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Greetings, My name is Stacey Rose. Mother, writer, lover of cats. I have the honor of being accepted to NYU Tisch Asia's Dramatic Writing program. This incredibly unique opportuni... more


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Just got paid? Help throw me on the plane!


Updated posted by Stacey Rose 24 months ago

I <3 satire ... written by yours truly :).


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I haven't even been up for 24hrs and I have a $500 donation?! Something bigger than me is definitely at work. Thank you SO MUCH Kwana!


Created by Stacey Rose on April 13, 2012


My name is Stacey Rose. Mother, writer, lover of cats. I have the honor of being accepted to NYU Tisch Asia's Dramatic Writing program.  This incredibly unique opportunity will not only allow me to study dramatic writing (my passion),  but it will allow me to study at one of the most prestigious institutions for my craft in an entirely different culture.  Great stories abound for sure, but first ... I have to get there and set up house keeping.  The following amounts represent what I will need in order to get to Singapore and survive until my financial aid is available.


The numbers (USD):


One way ticket to Singapore = $1000



Two weeks temporary board upon arrival = $364

Security Deposit = $1600

First Month's Rent = $800

Agent Fee = $800

Stamp Duty  = $70



Cell Phone Deposit $200

Utilities Deposit $200


Travel (in Singapore)

MRT (subway) Pass & other travel = $200



Cost $400



Cost $300


Student Pass

(The Equivalent to a Student Visa in the US) $90 


TOTAL:  $5, 020


This is the minimum amount I will need, and I haven't included shipping my belongings (although I haven't a clue what I'm bringing).  My current pay checks, in their entirety, are going to paying my regular bills.  In order for me to pull this thing off I need a miracle. Period.  You can help by donating ANY amount you can.


Think about it this way, I have 1,209 Facebook friends (don't judge me :P).  If all of you gave just $5 I'd be on my way! I will decide on July 1st (31 days from now!) if I am going to go as I will need to have my ticket purchased by then and know if I have enough funds to move forward.

In return for your generosity I vow to:

-Go to school,

-work my ass off

-write dynamic and innovative theatre  that tells an honest story from all sides.

-not to write hit gospel stageplays*

*hit Buddhist stage plays are fair game.

Check out the story of my road to grad school glory here


Again ANY help you give is invaluable.


Thank you so much in advance,


Also, PLEASE feel free to share this with friends and any rich oil tycoons ;).



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I am so proud of you Stacy and expect to see your work on Broadway as soon as you get done in Singapore.

posted by Stephanie El 24 months ago

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Karimah Hodges

21 months ago


You have to go you know. You are my room and board when I come visit, so......:-) GOD I HOPE YOU CAN HAVE THIS OPPORTUNITY!




22 months ago


So sad you're leaving but so happy for you!! I get to say I knew you when, famous lady!!!! :)




22 months ago


I don't have much to give, but I believe in your talent and its full potential so I want to make sure to throw what I have in the pot.

Shout Out!


Laura Harmon

22 months ago


I will ALWAYS be a fan. Love ya, honey.



Valerie Warren Butler

22 months ago (Offline Donation)

Mr. Postman.


Marnni Hutchins

22 months ago (Offline Donation)


Singapore or bust!

Shout Out!


LaQuivia Hand

23 months ago


So happy for you, Spreading the talent all over the world.

You've got mail


Debbie Moore-Black

23 months ago


Beyond proud of you! Live your dreams and make them a reality !! Onward sister !!!

Shout Out!


Mary Kenny

23 months ago


I see this as a wise investment. :)

You've got mail


Mark Kemp

23 months ago


We're gonna get you there. That's for sure.


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