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HI! My name is Trish Young and I am 34 years old, I have three amazing, beautiful, healthy, happy, intelligent, fun children whom I live for. After thirteen years of dedicated parenting,... more


Updated posted by Trish Young 3 months ago

i need some advice on antibiotics...my dr tried a bunch of over the last couple months to try and rid this crap from my body (this was before the CT scan and X-Rays) and of course none of them worked..so, to make a long story short, i've dropped ten pounds since last week. my lymph nodes are now swollen from my jaw down thru my armpit and across my chest. and my spleen is swollen as well. this isn't good. the migraine only "let's up" but doesn't stop. the pain in my teeth/jaw has gotten almost intolerable. my throat feels raw and it hurts to swallow. i'm constantly nauseous and if i do finally "get an appetite" and eat? it comes right back out one way or another. my feet and legs will out of nowhere and very quickly, swell and get very sore... my dr was a little more than worried so to speak and i burst out in to tears...by the way, the mood swings are pretty much out of control...i cry over nothing and it seems that everything is deep and emotional. i get irritated over nothing but at least i've been able for the most part to curb the anger and since we've figure out what the problem was, i've noticed that i let go of things more and i don't STAY angry and i apologize VERY quickly if i do get too irritated...but it all is still a little overwhelming...my equilibrium is hard core off kilter...one moment i'm fine? the next i'm doing some crazy combination of tai-chi/yoga/jujitsu and stumbling around like a drunk baboon...words no longer make any sense...i'm having a conversation and then all of it just floats away, like a balloon abandoned by small child...and that makes me angry because i like words...it's frustrating for me to forget the simplest of words and/or their meanings...that along with the double vision/dizziness and light sensitivity? my head literally is on a rampage...the constant yo-yo effect my body is doing is just literally insanity and the emotions that come with the mental/physical chaos is just about too much for me...it does make the last few years make sense tho...i mean, this has been going on a long time.(my immune system has been able to fight it off thus far but like the DR said, eventually the it just can't handle it and starts slowing down, i guess it's been doing that for the last year now) and besides the insistent, emotional, mental and physical exhaustion? i really have a very positive over all state of being...like i know that so much of this will go away just as soon as they pull those teeth...and it's that knowing FINALLY, of what the problem is, that has given me some peace. some HOPE...now it's just waiting for it to get done...my dr said he was gonna call AND fax them and light a fire to get me in quicker...so, as i said, long story short, he wants to put me BACK on amoxicillin...500mg THREE times a day UNTIL they do the surgery...and i'm just not too sure that's a good idea...it made me SO MUCH SICKER when i was taking them last time...and it's already to the point where my DR wants me to be doing nothing but resting...so how the fuck am i supposed to be on bed rest with three kids? and if i take them? it's just gonna get worse. so. but i wanna know, from you that know...since he just recently had me on them and on so many...is it even worth it? will it even help? will it hurt me? is it a good idea? i trust this DR more than any other i've trusted...but antibiotics make me SO nervous!...so...any advice/thoughts/information would help dearly...


Updated posted by Trish Young 3 months ago

so, tonight i randomly ran on to a woman who had seen this page..she had tried to find my facebook but couldn't...and that makes me wonder how many others did the same thing? people can't message me thru here? ok, here's my facebook so you can see my family!!!


