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With Luke now laid to rest Rosie truly believes that something good has to come out of this tragedy. Rosie is on a mission to make a difference to Children affected by family violence. T... more


Created by Jane McGrath on February 14, 2014

With Luke now laid to rest Rosie truly believes that something good has to come out of this tragedy. Rosie is on a mission to make a difference to Children affected by family violence. There are other ways to help or donate if you are not comfortable with this link.
Your support will be greatly appreciated.


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Thank you once again for your messages of support and intelligent insight. Your comments resonate with me totally. Your generosity continues to reassure me of how many good and caring people there are in the world. Thank you everyone, Rosie :)

posted by Rosie Batty 5 days ago

So tragic on so many levels, your sadness is felt by so many. My concern is the constant media & socialisation of using violence & mental health in the same stories. Mental health does not cause violence, violence is a behaviour, what comes first is still a debate. There are millions of people with mental health issues who are not violent. Violence is a choice. In one State we have magistrates stating mental health will not be a get out of jail free card & then in others as in Port Macquarie last year, a man charged with intimidation & stalking, after 6 yrs of divorce, got into his ex wife's home, went thru her things, told the children as he put his fist to her face, they would be orphaned, he would do her first, then himself. The magistrate ruled the children are not victims of violence & dismissed his charges on the grounds of mental health. He has over a 30 year history of violence towards women/others, psychological & physical harm, 3 wives, all abused & then walked out of the court room & took out a family court order to force the ex wife into contact with his children who are terrified of seeing him. The community fails our children & family violence victims, the justice system fails domestic violence victims. I've known so many victims who give up going to Police when they get a different officer on the desk every time, with a different attitude & failed support to remove the victims from harm. Something has got to change to prevent these tragedies from occurring, this is not enough. Victoria is considering charging victims for not leaving violent homes/situations, why not charge the friends, family & mandatory reporters (teachers, doctors, early childhood nurses, psychologists etc, Police) who fail to report the psychological abuse & physical harm of children to the appropriate authorities?

posted by GJ Jane 17 days ago

Hi Rosie, I am a journalist and would desperately like to make contact with you for a story I am working on. I have two women dealing with terrible DV situations who are prepared to speak out about their experiences after seeing what you have gone through. Please private message me on facebook and I will provide my contact details. Heidi.

posted by Princess Heidi 18 days ago

As a human rights Lawyer and advocate with my fiance specializing in domestic violence i was deeply moved by your story. I see this too often women reporting time and time again a husband for domestic violence or sexually abusing a child. The husband will break restraining orders they will find a way to get to the children to intimidate them. The police do not do enough nor do DOCS. We are seeing an increase globally of domestic violence against women and children. This is a subject that needs to be kept in the spotlight so that our Governments stop burring their heads in the sand to what is going on. Laws need to be changed and their needs to be far more help for the victims and for the children of domestic violence. I am an adult now but as a child i was a victim like my mother of domestic violence by my father, so i can relate to everything that is being said.

posted by Alexandros Karis 21 days ago

I had 2 AVO's against my ex-husband which did not stop him from having contact with our children. The theory of what you may or may not do when you are in the precarious position of desperately trying to protect your children without any assistance from Police, DOCS etc, remains as theory. Our legal system does not stop a father from attending his childs sport, regardless of what the mother might say or do. A mother in the States shot dead the rapist of her son and spent the next 10 years behind bars, unable to raise her own children. There is no easy way out. I teach my sons to protect and look after their children and the mothers of their children. I teach my daughter to demand respect. I was as sickened as everyone was when I saw what had happened to Luke and his mother. I hope this worthy cause eases your pain Rosie.

