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Hello and welcome to this site! I'm the administrator for this site, but the site was created by my brother (DeQuido Brown), in order to raise funds to go towards my nephew's life-savin... more


Updated posted by D' Ajanae Jones 4 months ago

To our angels out there, thank you so much for your love and support. D'Quan will remain in hospital for the next few days for chemo treatment and hydration.

I received a call on yesterday, and I was told that our insurance is fast approaching it's lifetime maximum, our greatest fear now, is not having enough funds available to even start the bone marrow transplant procedure. We can buy some time through post transplant, but not pre-transplant.

Also, this is the 14th month that D'Quan has been experiencing those chronic bladder spasms without an official diagnosis, we are very concerned about this! So we are now searching for another medical facility with excellent standards, to have both D'Quan's urological needs met, while having his transplant done.

Unfortunately, we now have to stretch for more funding and increase our goal. You're now aware that there are quite a few urgent decisions to be made, we are in need and we welcome your personal thoughts and ideas in this regard. I can be reached via the contact link.

Thanks again for your kind support and please continue to share and donate towards this cause.



Updated posted by D' Ajanae Jones 4 months ago

D'QUAN'S UPDATE: Expecting eternal greatness

Today, D'Quan is back in hospital for another round of chemotherapy treatment, but his spirits are still higher than ever. He's feeling great this morning, help me pray that there will be no complications during this admittance, that on Thursday he'll be released in much better condition than he's being admitted in today.

Thanks for the love and continuous support that you've poured out towards D'Quan, we really appreciate you.

Please continue to SHARE D'Quan's story!!


Updated posted by D' Ajanae Jones 5 months ago

Hi there, D'Quan will be back in hospital tomorrow for his checkup, and he will start his next round of treatment on Monday. We're still awaiting the results of my daughter to confirm whether she's an identical match or not for the bone marrow transplant.

D'Quan has been feeling well over the past 4 days, except for the usual phantom pains.

I want to thank everyone of you who liked, shared, and/or contributed for your generosity. Your kindness is greatly appreciated!

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Created by D' Ajanae Jones on October 19, 2013

Hello and welcome to this site!

I'm the administrator for this site, but the site was created by my brother (DeQuido Brown), in order to raise funds to go towards my nephew's life-saving and life-sustaining medical care. My 12 year old nephew D'Quan, is battling Pre-B ALL Leukemia, and also he now suffers from a Spinal Cord Injury with Paraplegia. He and my brother has relocated from the Bahamas to South Florida, where he now receives cancer treatment a private children's hospital, in preparation for his Bone Marrow Transplant procedure. D'Quan also requires aggressive physical therapy, and urology and neurology consults.

From his birth, D'Quan had always been a cheerful kid, who was known for his great smile, so full of life and energy. His dreams were to become an NBA player like LeBron James and a track star like Usain Bolt, his potential to achieve this was noticed by many.

On September 25, 2012. D'Quan was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, which is a deadly form of childhood cancer.

Our family had no previous history, nor did we have any prior knowledge about this disease. We were shocked and in denial of that diagnosis. We thought, "How could this deadly disease, develop in an active child, born without any illnesses or defects, who had completed all of his vaccinations, physicals and regular checkups, is slender in size, eats a balanced and healthy diet, and is the middle sibling in the household"? This made no sense!

On September 27, 2012, D'Quan started chemotherapy treatment at a South Florida Children's Hospital. On that day, his protocol required a Lumbar Puncture, also known as a "Spinal Tap". On the afternoon following the procedure, he began to feel numbness in his legs, by the next day he couldn't move the legs at all, and had lost all control of his bladder and bowel function.

It was discovered that he had significant loss of sensation of his lower extremities. An MRI of his lumbar spine was conducted six days later, it was then confirmed that a large spinal hematoma had been discovered, but by that time the damage had already been done, the window of opportunity for a successful surgical evacuation/drainage had expired. D'Quan was left to live with an irreversible spinal cord injury, the hematoma that initially affected the T11-T12, L2-L5 and S1-S2 areas.

Pediatric neurosurgeons then indicated that spinal taps were no longer an option, therefore they insisted that the implantation of an Ommaya Reservoir into D'Quan's scalp was necessary to facilitate the delivery of chemotherapy fluids.

