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I am raising money for Lexi's realignment surgery. On July 4th my dog went missing. With the help of a good citizen who saw my lost dog advertisement and knew who had my dog, Lexi was re... more


Updated posted by Amber Hoey 32 months ago

Just got a call from the surgeon. Everything went well and Lexi is awake and moving around. He said she's ok to bring home tomorrow and now we just have to wait for results of the cultures and biopsy.


Updated posted by Amber Hoey 32 months ago

Lexi is in the care of SC Veterinary Specialist now. Unfortunately she has another bone infection so she will not be getting her corrective surgery today. Instead, they are doing another set of xrays and a surgical biopsy and culture to check for bone cancer and find out what type of infection she has so they can get her on the right medication. If all goes well, she will be back home tomorrow to start a 6 week course of antibiotics for the infection. The doc says after that he will decide the best course of treatment for her which may include surgical implants, but he isn't sure yet and will know more after the biopsy. Will post another update when I hear from the doc today.


Updated posted by Amber Hoey 32 months ago

Lexi is going to be on the news again tomorrow with her rescuer, Lacey! Tune in to WACH Fox's Good Day Columbia tomorrow morning around 8am to see Lexi!

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Created by Amber Hoey on August 16, 2011

I am raising money for Lexi's realignment surgery. On July 4th my dog went missing. With the help of a good citizen who saw my lost dog advertisement and knew who had my dog, Lexi was returned to us over a month later. The man who had my dog kept her tied up on a chain in his back yard and abused her. He broke her leg and did not seek medical treatment for her. Had he taken her to the vet or even the local shelter they would have scanned her microchip and I could have gotten her help so she would have not had to go through a month of pain being tied up in a stranger's backyard with a broken leg and no medical attention. Because of this man's actions, it is now going to cost me ALOT more to fix my dog's broken leg. I have already spent several hundred dollars in the past week since I've gotten her back on vet care, medications, and xrays. Her break is so severe that the vet can do no more for her and has referred us to a Veterinary Specialist of Columbia. The veterinary specialist estimates the cost of her surgery to be about $2,000. I need at least half of that up front just to get her surgery, the rest they want within 90 days. I am a single mother supporting myself and my child solely on my income with no outside help and Lexi's surgery is sadly more than I am able to afford.  

Lexi has had a hard life already. She is a 5 year old German Shepherd/Doberman mix that I adopted a year and a half ago from the animal shelter. She had been dropped off at the shelter 2 times prior to my adopting her. She was previously abused and starving, and yet she has turned out to be such a loving dog. Lexi has formed a strong bond with my 10 year old daughter and follows her everywhere acting as her protector. She is an indoor family pet, not used as a guard dog or for any other means. As of now, she is in danger of the bone penetrating through her skin so she does need this surgery as soon as possible, not to mention the pain she is currently going through. Her regular vet has her on antibiotics for a bone infection, anti-inflammatorys, pain medication, and sedatives to keep her calm so she doesn't further injure her leg. Please help me to help Lexi get the surgery she desperately needs. ALL money will go directly to Lexi's surgery at Veterinary Specialist of Columbia.

And as for the man that did this to my dog, he is currently under investigation by the Lexington County Animal Control.


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Will Lexi have to go through rehab? Just a short story, my dog was hit by a car; 3 bones in her pelvis was broken. SC vet specialists in Columbia operated on her. At that point the total was about $2800. When she got home, I could not get her to move an inch without screaming in pain. So, I got a rehab vet to pick her up on Christmas day. I got her back Jan 3rd. Rehab total $3300. I am still paying for it ($6100) and it was worth it. But don't count on the first quote from the vets. Plan on it being at least $1000 more. Good luck and I am very sorry that Lexi and you are going through this. It is very unfair how other humans (dare I call them that which they don't deserve) treat animals. My thoughts and prayers are with Lexi and her family.

posted by Kim 32 months ago

Bobbie, who says it has to be her that gives this guy's life a little overdue attention? Would bet that there might be a lawyer that would not mind performing a little pro bono work, given the opportunity. Would say it might prove educational for the individual.

posted by Interested 32 months ago

Wow people are awesome!! You are so close and I hope she makes a full recovery!!

posted by Sarah 32 months ago

Lexi has survived through a lot of misery, I hope you will be there for her for the rest of her life. I do not understand what kind of person can hurt an animal when they are just wanting love. It breaks my heart that some animals suffer through a whole life of pain and others are so loved. I hope her surgery goes well and she has a complete recovery. I have 4 dogs right now that I have rescued and they are like children to me. I could never look into those big brown eyes and hurt any dog. I am sending much love to Lexi.

posted by Kathi Lee 32 months ago

You're a better person than I am.I'd hunt that guy down and make his life a legal nightmare.I don't doubt that THIS was NOT the worst he's ever done.You could probably dig into him with no effort.He needs to pay for this surgery.

posted by Bobbie 32 months ago

Hi, when do you need to raise the money by? Is she in pain right now? Sorry if you already mentioned it, I didn't read through all the posts. I'm so sorry this happened to your adorable doggy!!!

posted by Heather 32 months ago

I know the man that took your dog is being investigated for criminal charges but have you thought about bringing a civil action against him? If you can convince a judge that this man did this to your dog you can get the $ for the surgery and all the $ you have already spent.

posted by Melissad52077 32 months ago

I am happy to donate to such a worthy cause! Good for you going the extra mile for your "best friend"!

posted by Pat Lowther Robinson 32 months ago

Lexi is a sweet dog! and I was so glad to help her get home! I know shes in safe hands back home with her family. I have been spreading the word with as many vets as I can and am trying to get them to post up donation cans on the counters to help with her leg. I will come visit her soon!!

posted by Lacey Paisley 32 months ago

Please email me. I would love to help you get the word out. Tryan@wach.com Tyler Ryan Good Day Columbia WACH TV

posted by Tyler Ryan WACH 32 months ago

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32 months ago


It's not much but I wanted to help. I know the cost of loving your 4 legged family member.



Tena Dow Abbey

32 months ago


Bless you for doing what you've done so far! I hope you can get something from the "person" who took Lexi! He should pay!!!



Heather Cash

32 months ago


Congratulations! 100%!!!!




32 months ago






32 months ago




32 months ago



joan rich

32 months ago


Bless you all and my best wishes for Lexi's surgery. How wonderful the love and loyalty.




32 months ago



L. D. Pegram Boyle

32 months ago


I want Lexie to be well. She should not have to suffer anymore. Please take good care of Lexie! So glad and thankful for the clerk that was concened enough to help.



Barry Sarner

32 months ago


Go Lexi


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