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My name is Nathan. I am an active duty Soldier and Army medical service corps officer. I am an elite marathon runner (2.19.35 marathon PR) seeking to help others reach their fitness and... more


Updated posted by Nathan Pennington 3 months ago

Looking forward to seeing if gofundme will work. I know there are many runners around the world I can help but need a website that functions properly and is set up for success. The current website is working at about 5% efficiency. Professional designers that create websites that succeed do NOT come cheap. I really appreciate any support you are willing to give. I have over 22 years experience as a runner, have been competing on the national and international stage now for going on 5 years. I to be what runners deserve, the very best running website on the internet. Thanks for your time and blessings to you and your family. Nate


Updated posted by Nathan Pennington 16 months ago

I am now 4.62% closer to hitting the goal. I still feel strange even asking for funds for a project like this but apparently it is completely normal here at If you know of anyone who would be interested please share this with them. Thanks for your support and for those who have donated already, really appreciate it.


Updated posted by Nathan Pennington 16 months ago

I am 3.53% to the goal. Thanking everyone who has taken the time to even visit this page. Happy Holidays

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Created by Nathan Pennington on December 11, 2012

My name is Nathan. I am an active duty Soldier and Army medical service corps officer. I am an elite marathon runner (2.19.35 marathon PR) seeking to help others reach their fitness and running goals.

My overall aim is to reach as many people around the world learn to run faster, live healthier lives and have a place where they can find mentorship and motivation to keep trying for their goals. I can't do that with a website that isn't functioning up to standard.

I started my current site called in December of 2011. I payed $1250.00 at the time that I didn't even have, to build the site with a credit card because I knew if I was going to bring 21 years of experience to a website it had to be professional. I have continued to make revisions spending more funds but it is time I do it right and will need to hire someone legitimate, these professional web designers do not come cheap and most charge upwards of $10,000 for a quality website.

It took me two years to pay off the debt but a two years later my traffic is still minimal, the site has flaws and I want more for my clients, friends of the site and family members. I am continually writing and feel I have a great deal of experience in exercise physiology, coaching and motivating people. currently receives about 100-200 visitors per day and is a PR3 site.

I freely share advice and mentorship outside of my payed coaching packages and will never turn away someone who needs to vent or guidance with their fitness and running pursuits regardless of payment or not. I am not in this business to give anything less then my best. I want results for others as badly as I want them for myself. I have felt what it is like to drop out of a race knowing the hard work I put it and failing and I have felt the sweet victory of running competitive times. Nothing compares to seeing another person do what I have or better.

To hire a professional with the skills needed to do what I am wanting to do with the site is going to cost me funds I simply don't have. The programming and design skills to create a place where runners, non-runners seeking to be introduced to the sport, and working professionals who are seeking an online fitness coach is going to take someone of considerable experience that I simply don't have in terms of programming and designing.

I have continued to research and learned small programming ideas to better my site but working full-time, training for my own competitions and coaching clients does take my time. This is more about helping others moreso than it is about myself. I know a professional, truly functional website/blog will help me reach more people who need the attention and fitness and coaching skills that I can provide.

Any form of support would be greatly appreciated. I am new to This is a total shot in the dark for me but have risked in the past going after goals and figured I'd give this a shot. I know it is going to take a lot of love and support to achieve an amount I am shooting for, most professional websites, truly professionally done, cost well over $5000.00. All funds raised will go to this goal. You can donate whatever amount you wish, $.50 if need me, it all adds up.

Thanks so much for your time and support. I am not interested in doing this for a couple years. This is a lifelong commitment to me. I have had far too many people over the years help me as an athlete, encourage and mentor me to reach a high level. My heart is with those who want the attention and focus I can give to them and I owe them to have a site worth visiting, coming back to as a resource and one that will reach more people around the world.

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Nate, you're the MAN with the bestest of PLAN. I am in, I can help and I will. Let me know what all you need and I will provide what JJ and I can. Only with the MAN above will this work, so here is to you bother! BTW: Nate was my coach while I was in the Army's Officer Canidate School during 2009, he not only is a great Coach, he is true and just, someone you can trust to follow through with whatever you might need. -Thomas

posted by Thomas Abbott 16 months ago

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