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Hi... Thank you for coming to view our donation page. You are reading this because you saw our story in the Sunday Mirror, Daily Mail Online or Featureworld.com and agree with us that is... more


Updated posted by Sarah Donaghey Simmo 6 months ago

Hi all,

just a message to let you know the latest.

Unfortunately our IVF attempt failed. Even though this money only paid for one attempt, we have enough embryos to have another go. It is a fraction of the cost and thankfully we have this opportunity so we will be starting that next year.

If it wasnt for all of you that kindly helped us we wouldn't even be at this stage.

The amount of support we received from you all is amazing. Even the people wishing us well when we see them saying they follow our story over Facebook etc...

Hopefully we will have good news next year so until then we just need to stay positive.

Again thank you all

From Sarah & Stuart xxxx


Updated posted by Sarah Donaghey Simmo 7 months ago

Thank you all for helping us with this!

We are so grateful to every single one of you!!

We are not going to tell anyone dates of when everything will happen as we dont want to jinx anything but we will let everyone know if good time what the outcome is!

Again thank you all, thank you so much
Love Sarah & Stuart xxx


Updated posted by Sarah Donaghey Simmo 8 months ago

Just an update for you all too ...

We have started syncing mine and my mums ovulation cycle!

The money we have so far enables to start all this! Thanks to you all.

Hopefully in couple of months we will be able to start the treatment if all Goes well with this!

Sarah x

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Created by Sarah Donaghey Simmo on April 23, 2013


Thank you for coming to view our donation page. You are reading this because you saw our story in the Sunday Mirror, Daily Mail Online or Featureworld.com
and agree with us that is an absurd decision that the NHS won't fund 1 round of IVF for us after my cervical cancer caused me to have to a hysterectomy at 26; yet they are willing to fund other unfair causes.

As Stuart has a daughter they will not give us the free round we should be entitled to; even though I do not have any children and it is me who had cancer. My mum has kindly offered to be our surrogate and we are all ready and waiting to go but we need the funding. I honestly thought appealing would change the minds of the NHS but they werent having none of it... so we have to quickly raise the funds as the doctors want to do this before my mum reaches 50; which is in November 2013.

We have not set this page up to ask people for money but we have had people stating they want to help and we thought this would be the best way.

Any amount is appreciated, the fact you are even reading this means so much to us.

The generosity of people so far has touched our hearts already.

We will keep this page up to date with what is happening so you can see what your donation has helped us to acheive.

Thank you so much
Sarah & Stuart

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Just wanted to wish you luck on your journey :) I have just set up my own page today as we are going through the same thing, the NHS won't help us with Ivf as I have a child even though my partner doesn't, I had to have both Fallopian tubes removed in emergency surgery due to an ectopic pregnancy, it makes me sad that people that are desperate to be parents have to go through this, I wish you both all the luck in the world xx

posted by Kimberley Evans 7 months ago

I'm 49. I'l be 50 in November.

posted by Linda Donaghey 10 months ago

i just wanted to ask how old is your mum

posted by Leanne Woodward 11 months ago

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Person wished to remain anonymous

7 months ago (Offline Donation)


This person has helped us nearly reach our goal! We are so grateful! Hopefully everything is going to work for us! Fingers crossed!! X



Stratstone Mercedes-Benz West Yorkshire

8 months ago (Offline Donation)


Thank you all for sponsoring Stuart & I We're so grateful for all donations xxx



Alex Simmons Fundraising Night

8 months ago (Offline Donation)


Thanks Alex this has been a great help Love Sarah & Stuart xx



Pizza Merano

8 months ago (Offline Donation)


More to cone from collection in the shop! Thank u so much for this already. From Sarah & Stuart x




8 months ago (Offline Donation)


Sponsor money for Kwame's 10k run. Thank you so much for this from Sarah & Stuart.



wesley smith

9 months ago


well done Sarah:-)



Michelle Swan

9 months ago



Sponsor for 10K

9 months ago (Offline Donation)




9 months ago


Good Luck to you both xxx



paul, maggie & Jack

9 months ago


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