when she ran in to me, i was a mess..my son experienced his first heart break today because he likes a girl his friend likes and i talked him thru it..told him yes, this too shall pass, but that isn't all they need to hear...because that isn't what they feel...that feeling is so deep and painful..it feels like it will shadow you FOREVER!! we talked about the ramification of him losing his friend..would it be worth it? i cried SO HARD and SO MUCH because it hit me for the first time that i can no longer just kiss his "boo boo" and make it all better..i can't just hug him and hold him and make him smile..he is GROWING UP! and he is facing reality..and i can talk till i'm blue in the face, but the reality is, he can't learn from my mistakes...he has to learn for himself..and it's going to be hard..my son Saul is the one who rarely complains...he is tough..and when i see that look on his face? that look where he is broken...hurting...ohhhh it just kills me...sometimes i panic..because i KNOW that when he shows it? it's deep...and as he is now a teenager, it's getting harder for him to express himself..but we are working really hard together to make it work...and to keep talking...i don't want my baby to face heartbreak...ohhhh what a heavy load...and that is why i never wanted children...why dump another soul in to this painful chaos? but then i remember the light...and i just pray he finds his way to it...that's always something i've left up to him to choose...i've never railroaded my kids in to believing ANYTHING! so anyway...i think he is gonna be ok..i think he sees his best friend is more important..i sat them both down and i said hey, maybe you all three should just be best friends..i think you two should just both let go of this one...be friends..enjoy the teenage years...it's all good...how can you love and learn about someone else when you don't even know you? slo wwwww down! hahaha so, we cried together for a long time..we held each other...we listened to each other...man...seeing my baby grow up is just not what i want! haha but at the same time..i'm so glad i have such a caring wonderful, beautiful, smart, wordly, open child..i am blessed three time over...please help me get these teeth out..tonight it hurts so bad...it's all the way up my nose...all the way across my top teeth...i want to take a hammer to it...i think it's getting worse...i really am terrified...and yet i just KNOW the universe will pull thru somehow...right?


Updated posted by Trish Young 3 months ago

you can see the cyst to the right of my teeth. it looks like a bubble. it goes down the tooth shaft.



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Created by Trish Young on December 31, 2013

HI! My name is Trish Young and I am 34 years old, I have three amazing, beautiful, healthy, happy, intelligent, fun children whom I live for. After thirteen years of dedicated parenting, my body has finally revolted and demands that I start to take care of myself.

I had surgery, a spinal fusion surgery, on my lower back in may 2013. This allowed me to get off pain medications and start to learn to be healthy. No doctor has ever been able to figure out "WHY" my body is destroying itself, until now.

I've always had small issues, nothing big, latex allergies, lactose, then soy and now gluten..For the most part I've always been healthy but when I was young (at 8 I was hit by a car on my bike and had to have a root canal done on 2 teeth) I started having widespread pain throughout my body and the doctors told my parents it was rheumatoid arthritis, tho in the end it turns out it wasn't.

I was excused from gym class or any other physical activities from 9 on. We moved to Guam shortly thereafter and at 12 I was given the gift of a new smile. The dentists fixed my broken and rotting front teeth and gave me shiny white veneers! OH I WAS SO HAPPY TO SMILE!!

I lived my teenage years suffering from what the doctors said at the time was "a lactose intolerance". I would get violently ill often when I ate. I learned to avoid dairy and yet I still had this problem. I left Guam at 18 and married my husband shortly thereafter. Even tho we were both told we would not have children, six months after we were married, I found out i was indeed going to be a mother! I had never been happier in my entire life.

We named him SAUL which is Hebrew and means "asked for from God", because he was...We didn't worry about protection because Saul was a "miracle child" and the "odds of us having another were astronomical"...When Saul was four months old I found out that we were again being blessed with another miracle! We named him LEVI which is Hebrew and means "joined to in harmony".

My husband and I struggled financially and by the time Levi was born I was in constant pain. I refused pain medications, even at their birth because I was terrified of them and had never used them. But, life was getting harder, our marriage was strained and I was fighting to live a normal life. I was happy being a stay at home mother. They were my reason to get out of bed and make them breakfast every morning. My every moment was spent revolved around them.

When our marriage was finally to the point that we were intolerable to each other, I had to get a job and put them in day care. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. I cried every time I dropped them off and ran home to sleep just enough to get them and play and cook or whatever before I had to work third shift. Finally when the boys were 3 & 4 my husband and I split.

