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On Saturday November 30th, 2013 Lydia Denise Bywaters was admitted to the University of Virginia Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. She was diagnosed with a rare case of infant botulism. The... more


Updated posted by Geraldine Bywaters 1 month ago

Hey everyone! WOW, has it been a rollercoaster ride! For a month and a half we have been working with a certain bank branch in Charlottesville (who shall remain nameless; it’s the branch we have the problem with not the bank itself) who has been giving us the run around, not returning a single phone call, and not doing anything they said they were going/ needing to do. After, a month and a half of non-sense I went to the bank in Winchester, VA and told them everything that was going on. Out of respect she did not say the words “they messed up” but she had no idea why they didn’t just do a “donations” account and why they put a hold on it. She did some digging, spoke with the bank we had been dealing with and then went over top of them to the regional manager and took care of the problem in literally 4 days. She unfroze the account, and ended up not even having to make it a donations account, she left it as “Lydia’s Account” and now once we get our Bank Card WE WILL GET TO PAY THE BILLS!!!! I can’t believe it! So far it is looking like we will have enough to cover all the bills or at least thus far. Lydia has twice as many doctors’ appointments then other babies her age and I know at some point someone will be out to check her development and see how she’s coming along but by that point we will be able to afford all the cost on our own thanks to all of you! I just can’t wait till we have the current debt off our back, It been stressing me out! Now, for more good news! Lydia is doing amazing! Her hair is really starting to come back now; thick, brown and beautiful! She is always smiling and/or eating, and has really started to enjoy keeping her mommy and daddy up at nights! I like to say she does that because she just LOVES spending time with us! LOL Now, we also have some giant updates: While we were in the hospital it really showed us how important it was to get back home with our family and friends in Charlottesville, but even I didn’t know it would happen this fast. A job opened up in Culpeper working for my same company and same job. I applied, got it and have now been here for 2 weeks! (PS I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT HERE IN THE NEW OFFICE! I am the happiest I have ever been!) Our house is currently on the market (hopefully it will sell fast!) and my hubby officially is unemployed starting today and will be home with the girls until we find a daycare and a job for him. So if you know of any openings, feel free to let us know! Even though this will not be our ideal setting, it will be getting us steps closer to our dreams of owning a house near all of our friends and family  We couldn’t have gone through this whole Lydia ordeal without all of you guys and I can’t imagine a better place to be then with family and friends!
Now you are updated on everything! It’s been an eventful 3 months but our dreams are coming true! Thank you everyone for all your support, love, donations, help, hugs, kisses, messages …..EVERTHING! I love you all so very much! You mean the world to us. Thank you for being you!
The Bywaters


Updated posted by Geraldine Bywaters 2 months ago

UPDATE: First let me start by saying... LYDIA is doing great! She is keeping up with all the other babies her age and the doctor said she is doing remarkably well for what she has been through. THATS MY GIRL! Now, for the not so pleasant news... Lydia's Bank Account: We started up a bank account for sweet Lydia while we were in the hospital and from the getgo told them what it was for and our situation. Everything from this wonderful site has gone into that account as well as every check, cash and even the money that was given to Kyle and I instead of Lydia (we wouldn't have felt right if we put that in our account even though it was intended for us). But because we put cash & checks into the account and it wasn't just the money coming from the gofundme site, the bank froze Lydia's account. This happened about a month ago and we can no longer put money in or take it out (which we haven't taken any out yet cause we are waiting to get all our bills and take care of it all at once) On the plus side, they Froze the account cause you all raised so much money that we literally have to start a trust! On the down side, there are still checks we need to deposit in her account and can't b/c its frozen so if your check has not cleared yet. I am so sorry! That is why! I don't feel comfortable putting it in our account either, It should be in Lydia's. So now, we are told we have to get a lawyer and create a trust so the IRS wont come after us. If they get our bank records and see this money sitting in there they may think we have a side business or something and tax us on all of it. So we need to prove that it was all donated. Also if you guys want to claim it on your taxes that you donated to us then we would need to show that we did infact recieve donations (something like that). Anyways, I was a little angry at first because how do they expect us to pay a lawyer when obviously we are worried about Lydia's hospital bills. The bank has been so great working with us on this and are talking to their lawyers to see if we can just do a written statement stating what this money is going to be used for instead of a full blown trust cause apparently that is a bit process to go through! I don't know how long this is going to take but I really am sorry that the checks are not processed yet and I will do it as soon as the account is unfrozen. Also, our bills are starting to roll in now and I am worried that we are going to get past due notices and delinquent accounts so I will try and hurry them up. I don't want our good credit to get ruined! So, I hope this gets taken care of very soon. Again I am really sorry for the inconvience this causes some of you! And we appreciate all that you have done for us! Hopefully at the end of this we will have physical proof to show just where your dollars have gone to. Its normal for people to say "I wonder what they did with all that money" and this will show it all went to our sweet angel, Lydia. Thank you again again again and again! You all mean the world to us.


