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June 4, 2010 is the day that Kyron disappeared and our nightmare started. It has been three years and we still don’t know where Kyron is. Our hearts were broken that day the unthinkable... more


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From Desiree:
This week begins another phase of the mission to give back, so that the tragedy we live everyday hasn't been in vain. It is because of Kyron that I am becoming a Team Hope Coordinator for NCMEC The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, I will be honoring him in this step. I will be dedicating time and support to other parents of missing children. NCMEC is an important organization that provides resources and support to help parents of missing children cope and navigate this scary path. There are many things that they do to help us, I have only shared a couple of the things they do. I am blessed to be allowed this opportunity. I pray for the strength to help the parents that will come....in the ways that they will need. I will represent Kyron in Virginia and hope to fill some big shoes in a big way!


Updated posted by Kelly Davidson Ramirez 2 months ago

My Saturday started with friends and family texting me about the new article in People Magazine that I was anxiously awaiting. Since my long phone interviews with the main contact since Kyron went missing in June 2010, the person at People that has been here from the beginning, I have bought every magazine just to reassure myself that I would have it when the article was published. After receiving some concerning feedback, I immediately went down to the corner market to purchase my own People, much to my dismay. I couldn’t wait to read it, so I stood there in the middle of the store scanning through all of the pages, and that's when I saw it, the photo of Terri Horman, the devil that took a part of me away. I was in my own little world as I read on about how Terri has been a “prisoner in her own home.” As I approached the end of the article my eyes welled up with tears, as I realized that it was truly the end of the article and there wasn’t anything about Kyron, my son, the one that is missing. I was told by the lady publishing this article it was going to be an update on Kyron. I am deeply saddened and extremely disappointed by this article and in People Magazine. As a journalist and media representative their job and responsibility is to cover Kyron’s case and have a neutral viewpoint, not about who's side they are on. It is their responsibility to cover the facts, not hear say from Terri’s friends, who only care about getting their name in the media, and a neighbor, who’s only upset because this was all brought to his tiny little street in Roseburg, Oregon. And who would blame him, I would be really mad if one of my neighbors did this to a child too. This article is an atrocity. Not only did People Magazine not check their facts, they didn’t check their sources either as much of their article is false. I now have a very different opinion of People Magazine. I thought they were one of the sources that I could trust, and that is not the case anymore. I now think of them as just another tabloid, no better than the other ones out there stating false stories like they are fact, just to get readers. The media play a very important role in a missing child's case. They are in charge of getting the facts out to millions of people in the hopes that someone somewhere will know something that will lead us to finding our loved ones. This responsibility shouldn’t be taken lightly. The unfortunate thing for People Magazine is that they now have compromised their position with me, Kyron’s mom. I am one of the people that could have given them THE interview and THE story when we do finally get answers and we get to bring Kyron home.
My Saturday ended with my husband and me not being able to sleep, because we were so upset by this article. I spent the entire day trying to figure out why the world is this way. My husband said so eloquently what I couldn’t; “I liken this article to writing about a pedophile that can’t be with the child that they perpetrated a crime against.” Well I simply say it is disgusting, and it is a crime on its own, a crime against Kyron. Terri Horman took something wonderful from this world that we live in, she took my son. That is the real story. Why does she insist on not telling us what she did with him that terrible day? Why does she insist on not talking, when the rest of us have cleared ourselves in this investigation? And why has she lied on numerous occasions not just to me, but to my entire family, law enforcement, her friends and her own attorneys about Kyron and her role in his disappearance? Why has she failed 2 polygraphs and walked out on the 3rd after failing that one as well? Why does she have a right to do all of the things that Kyron doesn’t; live life, go for walks, visit with neighbors, visit with her family, go outside, play with her dog, have Christmas, and just be here? Why does she hate him, why does she blame him for everything wrong in her marriage, why would Kyron have to bear that blame? Why does Terri insist on portraying herself as “poor me,” when she should be caring about poor Kyron. He is the one that has been victimized, he is the one that deserves an award for all he has had to endure from her.
And the most important question of all; Why can’t I have him back, have him home, to hug and love as I always have? Why not Terri? What is the reason you can’t give me my son back?


Updated posted by Kelly Davidson Ramirez 6 months ago

Thank you so much to all of you who showed up for Kyron's car wash in Portland, even though it was in the rain. That shows true dedication and Kyron loves you for it!

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Created by Kelly Davidson Ramirez on May 18, 2012

June 4, 2010 is the day that Kyron disappeared and our nightmare started. It has been three years and we still don’t know where Kyron is. Our hearts were broken that day the unthinkable happened, a day there is no moving on from. Each day we live with the unknown, while silently praying today is the day he comes home to us. Our nightmare will not end until Kyron is home.
For the past three years, people have come together in support of Kyron and our family and we ask for your continued support. As we are standing together we ask you to stand with us. Fight for the little boy who has touched so many hearts. Help us bring Kyron home.
Initially this site was set up for donations to help with the civil suit Desiree filed against Terri Horman in the disappearance of our Kyron. While she still believes Terri has the answers we so desperately seek, it was in Kyron's best interest that the civil suit was withdrawn. However, this does not mean we are giving up or going away. We will do whatever it takes to bring Kyron home to us. Donations to this site will now be used in our continued search to bring Kyron home.
(This site is monitored by Kelly Ramirez, Desiree Young's sister.)
We Promise We Will Find You.
We Will Never Stop!