By the end it was a very physical relationship and we were toxic to each other. For a long time, we could barely speak to each other, but the boys were the focus for each of us and so we learned to speak about and for them, to each other, so they had the best chance of life they could.

Our focus and dedication paid off, the boys have been loved infinitely by both of us and after awhile we actually become friends again. Putting our children first and not abusing or neglecting them with our own personal feelings of the other parent gave our children strength and stability. They knew that even tho we were split, they would be loved unconditionally by both parents at all times.

I decided to go to college when i was 23 and pursue my passion of Human Service. At first I was just going for a general Associates in Arts degree and was 2 classes from finishing when I decided to switch to a concentration in Substance Abuse Counseling. I had full custody of my boys while I worked and attended school. At around 24-25 I could no longer take all the pain. I was exhausted and starting to get sick.

I finally got so sick that I went to the hospital and was admitted with severe dehydration. My vitamin D level was at an 8 when it was supposed to be around a 32. I was very ill all the time at this point and all the doctors would do was give me pain medicine and "trigger point injections" which were filled with a steroid. This made me very very ill. They never helped in any way shape or form.

For the next 6 years I would struggle daily with this constant pain, growing and constant illness of some sort or another and I was living in a fog because of the medicine and I always just felt so 'stuck'. My white blood cell count would always come back too high, my vitamin levels were always too low, my immune system was always shot and not one doctor could ever give me any clue as to what or why my body was deteriorating.

On top of the physical pain I had growing depression and what the therapist said was "bi polar" I tried to convince them that it was only because of all the pain which had no known origin, but they insisted I was bipoler and adhd with acute anxiety disorder/ptsd. (there are a lot of deep, heavy and dark traumas in my life that I am intentionally leaving out of public view). But, how does a single mother of 2 that works and goes to school, find any time to focus on herself?

The 'degenerative disc disease', 'fibromyalgia', 'interstitial cystitis', 'migraines', 'chronic sinusitis along with frequent and debilitating sinus infections that would cause my face to swell so bad I could hardly speak (and for which, every time, they would give me some antibiotics and steroids and send me home, never ever trying to figure out WHY my teeth always hurt or WHY my face was swelling and painful etc etc) I finally forced my dentist to take a closer look at my sinus cavities/teeth etc, to see WTF was going on. They found the root of one of my teeth was piercing in to my sinus cavity!! So, they did surgery to correct it and I went on my way. This was in 2008.

It hurt worse after that. The infections came more frequently and the rest of my teeth started to die off, eventually having to be pulled because I was just tired of dealing with them.

so I eventually was unable to maintain work, my grades started to slip and as the pain became intolerable, I was forced to quit school. I made a horrible decision and it led me to lose my housing, most of my belongings and eventually I had to ask the boys father to take them for the summer so I could "get my head together".

My grandmother died shortly thereafter leaving a lot of money. I knew I was in no way shape or form in a good head space to do any good with that much money so I split it in to two sealed accts for the boys to be opened when they are 18. I took about 5 grand and planned to find a place to live, but I was somehow pulled to the road with a yearning for travel. And travel I did. I met a lot of neat people, I saw some amazingly beautiful places and I had myself a soul satisfying time.

Then, in 2010, I was traveling with a few people when one night we decided to drink and my daughter chose to be conceived. I knew her father would not be a part of her life as he was not an easy man to be around. He has not seen her physically since her first birthday. I'm fine with this, the boys are fine with this and she even has our last name.

Her name was chosen by the three of us on the way to the hospital. That night we had sat around watching music videos trying to find "the perfect name". I loved the idea of "grace" because in my heart, she was my saving grace. Also, when I was born, my parents wanted to name me grace after "grace slick", but I was born dead following and emergency c-section and they immediately named me after my grandmother "to be safe and bless me".

