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Aaron and I have been trying to have a baby since we got married in 2006. We have been pregnant naturally 3 times, we have sadly had 2 early miscarriages, followed by our Tristan being s... more


Updated posted by Shannon Goodwin 6 months ago

Hi everyone, we've had a few emails asking for updates.. We're still collecting pennies to continue our journey. Things have been crazy on this end with job changes and family health issues. But I PROMISE we're still going for our IUI unless God has other plans for us. I'm sorry that I have not updated sooner, and promise to keep up with that better. I don't want any of you to feel cheated, or anything that we've not had our IUI yet. We're still about $1700 shy of what we need but we are working and trying to save as much as we can to also add in with all of your heartfelt donations.
These monies are secured and untouched and are waiting on our finances to pick up where we can add more in on our ends as I don't expect the world to pay for our children.
Again my deepest apologies for not updating sooner as to everything that is going on. Thank you for your inquiries and on going support. I pray that you can forgive us for not updating sooner, and continue to support us in our efforts to become parents. As of right now with our finances and everything going on we are just "practicing" the natural route. God is in control this we know, and when our monies come together and we can afford the rest of what is needed, this show will be on the road.
Please if you're unhappy with this, and would prefer to have your donations back, please feel free to email me at shannon.goodwin78@gmail.com
Thank you again for your ongoing support and love.
Shannon and Aaron


Updated posted by Shannon Goodwin 9 months ago

We've put this on hold for sometime, and now it's time to start bringing this back to the table. Our 'break' from ttc is nearing it's end. God has led us on a wonderful journey and still continues to guide our every direction. With your help, and support we've gotten soo very close to having enough money for our IUI. Thank you all for that. Thank you also for all your continued patience, support and prayers. I know so many times we've been 'ready' to do our IUI, but it wasn't His time, His time is nearing as it feels right. Many changes over the last few months, I've lost 110lbs, and feel that my body is now baby ready. :) Thank you again for all your continued, love, prayers and support, as we continue forward on this journey to be parents.


Updated posted by Shannon Goodwin 14 months ago

The time is drawing nearer and the butterflies in my stomach are going faster!! :-) we are so excited as the process starts any day now. Just waiting on this ole body to determine when!! ;)

Just wanted to give an update and opportunity to donate to this cycle before we withdraw. :-) o.m.g did I say I'm excited?? :-)

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Created by Shannon Goodwin on April 30, 2012

Aaron and I have been trying to have a baby since we got married in 2006. We have been pregnant naturally 3 times, we have sadly had 2 early miscarriages, followed by our Tristan being stillborn at 33 weeks from a severe placental abruption. We started trying again to be slapped in the face with secondary infertility. We've been suffering secondary infertility now for 4 years. I have been diagnosed with pcos and a few other long winded clotting factors that is playing a part in the infertility.
  We have done 2 medicated cycles at the out of pocket cost of $2000.00 each.. It's time to move on to more avenues.. Our options are IUI, and IVF, which are both costly..
The cost of an IUI is roughly $2500.00 with monitoring, iui, and meds..
 The cost of an IVF is $15,000.00 apx for everything.. I have never thought to ask for donations to help us conceive our child, but here we are asking for your help to help make our dreams of being parents to a living baby come true..

For more information on Aaron's and I journey please follow me on my blog..

Thank you for considering to help Aaron and I along this journey.. With God all things are possible, I truly believe that, sometimes we just need help getting there.. Words can't even begin to express how humble Aaron and I are for each and every one of you, for loving, praying, donating and supporting our chance to be parents.


 Aaron and Shannon Goodwin


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You are more then welcome. You are absolutely right i am ready to be an aunt!!!! Yall are so close to having that baby I can smell it...lol!

posted by Amanda Brooks 23 months ago

check your health insurance coverage - IVF is often a covered benefit

posted by Sonya Eith 23 months ago

You are welcome girl! I know you guys are for real in this, and thats why it doesn't hurt at all to give you this gift. Stay strong.

posted by Danielle Hanner McGill 23 months ago

I truly believe that God will bless you with a sweet baby =)

posted by Dora Upchurch 23 months ago

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14 months ago



Shannon Goodwin

19 months ago



melissa jefferies

22 months ago


Good luck sweety! Can't wait for the good news!




23 months ago


Many prayers that this journey will come to a very happy end soon, and a new chapter of your life will begin!



Caitlyn Dillon

23 months ago


I love you so much... I hope this little amount helps you....



Marybeth Sbrogna

23 months ago


In the process of closing on a house so money is tight right now but I know every little bit counts! Will continue to pray for you and I can't wait to see the day you are holding Tristan's beautiful little healthy brother or sister in your arms! I can't wait to see the pictures :)



Jill Young

23 months ago


Praying for you and Aaron!!




23 months ago


I know it's not much, but I think about you every single day and hope that this gets you closer to your dream come true.



Nic & Ken P.

23 months ago


I'm praying for your miracle rainbow baby! Lots of love and hugs!!!



Erika & Aaron

23 months ago


I cannot wait until the day I get to see you holding your rainbow baby! <3


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