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Updated posted by Tara Stackhouse- Gerencser 20 months ago

Well, it's been two months since I've posted. This summer has been so very hard for me. I am still having issues with surgery recovery and my Lyme symptoms are so bad. My herbalist did some testing last week. It seems my active Lyme infection has mutated because of the abx i was on after surgery. One month I took 17 days worth of abx. Causing the Lyme infection to try and hide which caused it to mutate. I've missed SO many of Trey and Anthony's practices. Last night I missed a scrimmage. I've always been a supportive mom. Breaks my heart in to a million pieces that I'm missing so much of their lives because of being sick. I know they both understand. Anthony (8yrs) only knows me to be sick. I'm very lucky to have an amazing husband. He's always there for the boys. Another football mom has been talking to me about possible fundraisers. I'm very excited. I can not wait to make that call to my llmd and make an appt!


Updated posted by Tara Stackhouse- Gerencser 22 months ago

I had my surgery thursday. Recovery has been rough. I had allergic reaction from being put under and then an allergic reaction to pain meds prescribed. The night I had surgery I was in the er until 2 am worried my throat was swelling shut. Simple surgery I had done yet my health causes so many issues. I started with a fever yesterday. Hoping abx will take care of infection I now have. I haven't eaten in three days. Nothing but ice chips. This is going to be a long recovery. Feeling absolutely horrible.


Updated posted by Tara Stackhouse- Gerencser 22 months ago

When I got sick suddenly Eric and I made a quick decision to marry within three days so I could have medical coverage. Well we were engaged for years but never talked about when we'd say I do. My "wedding day" was our close family in front of our priest. I wore a cheap dress bought at the mall (it was white but not a wedding dress) and a band boughten from Walmart. At that time all our money was going towards medical needs and keeping a roof over our heads. Being so sick I could hardly wait to say I do and be carried back to bed. I was so very sick I could hardly stand at the alter and to be honest I do not remember much of our wedding day. When I think about it now I could cry. I dreamed of "my special day" since I was a little girl. A day I was able to party it up with my closest friends and look stunning doing it. I have no beautiful wedding photos. We didn't have a honeymoon. My friends weren't even there.
I promise myself that when I beat Lyme I will have my day. I will remarry my amazing husband the way I've always dreamed of. Lyme took that away from me.
Until then, I'll live my wedding day through Pinterest ♥ I love pinning wedding ideas and wishing they were mine...

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Created by Tara Stackhouse- Gerencser on April 26, 2012

