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Kitty, our long time amazing, beautiful, spunky cat was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer. On Thanksgiving Day she was bleeding from her belly area so I took her in the next day to the v... more


Updated posted by Amanda Berrios 9 months ago

Hey Guys! Hazel, my sisters dog is so close to getting her surgery! Want to help her get there by this week? Head over to her donation fund page now!



Updated posted by Amanda Berrios 10 months ago

Thanks to all of you my Kitty was able to live longer. Sadly my sister just found out her amazing loving and caring Pit bull now has mammary cancer tumors as well! She will be needing the same surgery Kitty had done. (a Mastectomy) If you can find it in your heart to visit her page and make a donation, we would be so grateful! If you can't we ask that you please keep her in your prayers or share her fund on your Facebook page.

Let's Help Save Hazel!



Updated posted by Amanda Berrios 16 months ago

It's been 4 days since Kitty's surgery and I am so happy to announce that she has her appetite back and is trying to play like the fun kitty she is <3

She will be headed to the Vet tmrw so they can check on her vitals and check on the stitched up area.

I will keep you all posted !

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Created by Amanda Berrios on November 25, 2012

Kitty, our long time amazing, beautiful, spunky cat was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer. On Thanksgiving Day she was bleeding from her belly area so I took her in the next day to the vet. She will now need surgery to remove ALL of her Breasts as soon as possible! The Vets will not perform the surgery without full payment.

I am asking all of my friends and family for your help at this sad time.

Without the surgery it will continue to progress and it will be too late :(

Please help save Kitty!

Any donation is sooo very much appreciated.



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I would have donated, but you seem to have raised the money already, and her surgery seems done! Congratulations, I am so happy for your lovely little kitty.

posted by Martin Alberter 15 months ago

I am so glad that Kitty was able to have her surgery and to hear that she is doing well! Please keep us updated on her progress!!

posted by Caitlin Briggs 16 months ago

Please let us know how everything is!

posted by Victoria Tillman 16 months ago

So glad that the goal was met and Kitty is getting her surgery! Keeping her in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

posted by Analiise Salo 16 months ago

I wish I could donate, but I just lost my job, so I'm sending good wishes and healing thoughts to you and Kitty. All the best to you, and a happy, healthy new year.

posted by Antonia Horne 16 months ago

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Caroline Force

10 months ago


For Hazel. May you have your surgery & go on to live a wonderful life, just like Kitty.




16 months ago (Offline Donation)



Yvonne Bourgeois

16 months ago


Good luck!



Jimi Akin

16 months ago




16 months ago



Victoria Tillman

16 months ago



Ladie K

16 months ago


Best of luck




16 months ago



Connie Schaub

16 months ago


I hope Kitty can get in as soon as possible. Surely with about 2/3rds collected, they could operate on good faith knowing you'll raise the rest. God Bless you and your Kitty



Angela Newton

16 months ago


Best wishes to your sweet kitty. I am so happy that she has a wonderful family!


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