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Hi from Harry & Gus, We have been selected to represent Australia at the ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships In Limassol, Cyprus. Following this we will be competing in the 29er W... more


Updated posted by Harry Price 7 months ago

Now back from all the travelling, sailing, and HSC prepartions so I have some time to thank you and sign off from this great experience.

Back in June, we had a few days prior to the AUS Mid-Winter Youths event in QLD training with the NSW Youth Sailing Team in some fun windy conditions. The regatta went for 4 days with very challenging and light conditions. We had moments of brilliance throughout the event but with some unfavourable (light) conditions we managed to place third. After a very fun week we departed Brisbane Airport to Dubai and then into Larnaca Cyprus. From Dubai to Larnaca I scored a business class upgrade along with one of our coaches Brendan.

Once we arrived in Cyprus, we met up with the rest of the team at our hotel which was very classy and had fantastic views. Before the Youth worlds began we had a few days training in some 470’s and Lasers because we were unable to sail our boats due to the nature of the event. This helped with the knowledge of the waters in Limassol.

The event kicked off with a bang at the opening ceremony. This was held in the city centre, but before that, the people of Limassol welcomed all the athletes as we marched through the town. This let all the teams be grouped together and allowed us for bonding between nations. The atmosphere amongst all the athletes at the hotel was fantastic. Everyone got along well and managed to make friends.

The racing in Cyprus was very professional and competitive. With the varying conditions we were able to perform well when we had our favourable strong winds. The highlight of the regatta was Day 3 with a nice building sea breeze, we came away with a scorecard of 2-2-1. This really made us happy and confident after racing that day. When looking back on the whole regatta, we are very proud of our 7th place overall. We had 8 out of 13 races inside the top 5 which we felt was outstanding. Our coach Larry Cargill was very impressed with our performance.

After a wild week, we watched out fellow team-mates stand on the podium receiving their medals at the closing ceremony. The night was full of excitement as all the athletes made their way down to a local nightclub for the after party. It was such a joy to be apart of such a wonderful event and to end our Youth Sailing careers on a high with our team celebrating a awesome 2nd Place overall in the Nations trophy.

Moving on to the next stage of our trip saw us heading to Aarhus Denmark for the 29er World Championships. We received our boat a week before the event began and we were able to set it up like our boat back in Australia. With other Australian teams being there, made it easy for training as we could sail against each other to test out the waters. On the first day of the event, the committee organised a welcome march, which was only about 50 metres. Followed by a buffet dinner for all the sailors.

Again the racing was very tough, with 213 boats separated into four fleets on four different courses. Obviously the conditions were varied depending on which course we were on. For the majority of the qualifying series, we were on the Yellow course, which was the closest one to the opening of the bay. This was difficult as we had two different breezes influencing the racetrack. The weather was not on our side as it was very light and testing conditions and as Gus and I had grown considerably since Christmas, together were many kilos over the optimum weight for the boat. We had multiple days of which we did not begin racing until 4 o’clock and ending at 8 at night because of no wind. Overall we were a little disappointed with our end result but on the days with breeze we were pleased with our wins and other top results in these races. However, Gus and I both agree that we did have an amazing time during that regatta. We did learn a lot and are very pleased at how well the other Australian teams did.

Travelling back to Australia was a hard 24-hour experience. Didn’t get much sleep, but was happy to arrive home and see Olivia waiting for me at the gate ready to take me home late at night.

Since then, I have been working towards my HSC Exams and also have had a bit of ski racing to compete in as well for school which has made the period very busy.

We are looking forward to getting our 49er in late October which is being shipped over from England now. We plan to use a 49er FX rig to start off with so we are able to sail more in all conditions and improve our boat handling before sailing the big rig. In December/January, we have our 9er National Titles in Brighton Victoria; still don’t know which rig we will be sailing but we are looking forward to sailing against the top senior guys in the country.

Hope you enjoyed the feeds from the 29er Worlds AUS Crews Facebook page.

Thank you so much for all your support enabling me to follow in my sister’s footsteps and represent Australia.

Harry and Gus.


Worlds Nations March - Aarhus, Denmark

Youth Worlds - Limassol, Cyprus


Updated posted by Harry Price 9 months ago

With 4 days left before we fly out to Cyprus for the 2013 ISAF Youth Sailing Championship, we are relaxed and enjoying the brief stop-over at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron's mid winter regatta bonding session with the 29er youth fleet.

Three other teams from here will be joining us over in Denmark (Aarhus/Kaloveg) for the 29er World Championships where there are already 211 entries from 24 nations.

Getting excited.


2013 AUS Mid-Winter Youth Champs, QLD

Day 1


Updated posted by Harry Price 10 months ago

Great Pre-Dawn Session Today

We are now only 6 days away from commencing our journey to the ISAF Youth Sailing Worlds in Cyprus and the 29er World Championship in Denmark.

Today was one of the coldest days of the year, certainly the shortest, and we were out on the water training again this morning - nav lights on with Larry our coach close behind making us work our butts off. It was another tremendous session and we really took a lot away from it.

We are in a good place now with our preparations and will head out of town next Thursday via a 5 day training camp and the AUS Mid-Winter Youths in Queensland to Limmasol, Cyprus. Our training in the light and fluky conditions lately has been terrific and we are very excited with our progression.

Our team uniforms arrived this week with the AUS Coat of Arms crest and event detail embroidered on the chest so we will certainly look the part and be proud representatives of our country at the championship.

24 medals will be won at the SailFirst.com ISAF Youth Worlds - looking forward to winning one of these to bring back home.


Pre-dawn Training Sydney Harbour

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Created by Harry Price on September 17, 2012

Hi from Harry & Gus,

We have been selected to represent Australia at the ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships In Limassol, Cyprus. Following this we will be competing in the 29er Worlds in Aarhus, Denmark - all during July 2013. 

We are both still finishing our last year of school but we have committed to train and race on average 5 days a week. Our family, coaches and schools have all got behind us to help us to realise our dream to represent our nation and bring home the Gold. We are very proud to be now able to do it!

We would like you to be a part of our dream too. We are looking for support from our friends and family to help us get there.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would consider a small donation towards our goal. It takes many to make such an opportunity happen and we'd love you to join with us on this great journey. 

We will in turn keep you well informed of what, when, how and where our progress takes us so you will in deed be on our team.

Thank You

Harry and Gus - AUS 16.

Sailing is a very demanding sport financially. Your donations will contribute to support of: 

- ISAF Youth Worlds Event $4800 each

- 29er Worlds Charter Boat Fees: $3000

- 29er Worlds Accommodation and Airfares: $2500

- 29er Worlds Coach Expenses - (contribution) $1500


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This will enable you to get your set of sails for the worlds!



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