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Updated posted by Glenn Eccard 21 months ago

Ok I didn't reach the goal for #Defcon, but I was asked to hold this over until #DerbyCon . So you'll have another short at seeing me with a Mohawk.


Updated posted by Glenn Eccard 21 months ago

Well y'all not to much time left before #Defcon get your donations in if you want to see me with a Mohawk for #HFC


Updated posted by Glenn Eccard 21 months ago

4 days until #Defcon

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Created by Glenn Eccard on July 18, 2012

Hello, All

I will admit to being someone who is jumping the bandwagon, but I have been wondering how to accomplish the same thing as

, and I saw the above link on my Facebook page from Mowhawk-Con. I figured it couldn't hurt to try the same thing I would even bet I would look worse than my counterpart doing the same for the EFF. I will be sporting a Mohawk with a receding hairline. However, it's for a great cause. I have been supporting Johnny, and Hackers For Charity for close to 4 years now by selling schwag at different cons, and this would be a great chance for you'll to point and laugh at the gentlemen selling those shirts with the out of place Mohawk.

Hackers for Charity is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization that leverages
 the skills of volunteer technology experts from across the globe to solve challenges for various non-profits and provides food, equipment, job training, computer education and coordination of these activities for the world’s poorest citizens.

Specifically, Hackers for Charity is a DBA (PA #4064016). Ascend, Inc has a Federal Tax ID# 23-2110102 - PA Tax-Exempt Reg# 1109.

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Kelly D Browne

21 months ago


get er' done!



James F Duda

21 months ago




21 months ago




21 months ago


Lookin forward to that mohawk :)




21 months ago


Great charity and great idea Glenn <-- hope to see your head shaved :)


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