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This donation site was created by Scott from Chemical Candy/Backstreet Buckets. See  The donated money will be managed by James "Rev" Frederick, his... more


Updated posted by James-Rev Frederick 9 months ago

Hi everyone. So I've been slack on updating this site. Sorry. Cody is home from the hospital. And that's a good thing.... but things have been very busy. He has a hectic schedule of doctors apointments and rehab. We (sharon and rev) have Cody and Joey living with us now and it's been a full time job around here getting everyone up, fed, to all appointments/gymnastics/dance class (joey not cody)/etc. But.... we are so glad that things are moving forward and have some "normalcy" to them these days as opposed to the ol' hospital days. Cody spent 3 months in the hospital - Wow! That's a long time to be in a hospital bed. Though Cody is healing well (better than expected/ahead of schedule) he is still likely out of work for a year due to injuries! We raised 6k here on this site and we are so grateful. But honestly - we are so far from getting him and Joey back on their feet in their own home again. 6k ALMOST covers the hospital co-pay fees. Cody still has his bills like car payment/cell/insurance/ etc coming at him every month and no income to pay them. And soon it will be time for him and Joey to move into a new home - again no income to pay for it. To remind you - the person that hit Cody had no license and no insurance. He got nothing from the wreck that was not his fault. Such a bad deal. So.... please continue to share this site everywhere and often. Thank you if you have contributed and please continue to contribute by simply sharing the site often and don't forget about ol Biggsy over here. Cody is drawing every day which has been great rehab for his right hand. Though his foot took the most trauma, it's actually his right hand that is the big hold up these days. It's what's keeping him from going back to work. He damaged his siatic (sp?) nerve that controls his right hand function and it's not working like it should. With lots of rehab and time, we are hopeful it will make a full recovery. Other than that, Cody and Joey are in good spirits and we are all doing the best we can every day. Thank you so much for your continued prayers, love, support, and donations. - Rev


A recent benefit for Cody.


Updated posted by James-Rev Frederick 10 months ago

1. Cody is out of the hospital and living at our house.

2. The benefits are starting SOON. PLEASE go or contact them to see how you can contribute. All benefits can use donated items to raffle off, beer, food, etc.

3. Below are the links to the next 2 benefits ( next one is in 4 DAYS YALL !!!

Cody has about a year of rehab ahead of him. He still has bills and no way to work. He is out of the hospital but his road to recovery and independence has just begun. Please help. Thank you.


Cody Biggs Out of the Hospital and Hungy


Updated posted by James-Rev Frederick 10 months ago

Hello Friends. It's been a while since I did an update here. I apologize for that. First off..... THANK YOU to all who have donated to Cody's fund. In these situations, the "initial shock" of the accident wears off after a couple of months (not for him...but for us), but his road of recovery and need for help is JUST BEGINNING. Cody has SO MUCH work to do before he is independent and working again. He has bills piling up on him and no way to work to earn money to pay them. In addition, he has a little girl starting her first year of school in a few months. So please continue to donate if you can and SHARE his donation site EVERYWHERE on the net EVERY chance you get. It's so important. We have raised 5k so far and though that is a huge accomplishment, it won't even cover the deductibles at the hospital. There are two benefits coming up that you can attend to help Cody. And remember.... if you can't donate or can't attend a benefit, you CAN share the information on the web and that can be just as effective as someone who IS in a position to donate may see it and contribute. The first one is coming up in JUST 9 DAYS! Go here to see event:

The next one is at Goodfriend near White Rock Lake and will be July 11th. Bands, Cars, Bikes, Fun, Raffle, ETC. I'll post a link as soon as we have an invite page up.

So.... enough about all that and on to how Cody is doing...............

