James Strayer

22 months ago




23 months ago


Wish I could give more Jaret



Robin Eiseman

23 months ago


Onward with sepia nudes.


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