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Howdy Everyone, For all who are receiving this and not know who I am, my name is Seth Ringley. I am a City of McKinney, Texas native, a current homeowner and business owner, a McKinne... more


Updated posted by Seth Ringley 9 months ago

Thank you everyone for the continued support! We will be hosting our big Meetup and Cleanup this weekend starting with our kick off party and fundraiser this Friday! Food will be served starting at 6:30 at Seven47 in Norman, Oklahoma. No cover to get in, just accepting donations to help our cause! We will be doing a big cleanup the next two days at the Rider family property. Everyone can read their story on our gofundme or facebook pages.

We will have special shirts for everyone to get at the meetup to have for the weekend!

Thanks again for the support and look forward to meeting everyone this weekend!


Meetup and Cleanup starting Friday!


Updated posted by Seth Ringley 10 months ago

Alright everyone, we have our big meetup and cleanup weekend in Moore coming up on the June 28th weekend and we are looking for a shirt sponsor! We already have about 75 volunteers in line to come from all around the US and the kickoff party being hosted by Seven47 in Norman. Of course if you sponsor the shirts you will have your name for advertising! If you or anyone that you know is interested please contact me at 972-529-0091. We also are looking for sponsors to help continue our relief efforts every weekend. We been selling banner space and advertising space on the trailer for anyone that is interested. We get thousands of people to out setup every weekend and have been spotlighted numerous times already in the media so great advertising while helping out a great cause! You can also still make donations at and to find information and rsvp for the Meetup and Cleanup weekend coming up on the last weekend of June at

Thanks for everyone that has been supporting us and all the volunteers that have came to help!


Updated posted by Seth Ringley 10 months ago

It's official! We now our having a Chive weekend in Moore on June 29th! We will have a Friday and Saturday work day and then shut down around 3 on Saturday to freshen up. after that we will be throwing a big BBQ catered by us and a Meetup at Seven47 in Norman! It should be one of the best Meet ups so far! All proceeds from donations and silent auction items will go to the fund for the relief efforts! More info to come!

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Created by Seth Ringley on May 22, 2013

Howdy Everyone,

For all who are receiving this and not know who I am, my name is Seth Ringley. I am a City of McKinney, Texas native, a current homeowner and business owner, a McKinney North graduate, an 08' Aggie graduate and a loyal Chiver. I have family and friends who both live in and the surroundIng areas that have been affected by both of the recent storms. They are very fortunate to still be with us. Like many others they have been hit hard with the devastation and turmoil of losing their homes and personal belongings.

With the help of my great friend, Blake Giles, another native and business owner, are both traveling to volunteer every weekend until our funds run out. With the help of our other partners Albert Garcia and Mo Garcia, we will be pulling a large trailer grill and smoker that our company Triple G Smokers built. Our mission is to cook and feed everyone we can. I have been in contact with the proper officials and they are expecting our first arrival this Sunday. We already know that our first location will be at the Norman Armory feeding the soldiers that have arrived from all over to help. We will stay for a few days to cook and bring as many additional items and supplies as possible. We need support in our endeavors!

To assist us in purchasing cooking supplies and the necessities most needed by these families please consider making a donation to help us provide as much as possible. We will be making multiple trips to cook and deliver these supplies. Anything you may be able to donate would be greatly appreciated. We have set up a gofundme account to accept quick and easy online donations. The direct link is

You may contact us at anytime at the info listed below if you have any questions or donations you would like to have picked up. We also have various location “drop offs” available. I will be keeping an updated list of all donations made. Each time we go up there we will display this list to show we have them all in our prayers and they have our support. There are many ways to help and donate! Remember, anything you can do will be greatly appreciated by everyone up there.

Thanks again for your time and support,


Seth D. Ringley
Vice President - Official Recharge
Partner - Veterans Together

Blake Giles
Owner - Triple G Smokers


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Nice job Seth for all you have done for Oklahoma... If your interested I have a new fundraiser you could help with.... Just type in my name Jessica Comella in the search and its titled 6-year-old in need of funeral help... This lil girl has been through alot and now she is dying and her mother can't afford a funeral.. I seen it on the news and it touched my heart so I wanted to raise money for them.. You've done such a good job here maybe you can give me some tips to help them... My email is on my page hope to here from you and once again great job

posted by Jessica Comella 8 months ago

To all my fellow chivers, this is "The Beard". Just want to say thank you for all the support to make this happen! It's truly been an amazing sight to see and to be a part of! We have cooked about 2,500 lbs of meat and fed hundreds of people. The chive nation is amazing!

posted by Triple G Smokers 10 months ago

Its great to see people come together in a time of need and help others out. I wish I could do something great like this. I have nothing but the most respect for what you are doing and am glad you achieved the goal. I hope you can help me achieve my goal also and help me get the ball rolling. gofundme(dot)com/florida-anniv ersary-trip

posted by Denis Rikic 10 months ago

Seth, thank you so much for all that you are doing for Oklahoma. I have sent you a message on facebook to offer some help. You may have to check your other folder. :)

posted by Lyndsea Ponder 10 months ago

Thank you Mr. Schultz! It seems that you have been "Spot-On" all day today! I sincerely appreciate your kind words & support!

posted by Lawrence Ringley 10 months ago

Mr Ringley the chivers are an amazing group that I am honored to be lucky enough to be a part of but your son and his friends are the amazing part of all of this. I know you are proud of him and he deserves all the help we can get him.

posted by Justin Schultz 10 months ago

Justin Shultz was absolutely right when he said "CHIVERS" would crush that goal in an hour!" Thank you all for your support and donations to help my son and his friends lessen the pain of hunger & loss to those in Moore, Oklahoma. My knowledge of the CHIVE movement is very minimum but I do know without a doubt, you all are a very caring, devoted & generous group of terrific people.........KCCO!!

posted by Lawrence Ringley 10 months ago

As a Del City, Ok native stuck living in SW Missouri I just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done and will continue to do for my fellow Okies!

posted by Jennifer McRae 10 months ago

My 25$ is on the way. Keep Calm and Grill on. Gig'em Aggies-Bill Watson '98

posted by Bill Watson 10 months ago

25.000.00 Isn't Even A GOAL,,That's a Joke , We Have Only Just Begone~KCCO-TheChive

posted by Jim Long 10 months ago

such a worthy cause xx

posted by Lindsay Main 10 months ago

If you thought we couldn't do it you're gonna have a bad day.

posted by Trevor Mathisen 10 months ago

Good man. Gig 'em and chive on!

posted by Shireen Jahedkar 10 months ago

This will be demolished soon... KCCO!

posted by Stephen Dauzat 10 months ago

25k? Is that some joke? It's such a small number it can be interpreted as a funny joke! KCCO!!

posted by Trevor Mathisen 10 months ago

$25,000 go home you're drunk!

posted by Matt Rose 10 months ago

Amazing to see such great people still exist in the world today. I started a page and am collecting money to send my parents on a vacation to Florida do you think you can help me raise money? gofundme(dot)com/florida-anniv ersary-trip Please :)

posted by Denis Rikic 10 months ago

25000 ha ha chivers will crush that in an hour or so

posted by Justin Schultz 10 months ago

Thanks for what you did. I really appreciated it. The food was top-notch and some of the best BBQ I have ever had. KCCO!!

posted by Brent Heilman 10 months ago

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