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Updated posted by Mikey Curtis 12 months ago

Hi everyone! Dad is doing great and has now been home for just over a week. He's getting around very well and is in great spirits! Both Mom and Dad are adjusting to the new changes and the work we've completed thus far is making that easier. Just wanted to provide this quick follow-up video to show you the progress we've made on Mom & Dad's home. They are so blessed to have so many friends and family that love and care for them. We have just been overwhelmed by the participation of family, friends and anonymous donors for this cause. It has been truly remarkable to see so many come together. Through your donations, time, labor and prayers, we have been able to completely change the face of their bathroom, making it safer, modern and more accessible. With your support, it is our goal to continue the work in their home by putting up more grab bars, laying a level, uniform carpet throughout the home and more. Please take a moment to share this website, this video and Dad's story.


Updated posted by Mikey Curtis 13 months ago

In just one evening, we were able to tear down a wall, re-build it, hang a new door, patch it up, lay down some flooring and make a huge mess in our parent's home! Our hearts go out to all of our friends and family supporting us through this adventure. Thank you so much for your donations! Almost 50% of our goal! Wow! Watch your e-mails and Facebook feed for continuing updates on the project. If all goes well, Nolan could be back in his home by next week, so we have a lot of work to do. Please keep sharing and donate if you can. Love you all!



Updated posted by Mikey Curtis 13 months ago

Hey everyone, we're just $75 short of $2,000 raised! We can do this! Please keep sharing! The big project to remodel the bathroom begins Thursday, so stay tuned for picture and video updates! Love you all!


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Created by Mikey Curtis on March 3, 2013

Please note that your donation can be completely anonymous if you choose. Your amount donated will show, but you can hide your name from displaying on the page.

On March 1st, 2013, Nolan's left leg had to be amputated, just below the knee as a result of the devastating effects of type 2 diabetes. Once he completes his stay in the hospital and goes through a bit of rehab, he will be coming home. As he will now be using a wheelchair, there is a lot of work that needs to be done to the house in order for it to be more accommodating, accessible and safe. While we have big plans in our heads, these changes cannot be carried out without financial support. Our hope is that we can, in some small way, make this journey a little easier for him through your help and donations.

Anyone who has ever met Nolan, our Dad, knows just how wonderful of a man he is. He is an example to all of us of how a husband, father and friend should be. He selflessly gives of his time and energy, almost daily, in the service of others. He loves unconditionally and cares genuinely about the welfare of those around him. He looks for the good in everyone and treats others with respect and kindness. He does this, all while fighting a grueling, daily battle with type 2 diabetes.

Nolan has been battling type 2 diabetes for nearly 30 years. First diagnosed at the age of 51, the effects were manageable, and at times, unnoticeable. As the years passed, this terrible condition began to take its toll on his body. The most affected areas were his legs and feet, where he began to lose circulation and feeling in them. Balancing on both legs became a little more difficult and what first started as a tingling in his feet, slowly progressed into the need for extra support so he could stand on his legs. Crutches quickly became his legs, and he has used them for nearly 10 years. The crutches worked and Dad was able to stay on his feet, but the continuing effects of poor circulation became increasingly more prevalent.

Dad began developing sores on his feet, which had an extremely hard time healing because of the circulation. This led to more doctor visits, more medications and countless hours in the hyperbaric (oxygen) chamber to encourage healing. These things helped, but could not prevent or stop the sores from getting worse. As the sores worsened in his feet and infection began to spread, doctors performed a surgery to increase blood flow to his feet, and later advised that a couple of Dad's toes be amputated. Dad took their advice and lost a couple of his toes; something that would have been difficult for anyone to deal with and accept. You never would have guessed it though. Dad continued to spend every day out and about, working on projects around the house, serving in his church and constantly striving to make the lives of those around him better.

This past year, 2012, became even more difficult for Dad as the diabetes wouldn't let up. A minor crack in his left heel turned into another sore that was deep, infected and painful. Only one can imagine the amount of pain that Dad has been in with his feet. Dad described the pain as an anguishing and relentless pull from his feet up his leg. Day after day the pain went on, only allowing Dad to sleep when his body would be so exhausted that it would have to shut down for a while. It is hard to imagine how someone could stay in good spirits through the severe pain, but Dad has.

Towards the end of February, 2013, after the doctors did what they could to try and heal and save his left foot, amputation of the leg was discussed. This was the next best option, so as to prevent the spread of infection throughout his body and cause complications that would be much worse. As the doctors discussed the date when the operation was to be performed, Dad’s true character shined through again. They wanted to take the leg as soon as possible, but Dad asked that the date be pushed out a few days so that he could complete his duties and responsibilities in his church. He first wanted make sure that the people in the church were taken care of before proceeding with the operation. He made his phone calls, organized the church functions and then was ready to continue. What a true, exemplar man he is! Keep in mind that all of this was happening just a week before celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary with his sweetheart.

The date was set and on March 1st, 2013, Dad’s left leg was amputated just below the knee. After his hospital stay ends and the rehab is complete, Dad will be coming home to the house that him and Mom have lived in for five decades. To accommodate a wheelchair in the home, and for the home to be safer, many things will need to be modified in order for that to be possible. A make-shift ramp has been added, but needs additional work. The flooring in the home needs attention and the bathroom could use a serious makeover to make it safer and more accessible.

We hope to accomplish some of these changes through the financial contributions of people that know Dad and maybe even those that have never met him. Nobody knows what goes through a person’s mind when you lose a part of your body that has been with you your entire life, not unless you’ve gone through it. One can only imagine the thoughts racing through Dad’s head at this time as he prepares for these changes. Albeit a difficult time in his life, one thing is for sure - Dad will meet this new challenge in the same way that he always does: with a positive attitude, an enduring love for those around him and a few jokes to help lighten the mood! As his family, we love him, we support him and want to do all that we can to help him be happy.

Thank you so much for your love, support and friendship during this time. We welcome and questions, help and charity that you might be able to offer, whether you want to share your name or donate anonymously.


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we are so appreciative to all those who have donated, but we are still in need of more help. Some of us went to my parents house tonight to take measurements. The bathroom alone is going to take most of what we have raised so far. Even if it is only $10.00 it will add up, and fast......

posted by Lynn Scott 13 months ago

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Russell :)

12 months ago



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12 months ago



Lynn Scott

12 months ago


Phase 1 of several is complete. We have all taken a moment to go back to our ever crazy lives, however our work here is far from done. We got the major remodel out of the way ( the bathroom) but now it's time to get in there once again and tackle the carpet and wall repair throughout the house. We are half way to our us get all the way :)



Chuck Norris

13 months ago


"You know I find that when you serve, when you help others it comes back to you, automatically, it is a philosophy that is true. What you give out is what you are going to get back, and when you serve there is a gratification there and you're going to find that life is worth living." - Chuck Norris



David Young

13 months ago


Rae Lou and I love you and pray for you.



The "Katie Parry"

13 months ago



Amanda & Adam Steinke

13 months ago



Alli & Tairel Rowley

13 months ago


Love you!



Robyn & David Hershgold

13 months ago


Good luck with the remodel!! Hope all goes well.



Carol Curtis

13 months ago


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