posted by Suzanne Hardy 21 days ago

First I would like to say that I so very sorry for your loss. I can not begin to imagine the pain you are going through. I watched you on channel Ten's Wake Up program this morning and think you have amazing courage to fight like you are. I grew up in a house hold with domestic violence and I understand that the situation is not so black and white like people make believe. It is very easy to say that if we threaten the mothers with prison then they will report the abuse that is happening to their children but no one stops to think about what happens to the mother and child once the social services and police leave their home. How does the abuser then treat them??? the risk is just increased. It is such a complex and delicate matter. I think society needs to stop looking to throw punishment at everyone and thinking that, that will solve all our problems. We need to start educating our children on respect and kindness, equal rights and how to treat each other. These men (and female abusers) don't just suddenly change into one, they are raised. Raised by their parents with closed and cold views, witness the violence themselves, watch it on tv and in the movies like it is normal behavior and hear about it on the radio. We have to stop acting like it is just something to be expected from people and 'just happens'. The behavior should be publicly frowned upon and we should stop protecting the abusers from public shame. I wish you all the best.

posted by Michelle Carroll 22 days ago

Thank you everyone for your generosity and support. I am astounded that we have raised so much already and in time I shall be in contact with as many of you as possible to convey my personal thanks. I have opened a Luke Batty Foundation account and will have over $36,000 to use in some way to help children affected by violence. Thank you from the bottom of my heart you kind people. Rosie x

posted by Rosie Batty 1 month ago

Hi, I am just wondering what the other other avenues of support are? You can message me ToFollow Thanks

posted by Kirstie Edwards 1 month ago

Hi Rosie, we've been working very hard to develop a campaign to address family violence on the peninsula. We're about to launch a short film and large visual posters. Ms Ashtyn P features in one. I'd really appreciate your input when and if you're ready. You clearly are a remarkable woman. Lisa Gray health and Wellbeing team leader Mornington peninsula shire.

posted by Lisa Gray 1 month ago

I have been receiving beautiful cards and messages addressed to "Rosie C/O Tyabb Post Office or Cricket Club or just Tyabb" whatever you would like to send me will reach me TYABB, VIC, 3913. I would love to receive it xxx

posted by Rosie Batty 2 months ago

My Name is Craig Thompson and I Would Just Like To Say That I Watched The Funeral on Friday and I Was Very Upset Watching It When a Seen a Picture of Luke When He Was A Baby Wearing a Liverpool FC Shirt. My Heart Goes Out To Luke's Mum Rosie and I Would Like To Send Rosie A Card Off Me And My Friends At My Youth Club So Can You Send Me The Adress Where Rosie & Luke's House is To Me Please. Rest In Peace Luke. Craig Thompson. My E-Mail Name is

posted by Craig Thompson 2 months ago

Thank you everyone. Your beautiful messages and generosity are just so comforting. Rosie x

posted by Rosie Batty 2 months ago

Rosie I am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful Luke, the world is a lesser place for not having him in it.

posted by Liz Donaldson 2 months ago

Rosie my heart bleeds for you.....but if every man woman and child in this country only gave $1 each, we'd have $23+million for this oh so needed cause....please people...donate $1 for everyone in your family....its not that hard really it isn't....thinking of you today....Lx

posted by Lonnie Gray 2 months ago


posted by Mel Dejong-Henry 2 months ago

I can only think of mental instability/mental illness as the cause for anyone to end an innocent child's life I hope that any money will go towards a charity that offers support and treatment for these conditions. Sad sad sad.

posted by Thai Nguyen 2 months ago

hello I just tried to make a donation, but got a message telling me the receiver was unable to receive payment! Are there any other ways of donating? I feel this is the only way I can do something for Luke!

posted by Brad Whyte 2 months ago

Please be assured that this is a site that has been set up by a very old friend of mine who was desperate to help me in any way that she could. Whatever you would like to give would be wonderful and I shall use the money raised to honour Luke you can be assured of that. Thank you, Rosie x

posted by Rosie Batty 2 months ago

It's working now...thanks

posted by Anne Wright 2 months ago

Hi. I am more than happy to make a donation, but have been scammed for money on this type of fundraising before, where the money never actually reached its intended beneficiary. Can you tell me has this fundraising campaign been legally registered with consumer affairs? If so, what is the registration number. I look forward to hearing from you and aiding towards your campaign.

posted by Mandy Duff 2 months ago

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