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I just got off the phone with Sarah Pomrenke Metcalf. Some of you may know that last month her husband Darren faced a grim situation when he was diagnosed with an infection on his brain... more


Updated posted by Shelley Valentine Cook 14 days ago

From Sarah: Darren, Genevieve and I wanted to thank all of the people that have been thinking of us, praying for us and shown us so much love over the last seven months. Not to mention the unbelievable generosity from so many. We will never have the words to express our gratitude.
Darren is back to work in a new position that does not require power tools and fork lifts :) He loves his new job and is eternally thankful to his employer, Five Star Fab and Fixture, for keeping him as an employee for the months that he was unable to work and then finding him a position that was better suited for him at this point in his life. He is so grateful to be back on his feet and realizes how incredibly lucky he is to be here.
We found out on February 21st that Genevieve is in remission. She had her port removed today at UVA. She will continue to have labs and scans done, but her doctors feel good about her future. She has been amazing through all of this. Her spirit never dimmed and her spunk kept her fighting. I have learned so much from my little girl. Although she would tell you that she is a boy now because she has hair like Daddy's.
I am back to teaching my second graders. I have taught for Bedford County for eleven years and have always known it was the place for me. However, now it is more than that. The school system, teachers, students and families in the community have become family to me.
The support we have received has been on a level I could never have imagined. I will never forget all that has been done for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Sarah Metcalf


Genevieve got her Port out!!!


Updated posted by Shelley Valentine Cook 3 months ago

I love this girl. She inspires me to no end. She thinks a superheroes emblem pasted to their chests are chemo ports. She's excited that now she has one too! She's definitely my superhero!

Today G finishes her second round of chemo. Go Genevieve!


G finishes her second round of Chemo!


Updated posted by Shelley Valentine Cook 4 months ago

Genevieve started Chemotherapy today. She got a kick out of being told she looks like Iron Man. :)


Chemotherapy started today.

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Created by Shelley Valentine Cook on November 15, 2013

I just got off the phone with Sarah Pomrenke Metcalf. Some of you may know that last month her husband Darren faced a grim situation when he was diagnosed with an infection on his brain stem. Darren barely survived. He has issues with mobility and vision. He requires extensive care and therapy. and he is now in the midst of a long and uphill battle of recovery, and Sarah has been on FMLA taking care of him since his diagnosis.

Yesterday Sarah's 3 year old daughter Genevieve was diagnosed with cancer. She had a tumor on her tailbone and when UVA surgeons went in to remove it malignant cells were found. Genevieve starts chemotherapy after Thanksgiving.

Sarah is an elementary school teacher in Bedford, VA. She is still on FMLA from Darren's recovery, and now she's going to need all the support she can get as she holds her family together during Genevieve's treatment. She only has 2 weeks left of her FMLA leave. Her family's medical bills and expenses are and soon will become even more insurmountable, and at this point she is the sole provider for her household.

Let's send Sarah, Darren and Genevieve as much love and support as we can to get them through this time. Watching your child go through cancer treatments and extensive medical procedures is heartbreaking. Help us help her keep focused on taking care of her family and hold her world together by sending a donation to them. Any amount, even the smallest of donations is helpful. Thank you!

*Note Added November 17, 2013: Just so everyone knows, both Sarah and Darren's employers have been going above and beyond to do anything they can to help this family. Darren's job is waiting for him, and he is with a wonderful company. Sarah's school is full of many angels who are doing everything they can so Sarah can focus on her Genevieve. I'll post notes as I get them from Sarah and/or Darren.

Thank you does not begin to cover my gratitude for your level of compassion toward this family. God bless each and every person who prays for the Metcalf family, shares this story, or donates to them. I truly believe your involvement is divine intervention. -Shelley

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Great news! G is in remission.

posted by Catherine Best 1 month ago

Super G....We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Darren & Sarah, too

posted by Amy Hebert 1 month ago

G goes to UVA on February 20th to see if her treatments were a success. She has been a real super star. Hopefully there will be good news. We believe in Genevieve! Love nonny

posted by Catherine Best 2 months ago

Sarah,Darren, and Genevieve, So good to see your Nonny this weekend.She's bringing all my love to the 3 of you.Prayers,kisses,and hugs to you all. Ibba

posted by Libba Belton 4 months ago

Praying for comfort and strength for all!

posted by Lauren Sutphin 4 months ago

I just want to say THANK YOU all so very much for the love and support and most of all the Prayers for my Awesome Son Darren, my Beautiful Grandaughter "G" and my Strong Daughter -In-Law Sarah. Let's beat this thing !!!!

posted by Kathy Metcalf 4 months ago

I'm spreading the word, Sarah & Darren . Your beautiful family is in my prayers always. Sending our love to you all.

posted by Melissa Durham 4 months ago

Thanks to everyone who has shown their love for my niece and her family in these extraordinary times. Both are doing better, but a long way to go.

posted by Jim Best 5 months ago

You can apply a second time for FMLA but it is still only 12 weeks per 12 months.

posted by Lynda Dillon 5 months ago

Her current FMLA is to take care of her husbanc. She should be able to apply a second time to take care of her daughter. Love and prayers to the family.

posted by Donna Hushour 5 months ago

Thank you all for doing this, G is a very special little girl. Darren, Sarah, and Miss G we love you very, very much! From Aunt Amy, Will, Kennah, and Sienna

posted by Amy Hebert 5 months ago

Sarah completed an internship with me & I've taught with Catherine for many years. Our thoughts & prayers are with you. Thank you for doing this, Shelley!

posted by Tracey Dingus 5 months ago

I work with Catherine and grew up with Sarah. You are so great to do this. Thank you.

posted by Leslie Byington 5 months ago

Thank you Shelley for doing this for g and also to all of you who are opening up your hearts for my granddaughter. From her Nonny

posted by Catherine Best 5 months ago

I remember Darren from HS & I am very sorry to hear if the tough times for him and his family. Prayers sent!

posted by Brian Jones 5 months ago

Love and Prayers , Mom and Grammie

posted by Kathy Metcalf 5 months ago

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With love and blessings to all




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I dont know this little girl or her family but I was given her story by my girlfriend who goes to UVA. I am a college student at Rutgers University in NJ and I wanted to try and help out at least a little bit. I had a friend go through leukemia a couple years ago and even at his lowest, the little things helped to push him through. Im hoping this little amount can help you guys and that you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.



Hayley Anderson

2 months ago


You are such an inspiration sweet heart! Go kick cancer's butt!




2 months ago


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