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Hi everybody Ashley Moore was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer. She recently had a very invassive surgery to remove the tumors. Currently she is recovering. She is in a lot of p... more


Updated posted by Ashley Moore 19 months ago

Hurray! Yippeee! Hoorah! Whoopie! Wunderbar! (sp??) F*ck off, damn cancer! (oops got a little carried away!) Today was my Boo Boo's last chemo treatment. All 18 down......and God more to go!

Seems like such a long, long time since our lives have felt normal. Feb. 28th was when Ashley first went to the doctor. Just a few days later on March 2, she was officially diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and went into surgery March 6. That's 210 days ago from start to finish, and it feels like a lifetime! This has been a long arduous journey for our family...and every day since Ashley's diagnosis I have marveled at the courage, strength, determination, grace, positivity.......and wonderful sense of humor she outwardly displayed through this whole ordeal. My daughter is amazing, just like so many women who are hit with this or similar misfortune. She did what had to be done, bitched very little, always tried to stay hopeful and cheerful (even through all the darn hot flashes) and kicked cancer's ass. In the midst of all that, she got married, went back to work, embarked upon a new facet of her esthetician career, kept up a relatively normal social life, and looked amazing whether she was completely bald, scarved, or decked out in her colorful assortment of fun wigs!

Today she looked beautiful in her "rocker-chick" blond & deep red wig as Nurse Maria plugged her in one last time. When her treatment was completed nearly 3 hours later, she had a big smile on her face. She playfully told all our chemo friends she didn't want to see them in there again, hugged everyone, and triumphantly walked out the door. She thought someone should have played Queen's "We Are the Champions" on this auspicious occasion. The best I could do was break out into my own rendition of "Pomp and Circumstance" as we marched down the hall and then to her car.

Jack, Ashley, Kenn and I celebrated by having lunch at the Hash House. OMG the plates were as long as my forearm! Of course, none of us could eat the whole thing, so we boxed up tonight's dinner and probably tomorrow's breakfast....and left there in what Ash calls a food coma. What a day! Ashley has her follow up doctor's appt on Oct. 12 and will find out what she does next. Hopefully it's nothing more than regularly scheduled lab tests and CT scans. She's already started rubbing her Ovation Cell treatment on her scalp and I'm hoping for her to be sporting some peach fuzz by Halloween. That will be a nice treat for all of us!

Thank you everyone, most of you I know as dear friends and family, but there are so many of you whom I've never met, who showed unwavering love and support for Ashley and Kenn and the rest of the Bartlett clan over the past 210 days. You all have been amazing and so generous......and will have my gratitude and a very special place in my heart for many years to come.



Updated posted by Ashley Moore 19 months ago

Hi everyone,

This week was a little hectic! I woke up per my usual schedule last Tuesday for my chemo appointment and as I was heading out the door the nurse called me to let me know
that they would not be able to give me my medicine today due to a lab-slip mix up. Lab-slips are what I present to the blood lab every week that tells them which tests they are going to be running on my blood. I checked all my slips and I noticed that I was missing one and had given the lab the slip for NEXT week. This is actually the second time they haven't given me all the papers, but I caught it last time. Anyways, one of the techs called me back and wanted me to head to Scripps in La Jolla for a new blood test so they could get me into chemo afterward.
After my blood test I headed to my chemo appointment and was "plugged in" by the nurse to receive my hydration fluids while we waited for the blood results...
...And then..."Oh, I guess Scripps has a new outpatient policy and the blood results will take about four hours to come in. Can you come in for chemo tomorrow morning?"
*FOREHEAD SLAP!* Is it rude to ask for reimbursement for gasoline? I'm feeling pretty exhausted at this point while they pull my I.V. out, so I give up and head home.

I woke up an hour early the next morning (Wednesday) for chemo and everything went as planned.. no rescheduling. This was to be my half-dose of Taxol which means I'd only be there for about 2 hours. Yeah, no... It was a madhouse! Every seat was full by 8am. Kenn and I even arrived early at 7:30am, but the other nurse didn't even start me til 8:30am. Bummer. I think we were done around 12:30ish.

I hadn't realized just how accustomed I had become to my "new normal" until my schedule became thrown off track. I was REALLY stressed out..
I'm still feeling a little off today because I went to work the day after chemo, whereas I usually have Wednesday to relax, rehydrate and sleep.




Updated posted by Ashley Moore 20 months ago

Hey everybody! Hopefully, Ashley is now down to the big countdown.....four, three, two, one, ALL DONE ! If all goes well, she has just 4 more chemo treatments remaining......not counting doctor visits and weekly blood work, and then ongoing follow up scans and blood tests. Also, at some point , Dr. Bahador is going to do some genetic testing to see if Ashley carries the "cancer" gene.

Yesterday was Ashley's 4 hour day, but we were actually out of there in 3 1/2 hours! Ashley says she feels like such an old pro at this's like NO BIG DEAL! I still marvel at her remarkable positive attitude and great sense of humor about the whole situation. And I think to myself every time she goes out to "face the public," Ashley does such a skillful job with her make up and wigs that you'd never know what she is going through, UNLESS you actually knew her and knew what she was going through!! While she's truly looking forward to growing her own hair back.....she already bought the Ovation Cell Therapy 3-Part System to accelerate the regrowth.....she says she will miss the days when she can come home and just through her hair in one corner of the entry way and her purse at the other. Last week she was pretty sick due to it being her double dose week, but this week, she was actually able to drive us home herself. This is partially due to having her nurse lower the amount of benadryl given with her chemo treatments. Now she's only knocked out for about 30 minutes instead of for nearly 2 days.

Ashley is eating well......most of the time and really looking forward to going back to the gym when her treatments are over. And she's still having such a great time with her "removable" hair. Her newest wig addition is a 2 toned medium brown w/brassy highlights number, which reminds me of her 9th grade school photo. Tomorrow she's actually driving herself to Temecula to visit our "other daughter" Sierra to go wig shopping there. I guess Kenn may have to put up another shelf in the bedroom if she gets an additional wig.......oh well...she has to make the best of a crappy situation!

Ever since Sierra & Mitch and Jack & I gave her a new camera for the wedding, Ashley has also been having a wonderful time experimenting with the various settings, F Stops, apertures, and special effects and she's getting to be quite a good photographer. Here I am still trying to figure out how to use the basic digital camera Jack gave me for my BD LAST year!

Well, that's all for now's such a relief to finally feel more positive and hopeful and post happy news. I hope I can continue to do this in the weeks to come. Til next time. ; ) ab


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Created by Ashley Moore on March 14, 2012


Hi everybody Ashley Moore was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer. She recently had a very invassive surgery to remove the tumors.  Currently she is recovering.  She is in a lot of pain but coming along.  The next thing to look foward to is chemo. Considering everything she has gone through, she has a good attitude and she wants to do what ever she needs to beat cancer

Ashley will have very high medical expenses that will be very difficult to pay for and she'll be out of work for 4 to 6 months and possibly more. Right now Ashley should only have to focus on her cancer and not stress out about her finances. This is a time when Ashley's friends and loved ones should get together and support her in anyway they can. Please contact me if you want to donate by check.

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