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Help a graduating college student start her career and life in a new place May is fast approaching and for this college senior it means finally going out on my own. After a successfu... more


Updated posted by Elyse Ryan 23 months ago

I am so happy to report I got a job in Boston with Wayfair! I interviewed the Monday after graduation last week and got the job. I am so excited to start working in the city and be closer to reaching my goals!

I start working very soon on June 4th, so I have been frantically looking for a place to live. If anyone knows somebody who is looking for a roommate or knows an empty place that I could move into next weekend let me know!!



Updated posted by Elyse Ryan 23 months ago

A Tribute to My Mother
By Elyse N. Ryan May 9th, 2012 9:29 a.m.

Today it is my mother’s birthday, only a few short days before mother’s day. To save her from being mortified by disclosing her age, I’ll just say, she has aged like fine wine. In the spirit of May, Mother’s month and my mom’s birthday I would like to descibe the woman that made me who I am today.

My Mother:

•Favorite Movie: Space Jams
•Favorite Food: Ice Cream
•Favorite Saying: “Be The Water”
•Favorite Past Time: Talking to cats, laughing like hyena with my dad, and making Norman Rockwell moments.
•Most Likely To: Blame mysterious fart noises on the ducks under the couch
•Least Likely To: Throw away junk mail, toothpaste, or cards from 20 years ago
•Biggest Accomplishment: Worked her way through school to earn Masters degree while raising two kids on her own.
•Best Traits: Strength, Stubborn Self-lessness, Basketball, Unconditional Love for Others
•Weaknesses: Cries during Primetime television, slow songs on the radio, and in silence.
•Something Unkown to Her: She is the glue that holds our family together.
•What Others See In Her:Endless compassion, contagious joy, intelligent intuition, and an award winning sense of humor.
•Daily Accomplishments:Helping adolescents through health emergencies, and developing community support for health awareness, feeding the crankiest cats ever.

Why We Love Her:She has always gone to the extreme working tirelessly to give her kids everything they need. She has always made time for everyone even at the expense of making time for herself. She is loving to everyone she meets living by the motto “We are all people.”

She taught her kids by example how to be strong in the face of adversity, and to pull yourself up by the boot straps to get where you want to be. You can’t help but be influenced by her wit and intelligence, even when she is tired from a long day and starts making no sense at all.

The success and happiness of her children and her family are a result of the work she has put into the giving each one of them the time, support and love needed to reach their goals. My mom is a superhero in a lab coat, and she deserves as many flowers, cakes and sentimental cards as she wants!

I love you Mom!



Updated posted by Elyse Ryan 23 months ago

There Are No Career Guides For Communications Majors

By Elyse N. Ryan May 9th, 2012 8:59 a.m.

As graduation creeps up for the Class of 2012, students with a degree in Communications may be feeling a whirlwind of confusion when they hit the job hunt websites. Universities across the country put out helpful lists of job titles for communications majors ranging from financial analyst to wedding planner. So what can students do to find the career the right career for them after graduation?

A good place to start is your transcript. What courses did you take over the course of your college career? There will usually be a trend of courses relating to a task or at least an industry that could steer you in the right direction. In what classes did you get the highest grade? You will begin to find a similarity in subject or course requirement in the classes you scored highest in.

After you have taken a look at your skills learned from school you should take some time to evaluate yourself. Think about what you tend to spend your free time doing or thinking about. Where do you want to be working, what kind of day to day atmosphere do you want to be in?

Don’t get discouraged if you haven’t found the right job yet, sometimes you need to take a job that isn’t quite what you’re looking to do, but will give you the experience and networking opportunities to get that job you want.

Remember almost nobody gets that dream job the first time around, you have to earn it. Just make sure you know what you are working to earn.


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Created by Elyse Ryan on February 20, 2012

Help a graduating college student start her career and life in
 a new place

May is fast approaching and for this college senior it means
 finally going out on my own.
 After a successful and active
college career in my home state of New Hampshire I have
learned enough to feel confident about going to a new place.

I am planning to relocate to Hartford, CT after graduation to
start my career and a life with my college sweetheart.

My plans to save money over the past summer flew out the
 window when I took the opportunity to do a full time 
 internship with a political party. An experience that was
totally worth the lack of income has left me with no money
to show for my next step in life.

Working about 20 hours a
week at my University between classes at a hourly wage
 below living poverty, I have a total net income of about
I have worked on decreasing my expenses by:
-Washing Laundry in the Kitchen Sink
- Canceling cell phone
 - Selling my clothes
- Relying on a diet of Peanut Butter, Rice and english muffins
 from the dollar store

Today's economy holds intimidating circumstances for
graduating students like me:
- Lowest wages for college grads. in decades 

      -Average overall credit card interest at  
16.88 setting grads up for financial failure
 from the start.

 CT state income tax of 5% on top of federal taxes turns a $30,000 salary into $18,270.13       

I have a goal or raising $3,000 before May 10,2012 to cover a security deposit on an apartment, a down payment on a used car, groceries for my first month in CT and utilities for my first month.
I remain positive and hopeful that if I just work hard enough, I can accomplish this goal and get to Hartford after graduation. I can't do it alone!  Donate today and show your support for a student doing everything to make a life for herself!
Thank you for your support,

Elyse N. Ryan


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If you work this hard for your internship and future employers, you can't help but succeed!




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With all the energy you've put into Students for Sanity and the NH Dems, I consider anything I give a worthwhile contribution. Sorry I don't have more!




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