ALL and Spinal Cord Injury with Paraparesis was the new diagnosis, this diagnosis still remains today. D'Quan remained admitted in the hospital for almost 2 months, including 3 weeks in the Inpatient Rehab Unit, where he had occupational therapy and physical therapy, sometimes twice daily. During his admittance, he contracted the painful shingles virus, but amazingly he kept his glowing spirit and he continued to smile. D'Quan went into remission in November 2012, and he continued treatment as well as physical therapy.

In July 2013, our worst nightmare reappeared. D'Quan contracted a bacterial infection and had to be hospitalized, he was then airlifted to yet another South Florida hospital for an immediate assessment and treatment. It was then confirmed that he had relapsed.

D'Quan spent two weeks in isolation, in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit until he had been stabilized. He was then transferred to Pediatric Oncology for treatment.

This required aggressive rounds of chemotherapy and numerous hospitalizations. D'Quan has achieved his second remission and he's now in the preparation stages for his Bone Marrow Transplant, which has been scheduled for early 2014.

However, as a result of the Spinal Cord Injury, D’Quan has Gait disturbance, balance impairment, suffers with chronic and intense nerve spasms in the bladder, he's incontinent of his bowel and bladder, requires laxatives and intermittent catheterization 5 times per day, he wears diapers, he has chronic leg nerve pains daily, he is wheelchair-bound and requires a customized wheelchair for posture and comfort, unable to walk or stand independently and without bilateral AFO's, he has no sensation of his bilateral feet, lumbar lordosis.

He needs assistance with door opening, bath, bed and vehicle transfers and quite a few of life most simplest tasks and he requires a caretaker around the clock, his father gladly accepted this job, and without regrets.

D'Quan has completed over 140 hours of physical therapy over the past year, (excluding at home) and he is still actively enrolled in physical therapy whenever his strength or chemotherapy treatment allows his participation. However, in the few months he has had improved strength and he's been able to do more exercise and walk short distances with assisted devices such as a four-wheeled walker. An October 2013 MRI, suggests that the spinal hematoma has been reabsorbed, but now an Arachnoiditis Cyst can be seen at the base of the cuada equina in the spine.

D'Quan has scheduled follow up appointments with Neurology, Urology, Radiology, Neurosurgery, Hematology/Oncology and Physical Therapy, and since the cancer diagnosis back in September 2012, then further complications from the SCI thereafter, he hasn't been able to attend grade school due to his health and delicate physical needs, therefore he desperately needs homeschooling when he's at home, this is a need that hasn't been met thus far due to his busy schedule.

Yes! D'Quan currently has "medical insurance", but unfortunately 75% of his maximum lifetime coverage has already been depleted. The cost of the required medical services and the length of time that these services will be needed for D'Quan creates even more financial anxiety for our family, as the cost of his medication, lodging, transportation etc, and the cost of living in South Florida is VERY high and this is still the beginning of this journey.

D'Quan often asks my brother tough questions like – Daddy, why’d this happen to me? And why am I the only child with cancer, who’s confined to a wheelchair? There’s always one answer – You are the only child that can handle this right now, and the other kids are depending on you to get through your trial, as a sign of hope that they’ll get through theirs, but God know's your struggles. D'Quan misses seeing and spending time with his family and friends, but he also understands that he won’t see them for a long time.

We’d give just about anything to watch D’Quan run on the track, on the soccer field or play on the basketball court again!

This is our plea, a family's plea, we're reaching out to EVERY individual out there, both private and corporate. PLEASE help by donating to Funding For D'Quan, so that he would have the best opportunity at winning his battle with leukemia, overcoming his Spinal Cord Injury challenges, receiving the education that he deserves, and regaining his physical independence, so that he may continue to dream like children ought to. No donation is too small, lets keep that smile on his face.

Please continue to share and support the cause, online donations is a simple 2 step process, and the site is safe and secured. If you, or anyone you know are interested in donating to this fund, but have no access to a credit/debit card, or simply don't support online donations, RBC deposits are welcomed.

Bank info: DeQuido Brown (Acc#7226053) RBC Prince Charles Dr.

When making deposits, PLEASE include your name. Your name and donation amount will be added manually to the site in order to maintain your trust, and to achieve the overall goal of this campaign, PLEASE click on the message link if you have any questions, concerns or need to contact us.

Don't forget to DONATE & SHARE!!


Thanks again for visiting!!

