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We're a gay binational couple seeking donations to help with the expense of filing for a Green Card and needing to travel internationally because of a grave medical emergency. Raina w... more


Updated posted by Raina Daniels 7 months ago

We're soooo close to filing my Green Card petition - Raina gives an update!


Getting ready to file!


Updated posted by Raina Daniels 7 months ago

Things have been quiet here as we waited for my mum to get out of the hospital - here is a small news update on how things have been. Thank you all, once again, for your support over the recent days and weeks. It means so much to me that I know I am not facing all of this alone! xo Perry


a quick update...


Updated posted by Raina Daniels 7 months ago

Things have been pretty quiet here over the last day or two. We are currently waiting to get some tax documents in the mail so we can get ready to file - maybe as soon as in a few days. My mother has been in the hospital and I have received some small updates from her - she says she is "mostly ok", but I will know more this weekend when I get a chance to talk to her. She had her spinal chemo today, and is staying in the hospital for monitoring until tomorrow.

We spoke to a couple of different lawyers this week and we now have a firmer grasp on what we need to do to move through this process as quickly as possible. I'm feeling pretty grateful for the small moments of quietness. And so I've been taking the time to do other things, such as cleaning the house, and taking care of my fish. I don't want to get to esoteric but in moments of great stress and crisis it feels kind of like a rebellion to be doing everyday, "silly" things...


my fish clam.

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Created by Raina Daniels on July 19, 2013

We're a gay binational couple seeking donations to help with the expense of filing for a Green Card and needing to travel internationally because of a grave medical emergency.

Raina works full-time for a non-profit organization, but hopes to visit her wife Perry in Germany and meet her mother-in-law in-person for the first and possibly last time. We need your support if you can, please donate or share! Any donations over our goal will help with Raina's travel and unpaid leave.

Read more about us and the beginning of our journey in this awsome article on

See our whole path on this cool timeline

November UPDATE: We've filed for a Green Card and the application process is well underway! Perry and I have finally been awarded an Advance Parole document from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services department that will allow Perry to return home after visiting Germany. Perry's mother's been diagnosed with stage 4 (terminal) breast cancer, which has spread to her brain (cerebral fluid) and so they are happy to be able to spend this time together. Perry has been gone for 3 weeks now and we miss each other terribly, though we video chat every day.
more updates in the video above

xo Raina

(August) URGENT UPDATE: Perry recently received a phone call from Germany with some terrible news. Perry's mother, who has been bravely living with breast cancer and bone metastases, has developed a brain tumor. Further details about how much time she has left are still outstanding. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Because Perry and Raina have not yet been able to file a Green Card, Perry can't leave the country without expecting to be barred from re-entry, effectively getting stranded in Europe for an indefinite amount of time. Therefore, we are expediting our process to get a Green Card application filed with a conditional travel permit so Perry can travel to Europe with some safety. This means many more added expenses, next to all the stress we are currently dealing with. We cannot do this without a lawyer, and we also need to pay for plane tickets (about $1200) and many other additional fees.

If you have anything to spare, please donate! Please share our fundraising page with your friends and social networks. We really need your support now to get Perry to Germany before it is too late.

Thank you for your support.

P & R

Hallo! We’re a “bi-national same sex couple”, the kind maybe you’ve been hearing about on TV, internet and radio! We recently got married, and have begun the process of filing for a Green Card. As you may know, because DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) has been struck down by the US Supreme Court, same-sex marriages are FINALLY recognized on a federal level for immigration purposes...
Here’s where we enter:

Perry is a German UK citizen and has been in the US on various visas since 2005, recently on a smarty-pants scholarship to Reed College in Portland. Raina’s a US citizen originally from the lovely town of Cleveland, Ohio. Perry and Raina met in Portland and fell into the best relationship either could imagine and desperately want to stay in the US together!
Thanks to the supreme court decision, Raina was finally able to gay-marry the face off Perry and file for a Green Card based on our relationship!

We need help in order to make filing happen.

Read more about us and our journey in this awsome article on
PQmonthly and follow our path on this cool timeline!

Perry has some small savings and our working-class families are helping out as much as they can, but we need to cover the expense of paperwork, lawyers fees, hidden expenses (like the government mandated medical exam?!?) and we need help.

Please help us raise the funds to keep Perry in the US!

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:

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Raina, I wish I could help you guys out financially, but as you already know as one of Sydney's best friends..we are going through the same process. So far the donations hit a low so we are trying to work with queer news stations here in San Diego to spread the word. Good luck to you both and hopefully we all can celebrate all together in the near future...( I wanna meet your Dscherman) ;) Also, you guys are receiving a wedding invitation soon. Much love.. Jules &Syd

posted by Jules Baldwin-Cooper 9 months ago

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5 months ago



Betsy Morton

5 months ago


Congratulations on your marriage! Best wishes for a smooth process and an amazing life together with many (much more pleasant) adventures ahead. Love you Raina!



Marci & heather

7 months ago



Naomi Riccobono

7 months ago


Wishing the best for you two!



Wyatt Riot

7 months ago


Thinking of you both and hoping you get all of the support you need in this.



aubrey hays

7 months ago



Steven C.

7 months ago


Congratulations and best wishes!




7 months ago



Yubelka Hernandez

7 months ago


Even though your situation is more dier, My fiancee and I both need a visa just like you, so best of luck!!!!!!!!!!



Cathy Insler

8 months ago


Good luck


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