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Updated posted by Richard Dale Otto 18 months ago

...Attended the parade today for OU Homecoming and listened to some of the football game while helping to make banana cream pies with real neufchatel cheese and listened to a great mix tape! Hoping to hear from some friends...Give me a call or message me on FB!


Updated posted by Richard Dale Otto 21 months ago

I cooked as a volunteer at the Thurs. Free Supper and tried my hand at Savory Pie with zukes, mushrooms, onions, cheese sauce, cubes of three different cheeses, and Jiffy box Baking Flour stretched with reg. flour...I liked the piece I had, but I had to take off before the rainstorm turned my bike ride into a splash-n-dash...I heard they lost power later...but somehow kinda nice...


Updated posted by Richard Dale Otto 21 months ago

I went to a thrift store and found, of all things, Sketchers that actually fit me with little black knobbys even on the back and sides! And under a dollar! That you wear like slippers...WITH gel inserts...and that you can actually walk in...Unbelievable!

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Created by Richard Dale Otto on March 4, 2012

 Help me self-actualize and re-invent myself...



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posted by Richard Otto 20 months ago

Cooked Shis-kabobs with italian sausage AND steak cut-up into cubes with 'grilled' carrots, poes, onions, green peppers, tomatoes and a butter sauce with pepper and salt...cooked before, assembled, and served to ten people or so...wished I had some shrooms though...

posted by Richard Otto 21 months ago

You can see Kayla the Spitz who I found laying on her side on the Sand Ridge Road embankment near the strawberries and in front of lemon cukes...and the arbor I put together for Lynn...and the ten acres or so of beautiful Ohio we poured many, many manhours into (and womanhours)...You wouldn't believe how nice it was to work from sun-up to sun-down on gardening/landscaping/mowing/w eedwhipping/cleaning/tree-trim ming/watering/caring for the animals and the old 1800 cabin...

posted by Richard Otto 24 months ago

posted by Richard Otto 25 months ago

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