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I will create a charity that financially aids domestic abuse survivors who left their abusers. The charity will support payments to counselors specializing in post-abuse therapy and t... more


Updated posted by Kellie Jo Holly 12 months ago

WE DID IT! You all did it for us! Thank you for helping me reach the goal of getting the money to file for non-profit status! Actually, we went OVER AND ABOVE OUR GOAL with your help! This is phenomenal. I can't WAIT to get started. (The extra money will go straight to The Emergency Fund too!)


Updated posted by Kellie Jo Holly 13 months ago

Drum roll please...we're 40% of the way to our goal for The Emergency Fund! It won't be long now! Please chip in with what you can.


Updated posted by Kellie Jo Holly 14 months ago

Just want you to know that I'm not withdrawing a penny from this account until we reach our goal. Remember that takes a percentage of each donation - that's why there's not exactly $365 in the account. For example, I donated $5 just now. Gofundme took some change in fees, leaving the amount pending for withdrawal at $4.31.


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Created by Kellie Jo Holly on January 23, 2013

I will create a charity that financially aids domestic abuse survivors who left their abusers. The charity will support payments

  • to counselors specializing in post-abuse therapy and
  • to cost of living expenses for up to 6 months after leaving the abuser (i.e. rent/deposit, utilities, vehicle expenses related to attending therapy and domestic violence groups, etc.)

By supporting survivors, the charity will prevent the survivor from returning to the abusive relationship due to financial reasons or lack of emotional support. Without therapy and money, many domestic abuse victims will return to their abusers.

I am Kellie Jo Holly, creator of and author of My Abusive Marriage...and what i'm doing in it. When I left my abuse-ridden marriage, I had no money, no job, and no insurance. By the grace of God, I found people to help me solve all three problems...eventually.

Victims who become survivors need financial support network as well as an emotional support network. Emotional support networks should include one-on-one counseling and group meetings with other domestic abuse survivors. 

Therapy goes a long way toward proving the survivor is capable of being the primary custodian of their children. Such counseling is needed because abusive partners often use the victim's mental health issues of Depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder against them in court, and the court often overlooks the fact that the abusive partner's behavior contributed to or caused those disorders.

Survivors also need a place to live and care for their children as they look for work. Without proper housing, a victim of domestic abuse jeopardizes their ability to retain custody of their children. Along those same lines, survivors need reliable transportation to take their children (and themselves) to doctor appointments and other necessary travels.

Either situation, lack of therapy or money, negatively affects abuse victims without children too. Many people do not have supportive families and who no longer have friends because their abuser effectively isolated them from anyone who would care to help.

Cost Breakdown: $10 shipping, $159 Name LegalZoom As Registered Agent, $495 501(c)3 Application Preparation, $79 Tax ID Obtainment, $20 Texas State Filing Fee, $239 LegalZoom Non-Profit Corp. Fee. Please Donate!


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I can't thank you all enough for your support...I hope new visitors to this page will donate so we can get this charity rockin'!

posted by Kellie Holly 14 months ago

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Thaakat Foundation

12 months ago (Offline Donation)


From our foundation to yours!

Help You And Me


Victoria Mull

13 months ago


Sorry it took me so long. Living really paycheck to paycheck. I have to support you so we can support each other.

Here's 2 Health


Katherine Nicely-Willis

13 months ago


In it to win it!



Heath Black

13 months ago (Offline Donation)

Here's 2 Health


ION Jewellery

13 months ago



Here's 2 Health



13 months ago


A dime at a time...

Here's 2 Health


Kellie Holly

14 months ago


every little bit helps!

Here's 2 Health


Monica Simpson

14 months ago

Here's 2 Health


Katherine Nicely-Willis

14 months ago

Here's 2 Health


Lyrian Diaz

14 months ago


I am a Domestic Violence Victim and its hard great job


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