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Hello Family, Friends & Acquaintances, I hope this message reaches you all well. "Being a Survivor of Childhood Abuse, I Vowed to NEVER Give Up on My Dream!" "This heartfelt reque... more


Updated posted by Elizabeth Morrissette 1 month ago

My Deepest Wish is to Expand my Awareness Jewelry Line across the U.S. :)


Updated posted by Elizabeth Morrissette 1 month ago

Hello everyone, just an update to let you all know that we have moved from NH to TN this month. :)


Updated posted by Elizabeth Morrissette 5 months ago

Times are Tough, I Know. I am Wishing to Expand my Line of Awareness Jewelry to Help Others.

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Created by Elizabeth Morrissette on December 11, 2012

Hello Family, Friends & Acquaintances, I hope this message reaches you all well.

"Being a Survivor of Childhood Abuse, I Vowed to NEVER Give Up on My Dream!"

"This heartfelt request is being made not only to expand my Jewelry Business, but to save it! This humble request for help is asked with a heavy heart. I want deeply to get my business to grow, become highly Successful, so that I can GIVE BACK to others less fortunate! I want to EXPAND my Awareness Jewelry Line, and have the sustainable income and means to be able to Donate to those Causes that are often over-looked."

And my story goes...
I have been unemployed since late 2008. I am no longer able to work outside the home in my regular profession due to severe leg, neck, and back pains. I have severe headaches daily and sometimes migraines. I have 'throbbing' muscle spasm pains in my spine, neck and back of my head! I also suffer from Blurred Vision, occasional Dizzy Spells, Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. So now, I am Self-employed working from home making beaded Jewelry; a passion of mine since the 90's. My Jewelry craft Business is my only source of income; my Livelihood; without it I have zero income!

I began Flutterbeads Jewelry in 1995, with the thought of promoting Awareness of Cancers, Illnesses, Diseases, and Causes. I make Quality, Beaded Jewelry and I specialize in Custom Orders, Quality work, friendly service, all at low, economy-friendly prices. My 3 Main Focuses are: Awareness Jewelry, Earrings, and Pendant Necklaces.

I am a small business owner who has put alot of time, money, heart & soul into my company. I need to purchase a new Computer, as mine is on it's 'last leg'. I need to buy a camera, for taking photos of my jewelry for posting onto my website, Etsy, etc. I also need to purchase supplies and materials to expand my Awareness Jewelry Line. I need to advertise in Newspapers in all U.S. States, to spread the word about my Awareness Jewelry. I will continue to research U.S. Gift Shops, Jewelry Stores, Variety Shops, Consignment Shops, Hospital Gift Shops, etc. to get my Awareness Jewelry Displayed!

*** Once my Jewelry gets into stores, I plan to Donate 25% of All my sales to the Awareness or Cause that the Jewelry item(s) sold represents! ***

With YOUR Help today, I am hoping to get some of the items on my Wish List. Even if I don't get all of them, some of them will help me to get started. I deeply want to expand my Awareness Jewelry Line, to add more selections for Earrings, more Bracelets, Birthstone Awareness Jewelry, and Necklaces!

I am humbly asking for just a little help to make my Dream a Reality. I realize that in these uncertain economic times, it may be difficult to donate at all. But your donation in ANY amount, will be greatly appreciated. Your help today would mean SO MUCH to me.

Plus, with YOUR donation YOU will receive a FREE gift, and a personalized Thank You card from me!

Please share this story with a friend! If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through this website.
And please visit my website to view my designs at:

Thank you all so much, in advance, for any help you can give. Have a Peaceful and Happy day!

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posted by Diane Fernandes 15 months ago

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Hope this gets things off the ground.




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