Updated posted by Geraldine Bywaters 3 months ago

UPDATE, Kind-of: The holiday's were amazing thanks to all of you! So many of you and others, even ones we don't even know, sent gifts to Lydia and Caroline for Christmas, whether it was a donation or something they could physcially open. Caroline even got everything she wanted for the holidays and she so deserved it because I know this whole ordeal was hard on her. We are back into the swing of things here in Winchester, VA, for the most part. I cleaned the house from head to toe multiple times and have become a hand sanitizer freek! But I am sure Lydia is okay with that. Lydia has been a super happy baby even though she is currently sick with a bad cold. On New Years Day we took her to the Medexpress to have her checked out cause she was running a fever and was really fussy. (everything makes me nervous now!) After being there for only about 15 minutes the doctor recommended we got to UVA emergency room because he was worried she was having trouble breathing and her chest sounded really bad. THAT MADE US NERVOUS but we knew we would be in good hands when we got there. Once we arrived we gave them our medexpress paperwork and they took us back right away. We had a resident named, Brock, who actually was with us during the whole botulism bonanza, so he knew us and Lydia really well. He did his work on her and come to find out, she just had a cold. Nothing tylenol, saline and the nose sucker wont fix! He said, sometimes the medexpress doctors dont feel comfortable working with newborns so they sometimes send them to UVA for a second look. Anyways, I am just glad the outcome was okay on that one, You never know with Ms. Lydia. Now, at this very moment, Lydia is a happy, bouncing baby even with this the stuffy nose, watery eyes, and bad cough. This child amazes me more and more everyday! She has truly inspired me to be a better me; to be brave, keep on smiling, and to hold family close. This inspiration is a great way to start off the new year. We have had time to really sit back an evaluated what matters to us most and my husband and I have realized just how important it is for us to be near our family and friends. I don't know what we would have done if we didnt have all them around during this trying time. It has showed us how important it is for us to work on moving back home to have the kids closer to the people who mean so much to us. This is our goal for 2014! 2014 IS OUR YEAR! Please continue to pray for us and pray for Lydia. Thank you 2013 for showing us what matters most. Our hearts are leading us home...

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Created by Geraldine Bywaters on December 3, 2013

On Saturday November 30th, 2013 Lydia Denise Bywaters was admitted to the University of Virginia Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. She was diagnosed with a rare case of infant botulism. The UVA medical staff had to fly in medications from California to treat this rare illness which alone cost $45, 000. Kyle and Geraldine Bywaters (Lydia's parents) are going to be facing a tough road ahead with medical bills and caring for Lydia during her difficult and trying recovery. They are asking for your help and donations. Every little bit will help and go towards paying for Lydia's medical expenses. Thank you in advance for all your support and concern during this difficult time. We will be posting updates as progress is made. We appreciate and love all of you!

