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Lauren suffered severe head trauma as a result of being struck by a car while on a run in Los Angeles the morning of Friday April 19, 2013. Lauren was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Ce... more


Updated posted by Sheena Greenwalt 11 months ago

On behalf of the entire Murphy clan, I want to express their extreme gratitude for everyones' supportive comments and overwhelmingly generous donations which thus far have covered the family's hotel rooms in Los Angeles through the remainder of the week. The funds are being directed to Dave Murphy, Lauren's father, and I will do my best to update people with the use of proceeds over the coming days as this gets figured out.

For more recent updates on Lauren's progress, check out:
- Lauren's siblings Caring Bridge site:

-Life of the Lucy's blog:

- And, of course, the Recovery Fund Facebook Page:

Let's all say an extra prayer tonight for better news on Lauren tomorrow. #MURPHYSDONTQUIT #HIGHHEELSHIGHHOPES




Updated posted by Sheena Greenwalt 12 months ago

An update on Lauren's progress from her Dad and siblings:


Updated posted by Sheena Greenwalt 12 months ago

$20,000. Wow...just wow. #MURPHYSDONTQUIT #highheelshighhopes


Created by Sheena Greenwalt on April 21, 2013

Lauren suffered severe head trauma as a result of being struck by a car while on a run in Los Angeles the morning of Friday April 19, 2013. Lauren was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in West Hollywood immediately following the incident undergoing an emergency labectomy to remove a portion of the front left lobe of her brain as well as surgery to extract a portion of her skull to relieve pressure and allow the brain to swell. At this point, her status is described as extremely critical but stable.

Lauren and her family have a long road ahead to recovery but I am hopeful this page can serve to relieve some of the financial burden by raising funds in her name. If you know her, you also know that she has six siblings (ages 11-26) waiting anxiously at their home near St. Louis, Missouri who would love to see their sister. With your help, we can make that happen as well as help fund a portion of the flights, hotel rooms, meals, etc. along the way. Please help spread the word and donate if you can. Every little bit helps.

I've created a 'Lauren Murphy Recovery Fund' Facebook page so please 'Like' if you would like to stay updated on her progress, prayer services, fundraising events, etc.

Follow along with more detailed updates on the Caring Bridge site her siblings created and by her best friend Courtney's blog.


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Lauren, my pray goes to you and your family... from NYC "brooks brothers"

posted by Jonathan Fernandez Ruiz 11 months ago

Hi Lauren you are in my prayer's and I hope your recovery be speedy. God can do all things, this has touch my heart and I believe in the power of prayer, I will continue to pray. May God bless you Lauren be strong and don't give up. God has you, and he said in his word he will never leave. you.

posted by Lena Williams 11 months ago

Get better kid,Some inspiration perhaps for anyone concerned ,Proof of Heaven written by Dr.Eben Alexander a Neurosurgeon who went through a similar experience,short book easy read .I think it could help

posted by John Landeck 11 months ago

can someone help spread my page thank you and may god bless you.

posted by Matt Sucittam 11 months ago

Murphy Family and Friends - we are praying and keeping up on all the blogs. From my family and many more here, here is to a strong successful recovery.

posted by Dawn Riehl-Spink 12 months ago

My heart is in LA...

posted by Eileen Balmer 12 months ago

This is such a scary thing. Many prayers for the Murphy family and Lauren. I'm an IWA alum, and I went to St. Norbert too! I'm happy to hear the family is being well taken care of by so many friends in those communities. I read that one of Lauren's sisters is attending the IWA Prom next weekend. I work at a florist, so I thought I'd offer to help with any flowers she may need. Just let me know, seriously! Keep up your courage and faith.

posted by Diane Kenley 12 months ago

Continued thoughts and prayers for Lauren and the entire Murphy Family! Such an incredible outpour of love.

posted by Robin Lower Jacobi 12 months ago

I pray for the strength and support - most of all, the love that your family and you will heal quickly and find the peace needed to carry on as best as you can.

posted by Deborah Cardona 12 months ago

This is so amazing, the out pour of help during a time of need. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. God bless the Murphy family and for their friends who support them.

posted by Cristina Rosi 12 months ago

That is terrible that happened to her. I had a head trauma from a bicycling accident back in 2006, but I was fortunate to not need brain surgery. I pray she recovers against all odds and can resume living a normal life again.

posted by Michael Kawecki 12 months ago

I was struck by a car March 30, 2013. I suffered a minor concussion and some scrapes and bruises. May God be with Lauren and her family in this tragic time. I am praying for her and her family and asking God for a full recovery for Lauren. My thoughts and prayers are truly with you guys. This is very scary and an enhanced awareness needs to be created for tragic accidents like this. God bless.

posted by Kathy Palmentere 12 months ago

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