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This page is created to help my cousin Mery recover and start her life anew. Mery was victim at the Boston Marathon bombing. She is a 31 year old young woman, mother, wife and friend. Sh... more


Updated posted by Yvrantz Celestin 6 months ago

4/15/2013 --10/15/2013, 6 months since the tragic day that changed the lives of many. As I choose to celebrate life, I'd like to take the time to thank all those who have supported me with thoughts and prayers. The road to recovery will continue...

-Mery Daniel


Updated posted by Yvrantz Celestin 9 months ago

Join us today at the Mixer4Mery !! 6pm-10pm
The Ledge in Lower Mills, 2261 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester 02124

If you are on Facebook please like the benefit page for Mery!!!


Staying Strong!



Updated posted by Yvrantz Celestin 9 months ago

Hi Everyone,

3 Months later and Mery is still going strong. Thank you for sharing her story, your encouraging words and donations. Her recovery has been amazing. Yesterday Mery completed her first week of prosthetic training. A huge milestone!!!! #MeryStrong #BostonStrong


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Created by Yvrantz Celestin on May 7, 2013

This page is created to help my cousin Mery recover and start her life anew. Mery was victim at the Boston Marathon bombing. She is a 31 year old young woman, mother, wife and friend. She has lost her left leg in this tragedy, and has suffered some other injuries. She has a very lengthy recovery process. Your donations will help her and her family immensely. Thank you for your donations!!!

Please send cards here:
Yvrantz Celestin
Attn: Mery Daniel
338 West Street Apt 1
Hyde Park Ma 02136

For interviews Please Call:
Mery (617) 898-7779


Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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MEME CHERI, Mwen pa janm bouke lapriy pou ou Mery e m vle w sonje ke m renmen w anpil. Gen evnman ki chanje lavi nou pou tout tan, men erezman, Bondye ak lanati toujou mete sou wout nou fanmi, zanmi ak anpil lt moun oubyen bagay ki pou pmt nou aprann afwonte lavi a l l prezante sou yon fm ke nou pa t janm swete. Mwen kontan w wap f pwogr chak jou, mwen kontan w bl souri w la sou bl vizaj ou a. Mwen felisite w pou kouraj ou, mwen di w msi paske w kontinye enspire lanmou, lafwa ak lavi. Kenbe fm Mery cheri. Mwen renmen w anpil, nou renmen w anpil, TIMOUN BOUKAN KARE YO RENMEN W EPI VOYE GWO BIZOU POU OU, SITOU PITIT FI M TERESA. BON PATN W, JJ, BC

posted by JudeJean Boucan Carre 10 months ago

Mery, you look beautiful in your "Made for Mery" Boston Strong t-shirt ~ I already need to order more! So many people are thinking of you and want to help! I'm planning a fundrasier, maybe at that point you'll be upto joining me! Either way your positive spirit will be driving the event.

posted by Catherine Vaughan 10 months ago

Be courageous comrade ! Just remember that everything happens for a reason, may God's grace be with you and your family.

posted by Greatness Ever 11 months ago

Mery viw pran yon lot tounan, pa dekouraje epi pesevere, mwen renmenw anpil e mwen pre poum edew mont pant lan!!!!!

posted by Dalida La Reveuse 11 months ago

God will continue to bless you! You are a resilient woman and you will get stronger each day.

posted by Sophie Nika 11 months ago

Mery and Richy Dont forget we are here for supporting you Guys i Know it s hard for You ,be strong you ll see the light at the end of the tunnel

posted by Webby Mich 11 months ago

Be strong, Mery!

posted by Nan Garland 11 months ago

Mery, When such a tragic event affects one us it also affects all of us; be strong and have faith in God, you are not alone in this fight.

posted by Carl Magloire 11 months ago

Mery, we are all with you. I know you are very strong, and I am certain you will win this fight.

posted by Fred Laborde 11 months ago

Speechless , be strong Meyi

posted by Kemly Lacroix 11 months ago

Mery, wishing you all the best on your road to recovery.

posted by Sarah Casey 11 months ago

Comment je px contribuer?

posted by Charson Charles 11 months ago

Many Tranks Frantz for creating this page in order to help with my dearest friend and sister's recovery. I have been trying to get in touch with her with no avail. I can't wait to hear from her. Words are not enough to describe what I have felt and what I still feel... But now, the most important is to help her continue living her life. I am praying so that she might be always strong and joyful despite her situation. Please help me get in touch with her. Let's stay in touch Frantz. Jude Jean, Boucan Carr E-mail : / Tel : 38771038 / 46186224 / 32522945 Skype : jude.boucancarre.haiti Webpage :

posted by Jude Jean 11 months ago

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Mery, "Never, never, never give up" keep remember it. You are never been along. If you are strong, we are strong and Boston strong. May peace be with you. Cling to God!



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