Cody will be released from the hospital (rehab) the day after tomorrow to come home. It is earlier than we had thought and that is much due to insurance and what they will/won't pay for ( god bless the american health care system). Cody and his daughter Joey will come live with us until he is able to be independent. Cody has been in rehab for a couple of weeks now and is making great progress. It's baby steps but steps in the right direction none the less. Cody can now stand up for short times, he can get up and down about 3 steps, things like that. Though his foot and broken legs are certainly a focal point, we are also very focused on his right hand. His radial nerve was severely damaged in his right arm. What this means is he does not have control of his right hand. And being a right handed tattoo artist - that's not good. The news thus far on that is....... hang tight, let it heal, and we will see. Not the warm fuzzy you want to hear but not necessarily doom and gloom either. It's just hard to know exactly what will happen and when. So Cody will do out-patient rehab 3 days a week for the foreseeable future and work on that and other things.
Though Cody won't be in the hospital, he will be laid up most of the time on our couch and would very much like visitors to keep him company. And we absolutely open our home up to that - so come on by.
Cody's cell phone is up and working so feel free to call him and see what he's up to as well. Please continue to keep Cody in your thoughts and prayers, donate if you can, attend his benefit events if you can, AND SHARE THIS SITE LIKE CRAZY - CAUSE I KNOW YOU CAN DO THAT. I've done the math - it will take at least 50k just to pay the bills Cody can not pay while he is down. That's not even considering money he will need to get a new home for him and his daughter, moving costs, etc. when the time comes. Cody is a hard worker and if he could go to work and earn this money his self he would - but he can't. So we are asking for the help of his friends and family. Thank you all so much for helping. We are so grateful. Rev

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Created by James-Rev Frederick on March 16, 2013

This donation site was created by Scott from Chemical Candy/Backstreet Buckets. See  The donated money will be managed by James "Rev" Frederick, his stepfather. 

Cody Wayne Biggs was in a serious motorcycle accident on Friday March 15th.  A car pulled out in front of him on Buckner Rd around noon.  The car did not see him and he had no time to react so he T-boned the car and went down hard.  Cody is at Baylor Hospital. So far Cody has had 6 surgeries in 3 weeks. He broke both arms and legs in multiple places, collapsed lung, head injury, broken ribs, amputated foot, and more.    

Cody is a 3rd generation tattoo artist in Dallas TX.  His family has been tattooing in Deep Ellum for over 20 years at Taboo and Tiggers Tattoo.  He was on his 1981 Harley Davidson Shovelhead built by Aaron Kaufman from Gas Monkey Garage on his way to work.  The driver that hit him was unlicensed and uninsured.  Cody will likely be unable to work for months and is a single father with custody of his 4 year old daughter. He has medical insurance but will have no income to pay bills for the rest of 2013 likely. 

Cody has a very strong and proud family by his side. Normally  they would never ask for money or help from outside the family but given the circumstances, all help is welcome and very much appreciated. Please help us help Cody and his daughter Joey get through this difficult time by donating what you can. All money will go directly to things like his house payment, car payment, groceries, daughter's expenses,  ect, while he is unable to work.  

Also you can donate anonymously to paypal by going to and donating to email address:  

OR.... you can stop by Taboo or Tiggers Tattoo and say "I want to get a tattoo for Biggs".  Any tattoo you get - 100% of the money you spend will go to Cody's "benefit fund".  

Thank you,



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Cody, I'm from South, class of '98. I'm a prosthetist and live in New England now but went to school at UT Southwestern Medical. I have prosthetist friends still there if you need any contact info...just message me if you do. Feel better!

posted by Karen Teoli 10 months ago

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Derek Paulson

6 months ago


Good luck to you and your family Cody



mike iacono

6 months ago


Best wishes man



richard casarez

8 months ago


ur a warrior biggs God be with u and ur fam!



Ryan Petersen

9 months ago


Hope you are doing good Cody. If you ever need someone to talk to whos been through similar dont hesitate to contact me.



John Burton

10 months ago



Rene Louis

10 months ago


hope you are on the mend soon!



Tim & Scott L5-20 Road Crew

10 months ago


Best wishes for a speedy and healthy recovery brother.




10 months ago



Andrew, Jenna and Oslo Boulware

10 months ago


Give 'em hell, Cody! We'll be thinking about you!



Kara Jones

10 months ago


Prayers for a speedy recovery! Look forward to meeting you in the shop for a new piece in the new future!


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