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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D'Quan, we pray for you and your pain daily and know that if there is a way God will allow you to be with your family over the Holidays. If you are here in Florida know that you can celebrate Christ's birth with us! We are all God's Children and you are my Hero. 2014 will be your year ... you will receive your transplant you will be back to your old self in no time! God has a plan and we feel Blessed to be your friend. God Bless you and your family!

posted by Lyn Gautier 3 months ago

After reading your recent post (Quido) and seeing that you increased the goal all I hear in my spirit is God is able!!! He has already dispatched his angels to supernaturally heal and provide. If you can have the faith to believe or even conceive the thought he is faithful to fulfill. Be encouraged my brother. And I say this to you because your on the front line fight with him everyday. You are a strong man, an inspiration, a TRUE example of a father and I'm glad my sister has you as the priest of the home. LOVE you both, praying for you always....

posted by C Gray 4 months ago

God has already healed you baby. This is only a process.Isaiah 40:29 states, He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength. Continue to be strong God is with you.

posted by Angel Russell 5 months ago

I do not know you, D'Quan or your family but I am a mother and cannot even imagine having to remain strong in a situation where you have to watch helplessly as your child endures pain. I guess you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. I cried uncontrollably while reading D'Quan's journey! He is such a fighter and his fight won't be in vain! I am not working but want to help very badly and believe that God will provide for me so that I can help D'Quan! Keep pushing baby, you're doing very good and HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY!!!!

posted by Barricka Johnson 5 months ago

After seeing what a former scholar of Akhepran International Academy is facing and battling I had no other choice but to cry, D'Quan has always been a sweet, loving, caring and happy child during the period of time that he has been to our school. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't think or talk about D'Quan... You have to keep the faith and believe that God can and will heal you, There is gonna be a time in your life where the door is gonna open for you and let all of your dreams and aspirations come in. Every single fight in your life has had a positive outcome. Every dark place has made you who you are. You couldn't see that in the dark times but afterwards it all made sense. Keep going. God has a plan for you. Keep the faith D'Quan get better soon :)

posted by Leesuh Love 5 months ago

Before there can a testimony there must be a test. I truly believe that with God and through God all things are possible. God is able and though it may seem hard and ruff and you may want to question why me just remember that inspite of God still deserves the glory out of all this. So as I come in agreement with each and everybody on this site I decree and declare healing for not only D'Quan I declare it for each affected family member, friends, and anyone who is connected to this situation. Satan i declare war with you because D'Quan shall live and prosper. You will not claim his life. Cancer in the name of Jesus you need to be gone. Ain't nobody gat time to be dealing with you and the havoc you are causing. I ask these things in no other name. In Jesus name I declare healing!!!!!!! Amen

posted by LaKishia Knowles 5 months ago

keep the faith of god alive in jesus name i know it work ask my mom and dad they did it by faith in god and they never giveup on me that why i am the pumpkin i well pray for d quan brown and family

posted by Peter Mcphee 5 months ago

God is able to do all things, he is a miracle working God. As I sat at my desk and read this, tears came to my eyes and I started to say a silent prayer for D`Quan. It is sad to see a young child go through this, but who am I to question God. He is the author, the finisher, the beginning and the end, the first and the last, the Alpha and the Omega. I believe that this child will be healed and live to give his testimony...Just keep the FAITH, TRUST and BELIEVE. Most of all continue to pray

posted by Mademoise'll Marj Oscar 5 months ago

Well,...I truly believe that, there is nothing...that God cannot handle!!!!I Decree and Declare that this young man of God will get better!!!!Through the grace of God he will...JUST have FAITH in God......it saddens my but makes my heart smile also because I know there is God who still cares!!!!!

posted by KingSon Goodman 5 months ago

Would love nothing better than to turn back time and reset the clocks in order to have my friend back to the way he was. It breaks my heart terribly knowing the challenges that you now face. However your a fierce young man and will rise from this tragedy to shine as brightly as any other child does. Much love to the Brown family, god bless you all in the time of need.

posted by Damalus Curry 5 months ago

After reading through this I couldn't help but burst out crying After which, my 3 year old asked me "Mummy why are you crying"? Trying my best to explain it all it still seemed so difficult the only thing I could do was ask him to hug me and lets pray for Mummy's friends and their son. I still believe in God and know that God will see you guys through to the best days. Love you guys and will always keep the entire family in prayers.

posted by Kish Taylor 5 months ago

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