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My brother, John Dolan, was seriously injured on September 3, 2012 when he was assaulted by an assailant wielding a baseball bat. The attack occurred on the Lower East Side of Manhatta... more


Created by Maureen Dolan on February 14, 2013

My brother, John Dolan, was seriously injured on September 3, 2012 when he was assaulted by an assailant wielding a baseball bat. The attack occurred on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where John has lived, worked, and been a part of the community for many, many years. Apart from lending his stage and sound skills and equipment to various neighborhood shows and events, John is probably best known as a musician, from such bands as The Plungers, Wig Hat, Otis, Cotton and The Chore Boys, Pigshit Engine, D60, the Sea Monkeys, Choking Victim, and Dog That Bites Everyone. When John was assaulted his neck was broken, and the fractured vertebrae lacerated a major artery. This caused a life-threatening blood clot for which he continues to need daily blood thinning medication and regular blood tests. His nose was fractured and his skull was split open, leaving two scars, the largest of which runs from the top of his head to the bridge of his nose, and required several hundred stitches. He spent four days stabilizing in the ER Trauma (ICU) unit at Bellevue Hospital, and another seven days hospitalized. After being released, he subsequently developed Bell's Palsy, a form of facial paralysis brought on by the nerve damage he suffered, which caused him to be hospitalized for two more days. Despite the treatments he received, the effects of the Bell's Palsy may be permanent to some extent. In addition to the initial physical trauma and the ongoing pain and discomfort resulting from it, there are also secondary traumas, including post-concussion syndrome, a mild form of traumatic brain injury that could take years to heal, and of course, there are emotional scars and post-traumatic stress. At the time of the attack, John had just begun to get back on his feet again after struggling financially. Now he cannot work or collect unemployment, he has lost his health insurance, he has been unable to collect disability or receive any other assistance, and as a result is on the verge of losing his home. Because of Hurricane Sandy's disastrous impact on Bellevue Hospital, John's medical case management is now falling through the cracks. We have to fight for every ounce of care he needs, and the medical bills and those for his living expenses are piling up, creating additional anxiety and despair. His attacker has been charged with first degree felony assault, and the case is moving slowly through the judicial system. In the meantime, my brother, the victim of a violent crime who has already lost so much due to this incident, needs help not going completely under. John comes from a loving, caring, supportive family, but none of us are wealthy.
Thank you for reading this and for your support.

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John, Ican only wish you speedy recovery and contribute what I can. But I really wish there was more i could do, like find a real way to punish this guy and more importantly open a few doors for you in our fucked up healthcare scam of a system. You don't deserve this man.

posted by Jim Fourniadis 11 months ago

John i dont know if you remember the brats SID and Cesar from those c squat shows we attended this is a catastrophe for us you being a punk rock role model and hero , we wish you the best and will try our best to help get well buddy!

posted by Bibbity Babbity 12 months ago

I was so happy to see that the goal for donations was reached. It's no surprise that so many people love john so much.

posted by Чечня Своьодная 12 months ago

Every time I look at this page, I can hear Bill Withers singing "Lean on me." Thank you so much. John and I and the rest of our family needed somebody to lean on and you were all there. We reached our goal! Thank you everyone for your compassion and generosity. The next few months of healing will be so much more effective for John because your help will carry him. He plans to reach out to every one of you to say thank you himself, as soon as possible. John, myself and the rest of our family are blessed to know so many beautiful, caring people. We love you all.

posted by Maureen Dolan 13 months ago

We are overwhelmed by the kindness , support , love and generosity of so many of his friends . Thank you to all! Merilee, great message , love you !!Cathy you are wonderful , thanx so much .

posted by Marilyn Dolan 13 months ago

This is amazing. We love you John!!!

posted by Lindsay Doll 14 months ago

I just spoke with John and he is deeply touched by everyone's support. We both are. Thank you so much for joining us to carry him through this. Love you all.

posted by Maureen Dolan 14 months ago

I'm blown away by everyone's generosity. Thank you, thank you, thank you. xoxoxo

posted by Maureen Dolan 14 months ago

This is tragic, I'm so sorry! It is also a crime that he is unable to get disability assistance. I wish I was in a position to contribute more.

posted by Helen McFarland 14 months ago

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Dennis Kelly

9 months ago


I was friends with John from many years ago, and I think of him often. I have tried to reach him on his Facebook page, but with no success. I have been at his home in Boonton many times when I was a teenager. Please let know that he is in my prayers, and that I would love to get back in touch with him. Dennis Kelly



Jim Fourniadis

11 months ago


Wish I could be there, but here is my filthy lucre instead. Please get better John. Jim



Amelia Keyes

11 months ago


I hope you are feeling better.




13 months ago



Lorraine Dolan

13 months ago


So sorry you had to endure such pain John. Hoping thing get better for you quickly. Sending lots of hugs.



Kristina Anderson

13 months ago



Bobby Black

13 months ago


Just heard about sad. I'm more than happy to donate this little bit to get you to your goal, and I hope that he's able to recover and move past all this eventually. All the best...



Jason Armstrong

13 months ago




13 months ago



Bev and Lloyd Pilas

13 months ago


Your a wonderful guy.......Remember when you and Merilee gave us a tour of New York....Best Tour Guide EVER!!!!!!!!!


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