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So happy y'al are home...Your a sweet family..So Happy Lydia's illness is better....Happiest of Holidays to you and your families..

posted by Terry Patterson 4 months ago

Was ever a child so loved - by so many?

posted by Annie Rowe 4 months ago

10 days and Lydia is thriving!! Hooray! We are sending Healing White Light with our prayers and know that they are working!! We are so happy to know we have a tiny part in Lydia's recovery, which we know will be very soon. With love, Annie and Mack Rowe, Madison, Va.

posted by Annie Rowe 4 months ago

Hope Lydia is doing bettwr! Stay strong you all!

posted by Tim-Rachel Cleveland 4 months ago

Hi Geraldine, I don't know if you remember me or not from a while back. I am really good friends with Garland. I just seen this. I wish and pray nothing but the best for your little girl and your Family .xxoo

posted by Walter-Rachel Lee 4 months ago

My fianc, Brandon Harris and I heard the news of your sweet girl. Praying that everything will work out..stay strong. We have shared this story in hopes to help your family reach your goal. Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers God bless!

posted by Brittany Rogers 4 months ago


posted by Tim-Rachel Cleveland 4 months ago

I hope this message finds her doing better and continuing to improve daily. My thoughts are with you during this frustrating time..

posted by Neal Waller 4 months ago

This story is touching my heart in so many ways.....definitely an emotional roller coaster, but the caring, sharing and love from all these wonderful people truly touches my heart! And the photo of Big sister Caroline holding baby sister Lydia's hand totally mealted my heart! Stay storng you guys, and Caroline give your sister a kiss on the hand from us!!!

posted by Tim-Rachel Cleveland 4 months ago

Hi Geraldine I work with the Patient Medication Assistance Team at UVA. We help patients try and obtain medication for free/discounted prices or see if grants/copay assistance are available. If interested please contact me 1-434-243-3383 or I also emailed you on here with my work email.

posted by Melissa Vallejo Paige 4 months ago

So glad that there is some improvement with Lydia, and happy that you and Kyles's spirits have been lifted a bit!

posted by Tim-Rachel Cleveland 4 months ago

Our hearts are with you and Lydia. Trust in God - He's the only one who's up all night! With love and prayers - Annie and Mack, Madison, Va.

posted by Annie Rowe 4 months ago

We are going through the same thing right now at University of MD. Our 4 month old was diagnosed with botulism on November 24, 2013. He was ventilated for 10 days before he self extabated himself. We are out of the PICU now and trying to get back to feeding and having core and head muscle strength before we can go home. It has and will be a long road but at least we are reassured that with this toxin there will be no residual effects. Keep strong and know that God will lead the way. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

posted by Kari Johnson 4 months ago

Praying for your precious Lydia , she's beautiful and so innocent. I as a parent can't imagine what you guys are going through. May god lay his healing hands upon her and the UVA doctors. And also upon you guys and her family. Keep your faith . God bless.

posted by Hilary Lockridge 4 months ago

Prayers for such a wee one and her loving family. I will be following this story and sharing

posted by Beckey Pickford-Dorn 4 months ago

Sending prayers for family an friends. Praying for a great turnout..i can. Imagine what the parent are going through... will continue to share

posted by Beck Houchens 4 months ago

Sending lots of love & prayers to baby lydia & her family. Also could someone kindly message me in my Facebook i would love to do some fundraising for this family. Myself & several friends have done several since Sept. I home to hear from you soon.

posted by Jacki Hahn 4 months ago

Sending prayers of healing and comfort of your daughter Lydia! UVA is one of the best hospitals around and without them, my Nevaeh wouldn't be here without their help!! Sending love and prayers!!

posted by Tammy Atkins 4 months ago

Praying for your beautiful baby girl, and all of you! Keep your faith! And if you need anything......please don't hesitate to ask!!!

posted by Tim-Rachel Cleveland 4 months ago

Prayers are going up for you ALL. I could never imagine what you are going through. God performs miracles every single day and Lydia will be one of those miracles. God Bless and be with you and Kyle and Lydia and the whole Family. Prayers will continue to be said.

posted by Sandy Elliott 4 months ago

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Linsie Adderley

2 months ago


I saw a report on NBC about your daughter and remembered you as a past client. Hope your daughter health continues to improve. Best wishes from us at A and A Limousine.



Nadine Walther

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Wishing the Bywater Family good health, joy and happiness. Nadine W and Family




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All my best to you, Kyle, Caroline and Lydia. So sorry this happened but so glad she is doing better now. :-) Merry Christmas to you and yours and hoping for a wonderful New Year for you and your family.




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