My name is Tara Gerencser. I am a 31 year old mother of two boys. Anthony 7 and Trey 12. I have an amazing husband, Eric, I've been married to for almost five years. We've been together for close to a decade. I suffer from chronic Lyme disease. I am officially diagnosed with Stage III Lyme disease, the final stage of a parasitic invasion of the brain and central nervous system. The effects and treatment of the disease—both controversial and invasive—render patients nearly immobile due to pain and side-effects. In November of 2007 (27 years old) I became violently ill with what I thought was the flu. Weeks went by. I never got better, I just got worse. It seemed my whole body was being effected and shutting down. I visited my family dr. She had no idea what was wrong with me. So the tests started... Blood tests (I'm talking veils and veils of blood), cat scans, xrays, MRI of my brain... Then I was referred to specialists. From a neurologist to a cardiologist to an ear nose and throat doctor. They were looking for ANY answer as to why I was so sick. During the first THREE years of being sick I spent all my time bed ridden or confined to the couch. I was only 27 yet unable to bathe and go to the bathroom without my husbands assistance. He struggled with work, taking care of our young children and watching the one he loves slowly dying with no answer as to why. At the time of getting sick I had no medical coverage. The er visits, dr visits, tests and medication bills were piled up. We decided to quickly get married so I could have medical coverage. I couldn't physically do a thing. My wedding dress was a cheap dress my mother picked up for me at a local mall. My wedding band was a $20 Walmart ring that now has tarnished and turns my finger green. My priest was amazing and agreed to marry us with three days notice. We only allowed a few close family members to attend. Standing at the alter in front of my soulmate was a task. I couldn't wait to say I do and be carried back to my bed. Speaking of this now makes me want to break down. I've dreamed of my wedding day since I was a little girl. I've been engaged to Eric for four years insisting I wanted to wait so I could plan the perfect wedding day. And here I was quickly saying I do to the man I love so I could have medical insurance. We didn't even have a honeymoon. I was barely able to walk and talk let alone travel. As the years went by I became sicker and sicker. The illness that had started as what I thought was the flu has now taken over my body. My organs are now seeming to be effected. Including my heart and my brain. I spent hours in drs offices and thousands of dollars with still no answer. Two months on heart monitors at home. Finally one of the neurologists I was seeing diagnosed me with what he thought was Ms. I went a year with the Ms diagnosis before demanding another Lyme test done. This would be my fifth Lyme test. The others came back negative. This blood test was sent away to Igenex labs. A lab that specializes in Lyme testing. Their tests are always accurate. The results came back a few weeks later and I had my answer... I am positive for Lyme disease. Keep in mind a year had gone by undiagnosed. Giving the Lyme time to attack my whole body. Where do I go from here? I spent a few months seeing an infectious disease dr with no relief at all. He basically said I was "crazy". So these heart palpitations I'm experiencing and the muscles moving in my legs on their own is me being crazy? I decided to roam the Internet. I came across a lyme support group in a nearby town. I called the founder of the support group for help. She mentioned the dr who treated her and was amazing. His name was dr bach in hamburg pa. I made an appointment. It was nearly a months wait to be seen. The drive to his office was over an hour away. Seeing him was an all day affair. I'd nearly wait five hours AFTER my appointment time to be seen. He had patients travel from Canada to see him. He also was a presidential medical advisor. He found I started with signs of bells palsy in my face, that I was months away from being in a wheel chair, I had MANY other tick borne diseases NOT just Lyme, I had heart complications... The list goes on and on. Dr. Bach gave me antibiotic injections in my butt, oral antibiotics and shots in the back of my head to relieve constant all day migraines. He did not take medical insurance. Most llmd's don't in fear of losing their lisence. This is why we keep llmds names confidential to prevent this from happening. If you'd like my drs info I would be more than happy to share it with you. Each one of his visits cost me $1,000 and up plus prescriptions to be filled. I could only afford to see him for three months. Financially I could not afford it. We had lost two cars, house was on foreclosure and could barely afford to feed my family. I had to borrow $50 a week from my grandmother to buy food to feed my family of four. It's been a year or so since I've seen dr Bach. I now just sit here praying for a miracle. Everyday I cry. Everyday I suffer. Everyday my body dies a little more. I fought for years for disability. Finally after two "no"'s and an appeal my lawyer got me a court date and I am officially disabled by the state of Pa. It has been a VERY hard five years. Each day I come closer to giving up. How fair is it to my husband to have a disabled wife? How fair is it for my children to have a mother like me? I just want to be able to see an llmd and get healthy again. There are a few llmd's all over an hour away and ALL who do not take insurance. I was thinking of throwing a fundraiser for myself to help get medical treatment I have no clue where to begin, how to do it or if I'm even able to physically do it being I'm disabled and most days unable to do much of anything. Writing this now as I lay on my couch, I know it's possible. I just need help. I can deal with the constant migrating pain, the rashes, lumps, and hair loss. I can deal with the profound fatigue, arthritis and myalgia, the weakness and the heart palpitations. I can handle the speech difficulties and cognitive dullness, the memory lapses and the hallucinations. I can handle the depression and anxiety, the fever and chills. I'm used to the shaking, the swaying, the difficulty walking and standing, the dizziness, the head pressure. I'm used to taking 30 pills a day, staying away from gluten and sugar, and knowing that this disease is not fully curable... But it's heart breaking to know there is relief but I just can't "afford" it. As I said before the Lyme effected my brain so I'm sorry for rambling, misspelling and possibly not making sense. This actually took me an hour to write... Lyme disease is an epidemic larger than aids. People like myself are dying. I am so scared and have nowhere else to turn for help. My body and my mind are starting to give up. I can't leave my husband without a wife and my children with no mother but it's been years with no treatment and I'm losing hope... Thank you so very much for taking time out of your day to read this and possibly giving me the help I so desperately need. God bless you! If you or know of someone who can help me medically/financially or even someone I can speak with about Lyme disease please contact me or pass on my contact information. I don't know where to turn. I need help.



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It breaks my heart to see how sickly my niece is. She needs help to get treatment. She use to be a fun, loving, carefree, active girl. The lymes is robbing her of her youth. It makes me cry when I read her posts. She just wants to feel better. Imagine your family member suffering and not able to get the help they need. Her sons need to have their carefree Mommy back who isn't suffering. No one should live like this. Please, please help her. We love her so much and we need her to get treatment.

posted by Lori Predmore 23 months ago

sweetheart it hurts my heart to see u so i wonder everyday why u have to be in so much pain and why a doctor even if he cant make the disease go away at least give you a better quality of life im so sad that your disease controls what you can and cant do breakfast out no to sick lunch at new restaurant no to sick park with kids no cant stand that long vacation in dismey have to go back to hotel too sick if i had one wish in my whole life i would wish you were well and healthy again

posted by Leanne Washeim 23 months ago

Tara is a delightful young woman who has this terrible disease and NEEDS $$$ for her treatment of Lymes disease. She has made me more aware of this horrible disease and the effects it has on her daily life. Any help you can offer her will be greatly appreciated. She is an active spokeswoman about Lyme disease and she needs our backing for her own fight. God bless her.

posted by undefined undefined 23 months ago

Tara, you are a wonderful person! You are always there for me when I need you, when in reality you should be needing my help. You are an inspiration to us all. I love you and know you can fight this!

posted by Janelle Cappetta 23 months ago

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We're here for you Tara! Stay strong.



Allen, Lori, and the boys

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We love you!




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Pepper and John Stackhouse

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Love ya.



tom and michelle desousa

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hope you get well soon we are praying for you my husband and i both have lyme




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