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On July 22nd, a tragic fire was set following a birthday party. Jason Cassidy survived, but is still in critical condition at Loyola Medical Center. Burns cover 40% of his body and he ha... more


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11/1/2012 Words from Jason's dad.

Wow!!! Where do I begin. Growing up in suburban America, you never think of the community you grew up in. You went to school, played sports, hung out with your friends, and you felt comfortable. something happens in that community, you no longer live there, but you have family that does. You think, what can I do to help your loved one in a community you have lost some touch with. You start to communicate and re-connect with old friends and people who knew you when. Your old friends reach out, offer assistance , and you accept.

thanks from the bottom of my heart to the following:

my wife Debbie - this has been incredibly difficult journey and we have many travels to go - stay with me as you have, life will return to normal. I promise, I love you.

Kevin & Laura F. - What can I say, tears flow as i write this. You have given me the opportunity to tell Jason's inspirational story of determination and tenacity. old friends never go away and old friendships forged years ago never die. Our families will be tied forever through Christ The King, Montini, and the tragic events of July 22nd. Anytime, anywhere, anything you need, I am there old friend.

firefighters & paramedics of Lombard - although a treasured life was lost, another was saved. Be proud, job well done, i cannot express enough thanks and appreciation for your valor, bravery, and the risks you take to make a community safe

Sarah S. & Josh S. - IT is nice to see people like you, get the whole story. The TRUTH to the story, and putting it so eloquently.
Outstanding job, I hope you both reach your dreams in your careers.

Relatives - thanks for listening, i tend to go off sometimes. i am still here and stronger than ever.

Boatin buddies - What a wild group of caring, supportive, and fun people. A man like me is so very lucky to have friends like you.

To the general public and anyone i may have missed - The generosity and support over the last 97 days has been incredible.
The Westin event was the topper. People from Lombard and surrounding suburbs, even an old friend who drove 100 miles, Joe it was great to see you. The Village of Lombard public officials who honestly do care about their community and see to it that the people know they are there to serve.

We have made a dent in the mounting bills and will continue to see to it that Jason heals and gets what he needs to get back to normal.

I will always and forever bleed Lilac Purple.

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.
Bob Cassidy - Dad


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Credit cards will be accepted.


Updated posted by Michael Horsky 18 months ago

Big Benefit TONIGHT! Jason will be there to say thank you to all!
Where : Westin Hotel Lombard Illinois
When : 6:30 - 8:30
$30 donation at the door
Silent aution (Bull tix, TV, Autographed items
Many Door prizes

Hope To See you all there. Thank you all so much for your continued support.

Michael Horsky and the Jason Cassidy Family

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Created by Michael Horsky on August 16, 2012

On July 22nd, a tragic fire was set following a birthday party. Jason Cassidy survived, but is still in critical condition at Loyola Medical Center. Burns cover 40% of his body and he has undergone several surgeries to start repairing the damage. His recovery is slow but progressing. Like many young people, health insurance wasn't top priority. To help Jason with his fight, a benefit has been planned to raise money to help pay medical bills so that Jason can continue to heal. Let's rally together and 

show Jason all the support he has!!


8/18  Jason is still battling. Another infection has come. We pray each night very hard for his recovery. He was not as active today. but, we did see better arm movement. To all his friends that want to see him, please be patient. He needs this time to get his strength back and to fight of the infections. Thanks to all for their support. We truely appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.


Link to news stories posted in the Daily Herald of Dupage County, Illinois.

http://search.dailyherald.com/results/?type=article&Query=jason cassidy&x=0&y=0


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My thoughts and prayers are with Jason and his family. Praying for a full and speedy recovery!

posted by Connie Parato Boven 19 months ago

We have had our first donation and we are off and running towards our goal. Any amount will help cause when it is all pooled together it becomes great that its parts!

posted by Michael Horsky 20 months ago

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Wishing you the very best in your recovery, Jason!



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God bless and Godspeed on your recovery.



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Hoping for a speedy recovery.



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