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Almost three years ago, my husband yelled at me from across the house to come watch this report from Inside MMA because a kickboxer was on talking about having a Congenital Heart Defect... more


Updated posted by Jen Lepp 28 days ago

On March 18, 2014, Sherdog published an excellent article on Mark Fightshark Miller's current fight, and the importance of the continued need for this fundraiser. Please check out "Fighting Life" at:

for an in depth overview of where we are now, the help that's been needed and the help still needed as Mark continues his fight.

Please also check out and share the YouTube video that offers a perspective into Mark's considerable career and current situation.

And please share the link, and donate where you can. Thank you!


Mark Fightshark Miller


Updated posted by Jen Lepp 5 months ago

I asked Shelby, Mark's partner, for an update to let everyone who donated know how he's doing:

"Mark is home, and while he is much happier to be there, he isn't out of the woods yet. We are still waiting on the results of his kidney biopsy to determine if he will need to be placed on a transplant list (yikes). He will be on dialysis for a minimum of 3 months, whether the results are good, or not good, and in the next week he has a multitude of different doctors to visit, including a cardiologist who will determine how much damage his heart really took. He is healing, albeit slowly, and happy to be home, but now is when we are getting hit with the expenses. He sends his love to all of you, everyone who has shared this, or donated. It's very hard for either one of us to ask for help, but in this case it was necessary. We are so grateful that our friends saw past our pride and started this fundraiser, and we are amazed at how many of you have come forward to help us. Thank you, it means the world to both of us."


Updated posted by Jen Lepp 5 months ago

Thank you all so much for coming together, as well as starting the link sharing far and wide! If you're here because your friend shared a link and you don't know who this Mark Miller guy is, check out this video for a little bit about his story, and join us in supporting this warrior.




Created by Jen Lepp on November 5, 2013

Almost three years ago, my husband yelled at me from across the house to come watch this report from Inside MMA because a kickboxer was on talking about having a Congenital Heart Defect and his open heart surgery. As a family that owned a martial arts school for years, and a family that had dealt with a child with CHD for years, we were pretty shocked.

I tweeted about it, and to my surprise, Mark "Fightshark" Miller tweeted back. What initially was a distant recognition turned into a friendship of two families with a common bond, as soon after we met Mark and Shelby, my son Jacob underwent his third open heart surgery with Mark and Shelby in *his* corner.

It's our families' turn to return the favor and be in Mark's corner.

Last week, Mark fell ill and this week, he found himself in the hospital grappling with CHD yet again. Unfortunately, as a professional kickboxer Mark is self-employed and due to having CHD as well as Type 1 Diabetes, he has been medically uninsurable on the private market and currently has no insurance.

In just three more months, a medical catastrophe of this caliber would have cost Mark no more than $6,350 (the Affordable Care Act out of pocket maximum per year). Because it happened now, the bills could potentially rise into six figures.

It's hard for us to do anything as Mark fights this fight in a Ventura County hospital, but this we can do. I remember the terrifying feeling of watching every medical action while wondering what it cost, of feeling overwhelmed because even if you don't know how you'll pay when it means life or death, it's not a choice.

Mark has advocated for greater CHD and Diabetes awareness, has reached out and befriended other CHD survivors, has talked to parents to help them understand their CHD kid's perspective. He's a fighter, and he encourages other people to fight.

Please help support making his fight a little bit easier, and toss a few bucks in (or more, if you can spare it).


**Please note that this is being done with Mark's full knowledge/permission/access. Though, frankly, if he hadn't grudgingly said ok, I probably would have done it anyway.

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Paul Kowalick

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I've got a soft spot for Pittsburgh Ukes who make my friends smile. ;-) Get well soon...& Go Bucs!! :-)



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Keep kicking ass Mark! Much love.



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Its not much, but hopefully every month it'll add up. Love and love




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