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Greetings friends and adventure seekers! My name is Laci Renee and I am an advocate for destroying human trafficking. I ask that you would please watch the video entitled, "At the End... more


Updated posted by Laci Renee Carnes 4 months ago

Last week I went to an ATM to get grocery money and upon seeing the balance I decided to go home instead.
Almost $500 was sent in response. Please keep reading.
While that is amazing $500 will not allow me to stay in Ireland for my full term. I crunched some numbers and in order for me to find it logical to stay on this mission and actually manage to survive we need to raise $4,000 in a month.
This will not be enough for the entire trip but it will be enough to pay for my rent the entire time and have a little bit left over every month for some food.
That's a lot of money in a short amount of time. And unfortunately on my end it comes at a time of the year where budgets are tight what with Christmas presents to buy and higher electric bills from decorations and the usual expenses of the season.
So I'm asking if you can do one of two things. 1- if everyone donated $10 alone this goal would be passed! But if this is too great of an request then can you please reach out to your networks or friends, family, businesses and churches about possibly giving to a direct need this year.
There is a great possibility that lack of financial support will cause me to terminate this trip of seeking justice in the world much earlier than expected. That being said, please know that any money raised towards the $4000 from this point in will be returned if the goal is not in fact met by January 13th.
So the goal is set.
$4000 by January 13th is what it's going to take to continue my work against violent injustice brought upon the poorest people in the neediest areas of the world. Helping me isn't just helping Laci... We'll never know the lives that your donations will help to change. Thank your consideration during this season.



Updated posted by Laci Renee Carnes 4 months ago

So incredibly thankful for the unexpected blessing on thanksgiving! Thank you Katie Woods for your donations! It speaks volumes when someone is able to give to others on such a day! Your heart is made of gold and I could never thank you for warming mine being so far away from home.


Updated posted by Laci Renee Carnes 5 months ago

I wanted to take a moment and give you an update: a small look into what has already been funded thanks to the generosity of giving hearts!
I spent a week in Washington, DC going through intense training on what kind of work International Justice Mission does: Protecting the poor from violence by rescuing victims, bringing the criminals to justice, restoring survivors to safety and strength, and helping local law enforcement build a safe future that lasts.
I received job specific training of community mobilization efforts, child protection policies, and casework processes to name a few. I watched undercover footage of a brothel that sold children as young as five years old. I was assigned simulated tasks in a casework exercise where I excelled among my team members.
I have flown to Belfast, Northern Ireland.
I started work in the IJM office the day after arrival and been trained in databases, programs, and policies. I have been in meetings with major organizations in the area and I have already spoken at a church meeting for young girls. I have give seminars at Universities and spoken on a panel of experts on the topic of human trafficking.
I have flown to Colchester, England for a two day meeting with IJM UK headquarters where I received more I.T. training and encouragement.
That sums up the basics of things as they relate to work. But on a more personal note:
I was able to purchase basic necessities and warm clothes. I have now even established a local phone number.
I am able to buy food.
I can go further through town by being able to purchase bus tickets.
I have been able to pay for three months of rent in advance as well as my deposit. I must say it is perfect little room just 7 minutes from my office.
And thanks to these financial gifts… I have found a purpose greater than myself.
I have opened up my window to the sound of church bells. I have breathed in fresh air of a once foreign country that I now call home. I have awakened a part of my spirit that has lain dormant. I have gotten to know amazing souls. I have had “Happy Birthday” sung to me by 53 young girls learning about injustice in the world.
I have not only lived a dream of being in Ireland but have reached a dream of being a member of IJM’s selective team; a dream that has been almost a decade in the making.
And the best part of this opportunity... is that the work that I am doing actually does mean something. I have to be more determined and care about the results more than the predators for is truly a matter of life or death for some of the victims. Our vision is to rescue thousands, protect millions and prove that justice for the poor is possible. And because of the financial support of others, I am able to be a part of that vision.
Thank you for your support, prayers and encouragement; of not only believing in a cause such as this but for believing in me as well.
My words will never be able to reflect the appreciation and gratitude of my heart.


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Created by Laci Renee Carnes on July 8, 2013

Greetings friends and adventure seekers!

My name is Laci Renee and I am an advocate for destroying human trafficking.

I ask that you would please watch the video entitled, "">At the End of Slavery" so you can understand the value of the opportunity I have been presented with. ______________________________________________________________
International Justice Mission is a human rights agency that secures justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. It is one of the most well-known names in this field and they are extremely selective in who they bring into their operations. I applied and after a 2 month interviewing process I was accepted into the internship program. What was even better was getting my first choice location in Northern, Ireland

IJM UK opened a new regional office in Northern Ireland in 2011. My role would include, but is not limited to:
•Research and assist in developing key relationships with church leaders, pastors, youth and student leaders, and civic leaders to secure high level speaking engagements
•Research fundraising, marketing and other development techniques
•Assist in coordinating volunteer communications/training/management
•Develop talks and seminars that can be used within educational institutes and extend the student and schools work program
•Speak at churches, youth / student groups or events on behalf of IJM UK when appropriate and Represent IJM UK at events
•Research/develop IJM press relations and assist with media initiatives

This is a dream come true for me!

