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Medical Bill Assistance

Raise money to help pay medical bills.


Invite friends and family to help give medical bill assistance.

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When a person suffers a serious injury or illness, they are often faced with expensive medical bills. Unfortunately, hospital, medical, and prescription payments are often too costly for many households to afford. Even those with insurance may find the combined costs of hospital visits, co-pays, lost wages, and other expenses to be overwhelming. In addition, the insurance provider may not cover the preferred treatment.

During such a difficult time, many patients turn to family and friends for medical bill assistance. GoFundMe provides a way to connect friends and family to give financial and emotional support. Medical bill assistance websites from GoFundMe are free to set up, customizable, and easy to use. In a few simple steps, you can create a fundraising page, write text about your fund, upload a photo, and share it via email, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Friends and family can securely contribute to your fund online, and share it with others. As your fund grows, you can keep track of and access your donations at any time.

In addition to medical bill assistance, encouragement and emotional support are very important during this difficult time. Personalized fundraising webpages from GoFundMe allow friends and family to come together as a community to share updates, provide comments, and offer words of support to the patient and family.

Medical bill assistance webpages from GoFundMe are a fast, easy, and powerful way to help raise money for patient costs.

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