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Many thanks to Alice Alviani and the staff of Family Piano Co.of Waukegan ,IL and also AFS Digital Media Services. for their tireless effort in lending the use of their facility for the... more


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Good News!
On Feb 8,2014 The University of Chicago Hospitals conducted a routine CT scan of Mr. Boise Queen's post treatment cancer recovery progress.
The oncology report was submitted that following week and it confirmed " No apparent malignant tissue
or metastases present"
Other than Boise's side affects from the chemo and radiation received in 2010-2011; Boise was declared by the Univ. of Chgo hospitals to be in his 3rd year cancer-free out of a 5-year watch program.
According to oncologists this places Boise's throat cancer in the 95% range of non-return!


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Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (1973)
subtitle: Windows to the World" An American Dawn:
Is now available for online streaming @

This is Boise's newest published contemporary classical work which is also being mailed out in limited supply "Absolutely Free" to those requesting it!

It would make a beautiful gift to someone who loves this type of original music.
e-mail your request: c/o: Mr. Boise Queen
On this site


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Are you hosting a special event and looking for that extra special,hard-to-find concert quality pianist
to perform it without having to mortgage your
house to pay for it?
then Book thru:

Boise normally charges upward to $300.00 for a four hour performance but now for a limited time offer you can receive the same type of pricing for your private event that normally goes to most 501c charities regarding Boise's performance.
All pricing is contingent on there being a regular "acoustic" grand piano available at your event
for his performance. No keyboard or portable piano
will be transported or used by Boise for his performance.
All acoustic piano's used should be recently tuned and
in excellent playing condition.
All performances are secured by contract agreement.
Any additional pricing needed for travel,lodging or meals will be given by an "initial quote" by phone
followed by either hardcopy mail or e-mail.
Initial quotes are never given by any other means
other than by phone.
Any additional pricing needed for travel/lodging
will be secured by contract with a required deposit.
Travel/lodging arrangements by donors is welcome.
All donations in any amount are welcome and appreciated whether you use the entertainment services of Mr. Boise Queen or not!

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Created by Boise Queen on May 28, 2012

Many thanks to Alice Alviani and the staff of Family Piano Co.of Waukegan ,IL and also AFS Digital Media Services.
for their tireless effort in lending the use of their facility for the video's and various contributions in making the content of this site possible.
Please consider purchase of Boise's CD album
"Rhapsody for Classic Film" directly from the publisher online.
With each online purchase you'll receive an additional CD of his newest work;" Windows to the World " Concerto for Piano and Orchestra absolutely free with each order.
(press control right click for link)
For bookings: contact or
Associated music links:


A newly published work composed by Boise Queen is now available on CD when making either a donation or a purchase
of "Rhapsody for Classic Film"

"Concerto for Piano and Orchestra" 1973 (subtitled)

 "Windows to the World..An American Dawn"

  (c)copyrights: 1973,1987, 1991

 This work is in three movements and can be streamed on:


  This is a "contemporary-classical" work that began as a short

   piece for solo piano back in 1973.

   It has undergone numerous revisions as an orchestrated work.

   The work is only going to be available for complete online

    streaming "temporarily" to give those that might be interested

   in hearing it; a chance to do so.
 Here is a video clip of the pre-recording session of the work

You can access most or all of Boise's sites by
Googling: pnoqworks or use your I.E browser

