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This page was made to get international donation in a crowdfunding campaign. Its brazilian version is Version en español: Description: Imagine the opportuni... more


Created by Rafael Lage on December 11, 2012

This page was made to get international donation in a crowdfunding campaign. Its brazilian version is

Version en español:


Imagine the opportunity to show in a film a way of life that few know and able to inspire so many people!

Dreams, art, poetry, cooperation, freedom, revolution, detachment, equality, struggles ... Feelings and actions that are often repressed because of pre-established social standards, but they are intensely experienced by men and women who don a backpack and hit the road.

But who are they? How do they live? What do they believe?

The film "Malucos de Estrada: the reformation of the hippie movement in Brazil" is an unpublished initiative that seeks to enlighten society about the richness of this cultural universe of values and put up for discussion the current process of repression that the artisans are suffering.

The urgency and importance in shedding light on this culture is that their survival and integrity are seriously threatened by social invisibility and by some misunderstanding on the part of public officials about this reality.

We believe that this documentary will be the starting point for the broad recognition of the road freak as specific cultural manifestation. This is a film released on the internet with free access in order that it become a product of society.

This movement is primarily a struggle that we may actually live in a democratic society that coexists with different views, interests and knowledge, maximizing the collective well-being.

Be a part of this initiative with us! Contribute to making the movie and share our page.

English subtitles: Henrique Chaves Carvalho
English description: Joe Shirk


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Para a liberdad...

posted by Lapage Jaun 11 months ago

I hope it work out.

posted by Danilo De Souza 15 months ago

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Diego Rubel

2 months ago



Sara Lage

4 months ago


Boa sorte!!! Projeto maravilhoso!



Tiane Graziottin

4 months ago


Fantastico projeto! Que o mundo se encha de malucos de estrada! Great project - well done!



Guilherme Carvalho

4 months ago


É nóis!



Alice Nataraja Santos

4 months ago



Anja Doblanovic Sesek

4 months ago


I am happy about your action, thank you for spreading the good vibes and awareness! Blessings and love all around you!



camille hivelin

5 months ago


sou uma gota do beija flor que ajuda a apagar o fogo das margems!



Ledergerber Nicolas

6 months ago


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