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Dearest KYRON~~Praying for your safe return~~Always hoping that in the New Year 2014 you will be back home~~

posted by Ann Nash 3 months ago

Dearest KYRON~wishing for you to be home for all of the up-and-coming special holidays~~always HOPING~~Love you, Little Prince Kyron~~

posted by Ann Nash 5 months ago

I just emailed you about an E-Event from TUPPERWARE!! it's an online fundraiser.... you get proceeds sent directly to you!!! Please take a few moments to set it up....

posted by Kim Laube 5 months ago

Love you, Dear KYRON~~Always searching, hoping and praying~~XXXOOO

posted by Ann Nash 6 months ago

Keep praying......God bless You Kyron and family.

posted by Sharon Riesterer 6 months ago

I am sorry about your lose bring Kyron home soon:(

posted by AB MJ 7 months ago

Ohh Desiree... You have not failed your precious Son.. my heart breaks with just the thought of you thinking you have failed him.. TMH has failed Kyron.. not you... her parents have failed him as well by enabling her, and whomever else is involved has failed him but it sure was not his Momma that failed Kyron.. I see nothing but pure pure love for your dear precious Kyron.. You are the meaning of a true Momma Desi.. You refuse to lie down and be defeated and I love that about you.. How many Momma's in your situation would honestly have the strength to do what you are doing? You are doing every single thing in your power to find Kyron and get him back where he belongs.. No mother should ever have to go through this.. I pray each and every day that Kyron comes home to you and I'll never stop and I'll continue to do what I am able to do in support of finding Kyron and bringing Justice to those responsible.. I wish there were something I could say or do that would take your pain away .. You have many many of us that love you and Kyron and your family and will never give up... We stand behind you and support you through this all the way to the end..Please Please do not think you have failed Kyron.. you had no control over the person/persons responsible for Kyron missing.. Yet you are the first to stand up and fight to find him and are not willing to give up that fight til he is found and brought back where he belongs.. I admire that in you.. Kyron WILL be found and Justice WILL be served... Keep believing and don't give up Hope.. I'm believing in Kyron's Miracle

posted by Jody Wells 7 months ago

I've been thinking of what we all could do personally, in our own way for Kyron. Then it hit me like lightning. I think that on Monday, September 9th, which is Kyron's 11th birthday, all the people who love, & care for our Ky Guy should have Root Beer, & Oreos to celebrate Kyron's life. & his birthday. I'm sure Kyron will enjoy hearing that when he comes home. Maybe even set a place for him at you home SPECIFICALLY for Kyron. Spread the word & I hope this goes viral. Lets do this for Kyron.

posted by Bob Irish 7 months ago

I was just in Portland and had the opportunity to visit Kyrons wall. We signed our names on the large hope poster. We both pray for Kyrons safe return and admire your courage through this nightmare. Much love to your family. God bless

posted by Deanna Hallock 7 months ago

Wish I could be there to help. It is killing me that I cant. I wish you guys the best through this process. Be strong Kyron. You Mamma loves you and is doing everything she can think of to find you.

posted by Lorey Oliver 8 months ago

Still here, Desiree & family... No matter what.

posted by Jeanne Whitney 8 months ago

We back you 100% Desiree & family

posted by Stacey Green 8 months ago


posted by Suzanne Henson 8 months ago

Desiree, we will NEVER STOP!! We have your back ALWAYS!!

posted by Stacey Morris 8 months ago

While it is very important to locate all missing children for some reason this one has always tugged at my heart. Maybe it is because my son as Kyron's age wore glasses and had a similar smile, or maybe because I am a grandmother now of seven, but whatever the reason I pray that some day this little one will be found so that his family can have some peace. I will never give up hope that he will be found alive and that he will get to feel his mother's arms around her. God Bless this family and my prayers are with them

posted by Sandi Downs 8 months ago

Find Kyron soon!!!!!!!!

posted by Dena LeBlanc 9 months ago

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: ~PLEASE SHARE~ There will be a Candle Light Vigil held for Kyron Horman on June 1 2013 @ 7:30pm at The Wall of Hope The Xtreme Edge Gym. 16365 NW Twin Oaks Dr. Beaverton, OR 97006 Please come & show your love for Kyron show him & his family we are still here and still standing behind them 3 years later & will til Kyron is home. Please come and join us

posted by Stacey Morris 11 months ago

Our family lives in NC, and have been following Kyron's story from the beginning. We also have a family friend that lives in your area who keeps us posted. There is not a day that goes by that we don't pray for Kyron's safe return. I'm sure the former step-mother knows more than she is willing to talk about. All I can say is she must not be a mother. If either of my children were missing, I don't know how I would be able to function through everyday life. I am constantly amazed and proud how well Desiree is able to wake up each morning with renewed strength to be able to continue on for the sake of Kyron. God Bless you!

posted by Michelle Miller 11 months ago

Happy Mother's Day Desiree & Kelly

posted by Stacey Green 11 months ago

What a wonderful thing Desiree is doing.. You are all in my thoughts and prayers always. I am always praying for Kyron's Miracle and I'm praying it is very soon.. Keep Believing, keep your Hope alive and hang on to your Faith... God Bless each of you... Lots of Love and Hugs coming your way

posted by Jody Wells 11 months ago

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We're never giving up buddy, We WILL find you. Love and miss you dearly



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Love you Kyron



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For Ky.... For Ky's Momma! Let's bring Kyron home to Desiree



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For sweet Kyron! It's time to come home little buddy! All my Love to You!


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