On August 30,2010, Pianist/composer Mr. Boise Bernard Queen of Oak Park,IL was diagnosed by the Univ. of Chicago Hospitals with “stage 4 Head and Neck Cancer. Retired at 65 years old and working a partime job as a customer service representative for a local charity to supplement earnings from performing ; Boise was forced to quit his job and enter the Univ. of Chicago Hospitals to undergo 24/7 chemotherapy and radiation twice per day for 3 months; to save his life. This was the most aggressive form of treatment given to put down the level of throat cancer he had contracted in order to have saved his life.
The "Godsend" was was that the cancer hadn't spread beyond the
soft tissue "throat palette " region as it usually would to infect
other vital tissue organs that would complicate treatment and
Over the next several months of treatment followed by his 100 day recovery in a nursing home; Boise began work on completing a “contemporary-classical “ original music score for piano and orchestra that was started back in 1973 and revised in 1985 as a birthday tribute to his late wife of 10 years but later abandoned altogether after her death from a brain aneurism back in 2001.
At the urging of a friend and colleague to complete the work who heard parts of the unfinished work on an old and badly worn cassette tape; Boise resumed working on the score again“bedside” throughout and finished it upon his return home during post-recovery in April,2011.
Boise faces over $20,000 in Medicare co-pay expenses and is steadily growing monthly because he still faces a myriad of cancer treatment side effects as well as the slow process of the remissive state of the cancer requiring continual monitoring twice sometimes three times per month.
At present,Boise faces a "new" challenge since his April 2011 home recovery began.
The effects of the radiation has started to erode away the enamel in his teeth leaving his once perfectly healthy teeth and gums vulnerable to decay and infection.
Oncologists agree that this is a frequent side effect with Head and Neck cancer patients; which poses an immediate need for a skilled dental professional. Although Boise is covered by Medicare, he is not covered under a dental part "B" plan. Doctors are worried that if the erosion persists' he could lose part or all of his teeth and would lose the ability to chew and swallow food.
At present; there's no money available for Boise to pay for
denture replacements either full or partial mouth. This would pose a serious threat to his recovery.
There is also the threat that oral cancer would develop from
infected gum tissue caused by the decay if left untreated.
Boise has been denied six times by medicaid since applying
in 2010 because his social security allotment is just over
the threshold limit to qualify for financial medical assistance
to cover either dental or his past due enormous debt to the
Univ. of Chgo . hospitals regarding his treatment.
He is currently living off of no more than $90.00 per month
at his Oak Park residence after rent is paid from his SSI.
All of that goes towards paying for phone and electricity.
There is no money left even to pay Rx co-pay expenses or for
transportation to and from the hospital for frequent CT's, PET
scans and primary physician provider care.
Yes: Of course he could move into a senior citizens apartment
for less expensive rent but he'd have to give up everything he
currently owns including the piano and his playing that he's
had since six years old.
Hardly a just trade-off for someone who's worked non-stop since 12 years old not asking a dime from anyone not even the gov't to finance a student loan and then settled with having to take care of a wife with epileptic seizures and an Alzheimer mom bed ridden for 10 years.
He is living off of direct donations from day to day items such as
personal hygiene products ,dishwash detergent,soap,bleach
and cleaning agents,toilet paper,toothpaste,garbage disposal bags, things that foodstamps won't cover.

Emergency funds are needed now, to cover an immediate need for dental work.
Boise is currently involved in working to orchestrate, update and perform original works that he composed as far back as 1975. His only objective is asking the help from someone in the general public to help him financially to enable him to live long enough to get these works, edited published and performed .
Boise lives alone as his immediate family; including his wife of 10 years have all expired. He has no children or blood relatives that are in a financial position to help defray his medical bills or day to day living expenses. Please consider providing a donation to help Boise.
Boise has worked his way through college and throughout his adult life never asking help from either the federal government or private persons for any kind of assistance.

Even as of now he is willing to give back to those he is asking help from his time and talents at the piano and his music in exchange for what little assistance they can provide to help to keep him alive to create more beautiful works of composition.
If people can help a common "homeless" person on the streets of
america who has freely chosen to be there; surely there must be
some kind of compassion among those that can be reciprocated
in enjoying the music by someone like "Boise Queen" in exchange
for helping to keep someone like this alive and well enough to play.
All donation amounts no matter how small will be appreciated and welcome.
As of Jan.01,2014; Boise will be offering to play for pvt. parties and
other events within the Chicago and surrounding area on a donation basis. All that will be required is a small out-of-pocket travel expense for cabfare or metra in case of inclement weather or if the
distance is out of logistics with area regular area ground transport.
Call: 312-523-4693 for details.
Travel arrangements are utilized by whatever is locally
available within the area,e.g taxicab,livery services,or by train.
For more information and background about Boise please vist:
Contact verification: University of Chicago Hospitals that are engaged in the treatment care of Boise Bernard Queen:

Dr. Louis Portugal (Otolaryngology) (773) 702-1865
Dr. Daniel Haraf (Radiation Oncology) (773) 702-6870
Dr. Ezra Cohen (Hematology/Oncology) (773)702-6149
Katie Cunningham,PA-C,MMSc (Physician asst Hematology/oncology) Clinic:(773) 702-6149 Office:(773)834-1678
Kimberly Nelson Ph.D American Cancer Society (site office)
(877) 824-0660

Family Piano Co. 114 S Genesee St. Waukegan ,Il. 60085
Call: (847) 775-1988 Alice Alviani (Owner)


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