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Support Joel Wright's Uninsured Medical Care for Lung Transplant Fund Friends and Family, I'm starting another journey in the hope of getting a second lung transplant. As many of you kn... more


Updated posted by Jodi Paul Wright 3 days ago

Linda, thank you for your inquiry. Joel continues to do well lung wise. His lung function is at about 40%. That is stable, and it is all we can ask for. He continues to have problems that are related to the medication that is required to avoid organ rejection. He has severe neuropathy in his feet, which makes it very painful for him to walk. He als has neuropathy/burning mouth syndrome, which makes his mouth burn all of the time and he is unable to taste most foods. This burning mouth syndrome is exagerated by anything to citric, carbonated, spicy, salty, etc. So that is quite uncomfortable. He has chronic pain issues related to his multiple incisions in his chest cavity from both transplants. However, despite all of these challenges, he keeps a smile on his face, and tries to stay positive. We are still living in Houston Texas.


Updated posted by Jodi Paul Wright 27 months ago

We've had a lot of visits to this page and we primarily had updated our caring bridge page:

We thought we would put an update on this page, since we do still see some activity.

Joel and I moved permanently to Houston, Texas March, 2011. It was easier this way than for me to fly back and forth to Chicago to work. It was also easier than expecting us to drop everything and fly or drive to Houston whenever Joel had an issue with his health, and every three months to be followed in clinic.

So we've moved here permanently, and I am a RN, and I've gotten a job here.

Joel's health has been okay, with some issues all along the way. In transplant, you are NEVER "out of the woods" per se. We've had episodes of rejection, infection, kidneys being damaged by medicines, and neuropathy in Joel's feet in which his mobility is largely affected.

But we're still keeping our heads above water, and trying to keep a smile on our faces, because we are so very grateful that Joel is still here. A little over a year ago, we were afraid Joel would not survive.

Thank you all for your generous support, donations, and has meant so much.

Jodi & Joel


Updated posted by Jodi Paul Wright 38 months ago

I am doing very well...this has been a very hectic few weeks. I had transplant clinic on February 22, in which I got some good reports.

First and foremost, my lung function is very stable. The doctors are impressed at how high my lung function is with the one new lung (around 55% give or take).

Second, my white blood cell count is still low, but is continuing to climb very slowly. Thankfully, with being very careful, I have not caught any illnesses.

Finally, unfortunately, my cholesterol has been high two months in a row, and I have been started on a medication to help lower it. This is a combination of some of the meds causing high cholesterol, as well as trying to eat whatever to maintain/gain weight.

My weight is up to 120 pounds. This is huge since I started at 108 pounds. So I'm not too worried about the cholesterol issue.

Lastly, Jodi & I decided that we like Houston. We've always wanted to live somewhere warm, and this fits the bill. Also, we can stay close to the Texas Medical Center for my care. I was going to be released soon to go back to Indiana, but we would need to return to Houston every three months for the next few years. So we decided that it was time to relocate permanently.

Jodi finished her job in Chicago on February 26, and finished up loose ends that week she was there. She will start her new job on March 7 at St. Luke's Episcopal in the Cardiovascular ICU/Recovery Unit.

We moved into our "own" new apartment Thursday, and we love it. It is sparse (no furniture to speak of except a few camp chairs and a bed), but it is ours. We are on the 25th floor and have the most wonderful view of the Texas Medical Center campus and Hermann Park. The cats are adjusting as well.

We want to thank everyone for your continued prayers, and also for the financial support that we have received. Without all of it, we would not have gotten this far.

Please continue to pray for us, as you all know, transplant is an ongoing process, there is never a time we are "out of the woods" so to speak.

Here is our new info, feel free to call or drop a line!!!

Love, Joel & Jodi

5927 Almeda Road, #22513
Houston, Texas 77004
713-393-7035 Home
312-933-6764 Jodi Cell
312-933-6913 Joel Cell

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Created by Jodi Paul Wright on September 16, 2010

Support Joel Wright's Uninsured Medical Care for Lung Transplant Fund

Friends and Family,

I'm starting another journey in the hope of getting a second lung transplant. As many of you know, I was born with Cystic Fibrosis, which is a terminal illness affecting the lungs and pancreas.  I received my first double lung transplant in October, 2006.