The only downfall, (aside from a Floridian experiencing an Irish winter) is that the internship is entirely unpaid.

Below is the information that IJM UK sent me concerning cost:
IJM UK Internship Costs
Estimated Amount:
The following have already been covered thanks to donations so far!
Training Week Airfare
£125 (ended up being about $200)
Training Week Sustenance
£50 /day = £250 (made it it out spending only about $150)

Visa Fee/Postage
£186 (A whooping $330)

This item is partially paid for-
Airfare to/from UK Office £400-500 (my first set of airline tickets were $900, I still have another round trip ticket to buy)

And these items are a weekly or monthly ongoing need-
International Insurance
£105/month X 10 months = £1,050
£250 - £500/month X 10 months = £2,500 - £5,000 (my rent is roughly £250 a month depending on the bills, that's approximately $385)

Daily Commute to IJM Office
£45/month X 10 months = £450
Weekly Sustenance
£50/month X 10 months = £500

Total Suggested Budget:
£5,400 - £8,400

That is $8,000-$12,500 for the entire trip!

Everything has to be covered- even the bare essentials that are not included in a nice little chart. I’m hoping that I can get by on the basics and am shooting for an $800 a month budget. In the 10 months that I will be there that will equate to $8,000 dollars. However that monthly budget will not cover airfare, warm weather clothing or anything aside from rent and food- therefore my total goal will is $12,000.

That's where YOU come in. Yes, you sitting there on your computer or maybe even you phone. It's up to you to help make not only this dream a reality but to give someone the start they need to truly make a difference in this world.

I am already in Ireland. For at least 10 month I'll be in Northern Ireland attempting to make a difference in the world of human trafficking. I may freeze (highly likely), starve (not as likely) or run out of funds to sustain a healthy living situation… but I will stay for the duration of my internship because, let's be honest- I'll regret it for the rest of my life if I don't.

If I can inspire you to donate $5, $25, $100 or maybe airfare, a week's worth of meals, one month's rent, or even just to pass this post on to as many open hearts as you know I would be eternally grateful. With your help, lives will be changed!

Updates will follow and I thank you in advance or your prayers, donations and support.

As sincerely as one heart can be, thank you for your interest.
Laci Renee

Don't just listen to my opinion; here is what others have said-

"Without hesitation, I will tell you that Laci has a passion that drives her to excellence in everything that she touches. She is self-motivated, detail-oriented, an inspirational visionary and most importantly, a kind-hearted person that puts people first…above all else. Since the moment I met Laci, her focus and goals have been steadfast – to defend and protect individual human rights. She wants to be a voice for those who cannot or have not found their own. She wants to open the eyes of the world to the injustices and support the causes that seek to provide safety and hope. Her goals have never wavered. She is constantly reading, researching and educating herself on the subject. I can tell you- with complete confidence- that there is no better person on this planet for the opportunity with IJM. She is a woman who will make a difference one by one, day by day, and I am convinced will do a lifetime of good." -Aileen Mand Schaked Producer and Business Owner

"Laci has incredible wisdom that attracts people to her heart. She is educated and passionate about justice and her actions follow her words. We were sitting down one day and she told me something that has and will have forever changed my life. She said "The most important person in this world is the one who is right in front of you in that specific moment." I believe that this was exactly the way Jesus lived as he spent time here on earth. He was not worried about what was to come or anxious as to who he was going to see, but instead completely present in every situation. Laci possesses those same qualities." -Lexi Bouchard, Human Trafficking Advocate of Mosaic

"Over the last few years I have seen Laci’s admiration in promoting human trafficking awareness and fighting to end human slavery. Just as Laci has proven a Godsend to her church, friends and even myself, I believe she will be the same for IJM as well. Of all the people I know, Laci has a passion for Christ and people like I have never seen before. I urge you, see for yourself the amazing thinshe will accomplish." -Brian Mahon, Highlands Church Attendee

"Laci is the woman you want for this job. We all need someone like Laci to be the voice, hands and feet for a ministry; like IJM. She loves and fights with a heart untamed for freeing the captive. She is like a mother lion trapped in a cage ready to be let loose to protect those who have been affected by sex slavery. Allow her this opportunity for this internship; let her out of the cage and you will see a massive impact on sex slavery and those who have been affected by it loved with a heart that is like no other." -Mark Augustine, co-worker

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Laci have you thought about skipping the presents, decorations and using the flight back for Christmas to use towards your needs? I'm sure whoever donated the plane tickets would understand that is about a quarter of your goal? I have some sweaters you can borrow for winter if you need to.

posted by Maria Dube-Burns 4 months ago

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