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What is Howard's Healthy Choices? Howards Healthy Choices Inc (Not-for-profit) mission is to address the overweight and obesityproblem in New Jersey. HHC Inc. will provide Education, He... more


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Everyday we will be working hard to reach our goals. We appreciate all support and donations. Please visit our web site for more info.


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Check out our web site

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Created by Tynnetta Howard on October 27, 2011

What is Howard's Healthy Choices?

Howards Healthy Choices Inc (Not-for-profit) mission is to address the overweight and obesityproblem in New Jersey. HHC Inc. will provide Education, Healthy Food Service, and Fitness Activities to New Jersey charter and public school students.

Overweight and obesity are both labels for ranges of weight that are greater than what is generally considered healthy for a given height. The terms also identify ranges of weight that have been shown to increase the likelihood of certain diseases and other health problems.

Our federal government along with scientific organizations has conducted studies to identify thecauses of overweight & obesity in America. The findings range from environmental factors down to improper diet. In response, a national initiative has been enacted to fight overweight and obesity in an attempt to curve current conditions, and to secure a better future for our nation’s youth. Howard’s Healthy Choices is a participant in this joint effort concentrating on New Jersey.

In a recent year New Jersey spent 2.3 billion on obesity-related health conditions. According to a study last year by the Rutgers Center for State Health Policy, New Jersey has the highest obesity rate in the nation for children 3-5 years of age and of the public school students in NJ Trenton is more than twice the state average. Obesity is a public health crisis that strongly increases the risk of diabetes and therefore needs immediate attention.

There is no single solution to fight overweight and obesity. HHC Inc., will fight and curve obesity in New Jersey focusing on Education, Healthy Foods, and Fitness Activities.


Qualified staff will educate both students and parents about healthy eating and thedangers of improper dieting. Participants will learn how to read and interpret nutrition facts on products in order to make educated decisions concerning eating habits.

We will teach about the studies undergone to determine the causes of overweight & obesity, and the suggested solutions to address the effects

All participants will have a new paradigm concerning foods that they eat and the good or bad effects thereof. They will understand the environmental factors that contribute or take away from good health. Our aim is to provide a thorough education to our community to bring about an impacting awareness where we can to experience a measurable change.

Healthy Foods

Our motto is “Every Child Eats”. The current practice in our school system is one where every child doesn’t eat, and eating healthy isn’t even a concern. We believe that every child must eat healthy; this is one of the main areas to be addressed in curving overweight obesity in our community.

HHC Inc. will provide healthy meals to students. Our practice is to serve organic and unprocessed foods. We are partnering with local farms and other organizations so that we deliver the most nutritious meals to our students.

Nutrition regulations have been passed down from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Child Nutrition Program directly aimed at tackling overweight and obesity. These standards are aimed to usher in a new era of food consumption in our schools. Foods of minimal nutritional value (FMNV) are no longer welcome. We will provide meals compliant to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Child Nutrition Program nutrition regulations to our program participants.

Our staff includes onboard nutritionist, dietician, and a nurse to help us to more effectively attack childhood obesity.

Fitness Activities

Lack of physical activity has been determined as a major cause of overweight and obesity. Students don’t currently receive adequate amounts of physical activity that will promote and maintain healthy bodies in school.

HHC Inc. will provide in-school fitness programs for our NJ students. Our fitness programs are tailored to directly prevent and curve obesity. We will work with students to reach the proper BMI (Body Mass Index) ranges that constitute having a healthy body where our fitness Instructors will conduct assessments, and measure progress at certain time intervals.

Effectively fighting overweight & obesity rates in New Jersey is our target.

Please Donate

We are currently soliciting donations to help us in our cause to fight overweight and obesity in New Jersey. At the moment we are functional in a temporary location where we are operating in phase 1 of our goal. However, this location will not suffice to implement our program in its entirety. We have identified a building/property that is ideal for our program. Once the property is secured, our final phase will be completed and HHC will be fully operational.

Donations for our current operation cost, supplies, transportation, and other expenses are needed. We stand in great need of these funds to effectively execute each phase of our plan. Your support is the key component to our success in fighting overweight and obesity in New Jersey.

We welcome donators to our facility to evaluate the use of donations, and also to contact us in the same regard.


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Im CEO HOPE and I support this mission in full stride!

posted by Ceo Hope 30 months ago

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I think that this is something that our community needs.


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