As many of you may or may not know, my lungs are in rejection and failing quickly.  I currently have 15 % lung function.  After many difficult months of trying to find a center to agree to list me for transplant, that search is finally over.  The Methodist Hospital in Houston Texas has agreed to list me for a transplant once Jodi (my wife) and I relocate there.  We plan to relocate on October 28, 2010.

Yes, we do have wonderful insurance coverage for the surgery itself.  However, the relocation, medications, and day to day things that go along with this relocation are not covered by insurance.  At the present time, I will be moving to Houston on my own and waiting for the "call".  Unfortunately, Jodi will have to stay in Indiana to continue working to maintain the relocation costs as well as all our other bills for insurance and other living expenses. 

When it gets closer to the time that we think I may be called for transplant, Jodi will then take a Leave of Absence from her job.  Unfortunately, that is not a "paid" leave of absence.  We will have to continue to pay for the health insurance out of our pocket while she is not working, and try to pay the rent in Houston, along with medications, food, travel expenses, etc.  We know we have to be in Houston at least 3 months AFTER the surgery, but we are not sure how long overall we will have to stay.   

So as you can see, this is going to be very costly.  It was quite a financial burden the first time around, but somehow we managed it.  We are appealing to you to help us in any way you can, large or small, and appreciate anything that you can do to help us.  We are grateful for your thoughts and prayers also.

Thank you!

Joel & Jodi Wright

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posted by Linda Widen 5 days ago

Wow. Your story is truly amazing. God bless everything you are going through on this amazing journey. May God provide for you everything you need along the way!

posted by LindsAy Duede 12 months ago

God bless you guys.. when I get a donation ibpromise to donate . Our sickkness get cured, I was told I had cancer two years ago and healthier than a horse now . Believe in your self and god nothing could go wrong there.. much love kisses your story truly touched me.

posted by Lucia Soto 21 months ago

good luck man! saw this on the success stories on the front page because i just started this. so close to your goal to! good luck to you. my fund is for my first car. i'm hoping that works out

posted by Marshall Judson 25 months ago

Good luck on your surgery!!! Im not sure how long ago this was posted and if you have already had your surgery I just seen your story on the side of the Page in looking through gofundme. I too have a page up for my daughter who has alopecia trying to raise money. The stories of Cystic Fibrosis patients has a special place in my heart. My daughter suffers from several things one being respitory infections often and i always think i cant imagine dealing with this everyday to me her circumstance is horrible but when you see others like your self its heart breaking. I hope all is well with you and you receive your lung transplant

posted by Colene Draper Anderson 26 months ago

Good luck with everything!

posted by Hippiechicks Haywood-Hoosier 26 months ago

I'm encouraged to see all of the support you've gotten with GoFundMe. Good luck with your transplant! :) Please check out my page! Soldier trying to raise money..

posted by Brad Wolff 27 months ago

I have been out of work for two years helping others who have been sick. Last year, i sacrificed a year to take care of my grandchildren, who only had a one parent family member that worked for not nearly enough to pay for childcare. With all of the resources cut out to assist these single parents that are working, i met an entire community need of support of grandparents who needed to step in to take care of their grandchildren. This target group did not have resources to cover those needs. Their resources were being drained, there is no support group out their that addresses these needs and a lot of our grandchildren are being steered to foster care as a support system. Lets join together to become a unified body that address those needs. Some of those grandparents can never afford a vacation after retiring because their resources are being spent to raise their grandchildren. This is real....This is our future...Our Grandchildren will become us. Enable them to share the family legacy

posted by Celestine Stith 37 months ago

hello joel and jodi, im prayin for ya bud and hope all goes well for ya!!! sounds like things are starting to look up for ya and we syre are glad to hear that! stay srong and keep fighting joel we are in your corner.

posted by mike & jonie baldwin 38 months ago

Praying for you both. So happy to hear that Joel is doing well after surgery. We pray that he continues to improve and show no signs of rejection. Come home soon! Love to you both

posted by Nancy Tatum 41 months ago

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5 months ago


My son has CF as well, I wish you all the best.



Petra Buchanan

11 months ago




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29 months ago


Peace and Blessings to you...I'll actually be in your city today and tomorrow; it was MEANT for me to give. :o)




35 months ago


In my thoughts, Jodi. Praying for you both. Wasn't that a great NTI?



Kristine Cox and Family

38 months ago


Good Luck. from kris, mike, josh , jeremy and kassie



Julie Breer

38 months ago


God Bless You Both! Your friend always, Jules




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