So, I showed the boys one of my favorite video's from my childhood, "A Touch Of Grey" by 'Grateful Dead'. It's the one with the skeletons dancing...As soon as we heard it, I said "Greycie" and we all agreed it was perfect. On the way to the hospital, of all songs to come on, was 'Jefferson Airplane' with Grace Slick on vocals, singing "white rabbit". That sealed the deal. My mothers name was Elizabeth and she died when I was 10. Greycie Elizabeth Young was brought in to this world on 3-3-11 weighing a little over 8 pounds and was a screamer! but ohhhhh was she so beautiful! We were all hooked!

Even tho all my pregnancies were "easy" meaning I had no complications, no issues, all natural born term babies and all labors under three hours (with grey there was a break in the pitocin drip but if you take out that, hers was under three hours as well) so even tho 'on the outside looking in', I had "perfect" labors...They were excruciating. With grey, I was just miserable. I could barely move most days.

I was so meticulously healthy every time I was pregnant, I didn't smoke or do drugs or eat junk...I was just in so much pain with her that I could barely enjoy it. And since she was born my pain level has increased to the point that I am now physically disabled according to the Federal Government. I receive a small check every month and that is all the income we have.

So, to make a long story short, I now have a cyst in the front teeth's roots that is growing larger and becoming more painful daily. From all the research I have done, there are many dentists and doctors who vehemently appose "root canal treatments" that are done with heavy metals and allergies that leave a breeding room for bacteria and cause all the problems I have and more. The infections barely "come and go" anymore, they pretty much just stay put. I'm alway sick. It's now affectiong my heart causing a mitral valve prolapse with a murmur and this is the reason for my heart palpitations and chest pain. (among other problems) which i've always been told was just stress, anxiety or panic attacks. he also found that i have quite a bit of retinal vein occlusion, which means the veins in my eyes are hardening and it could cause glaucoma, blindness etc etc..

I just started this new doctor a little over a month ago and in 2 hours he found things that my other doctor had not seen in the whole 2 years I was going to him. This bacteria breeding ground is now affecting my whole body.

The easiest, quickest, fastest and truthfully only way to fix this so that I may heal and live to raise my children till they are confident enough to thrive on their own, is to to just rip all these teeth out and put some new ones in. Now, I'm totally fine with never having teeth again...I will take being healthy and out of pain with no teeth over what I have now, I won't complain. But, when I told my son about what needs to happen, he started crying, he doesn't want me to look like an old grandmother and that is exactly why they wouldn't rip my teeth out when i begged them to years ago.

I need this. My children deserve to have a happy healthy mother to raise them. I have very limited family to help and most of my friends are as broke as I am. I saw this and I just finally stopped crying and had a moment of HOPE! I am going to ask the universe to help me on this one. I need A LOT of money. My insurance will not cover it. I need A LOT of money, NOW. I just can't live like this anymore. I won't tell you how hard it is to keep my head out of the darkness anymore. I truly feel like I am dying. I just want to rest.

I want you all to know me, to see me. I am linking my facebook, you can see my children, you can see my friends. You will know, if you trust the universe and your gut like I do, you WILL KNOW, that I am honest and in true dire straits. I really don't have any other ideas. I really don't have any other way to get the money. This is for my son Levi, because he doesn't want to see me without teeth. He is 11 and he is emotional. (he is also on the spectrum, unmedicated and healthy and happy).

Please, if you've ever wanted to do something truly amazing for someone who will never have a way to repay you (but will always pay it forward as often as possible) PLEASE heal my children and keep them safe. I promise you that I will live life to the fullest, I will get back to all my favorite hobbies, drawing, art, reading..yoga! EVERYTHING! I promise you I will thrive and I will not waste a day. I want to live. Really live. And to do this, I need to remove every tooth and get brand new ones with no heavy metals or allergen materials.

Please. I do believe this will take all of this sickness away. I really want this sickness to go away. I really want to watch my children grow.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please feel free to ask me ANYTHING. thank you, from the bottom of my heart and soul and thank you infinitely from my children whom will benefit the most from this miracle.

All my love, Trish.

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Trish, don't ever give up on the universe!


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