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*Please take a few minutes to read this story about an amazing man with an amazing opportunity!! Please help if you can! Every little bit makes a difference!* *This page was created... more


Updated posted by Phillip Bryant 12 months ago

The last two weeks have been crazy! The Lord has been showing me so much. He has me right where He wants me. I have so much to worry about my daughter, school, therapy, going SoCal, money, rent, dog, work, etc… I was going a hundred miles an hour before Project Walk was laid in my lap! When that happened it put me in a different mode. I have had to fall. Me having no idea about Carlsbad, how I was going to get there in a wheelchair, pay for it, school work, spend good time with Avery before I leave, get everything ready, etc…
This has been a crazy month so far everything has moved so fast! on Saturday I got to take my sweetheart to 2 festivals and

Its 2:11am and I was just omitted to the hospital

Ok so here is an update on me and my journey to Socal. I am in need of prayer from all of you. This is the time where the Lord is monitoring and testing my faith. As of today its 10 days away before I leave to SoCal.

At 2am last night I was omitted to Vidant Medical with a serious infection in my hip. I could be here a while.

Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing (James 1:2-4)

The lord is teaching me to trust and showing how powerful He is! Ha! I signed up for this! I said

“Here I am God, send me”

a million times!

This Is what it looks like.

I was overwhelmed 2 weeks ago, all I could do was to just fall to Him. There were days that I had a million things to do, but my heart just needed Him, I had to stop everything and go sit and pray and open the word and listen to Him. Those moments the word just jumps out at me and brings me to my knees!

SoCal is SoCal, walking is walking!

But living for the Lord is “Denying myself and picking up my cross” I want Him and want to seek His kingdom first. I am in love with Jesus and it’s beautiful, I promise that no person can ever feel this love unless it’s from Him.

I am only here on earth to be used by Him. Right now I am strapped down to hospital bed, but at least I am in a hospital bed and not locked up in chains with blood all over me writing letters to my brothers and sisters like Paul.

I know Jesus has me here for His reason. I trust my Father because He knows all things. That’s how all this works! I have now understood what being in Complete Surrender through the storm feels like. I am here for Yahwah and then I go home one day! He is writing His word on my heart and He is conforming me into the image if His very own Son Jesus is first of many! Praise God!

Project Walk is 10 Days away! How exciting! I am asking anyone willing to please send a thank you prayer to the Lord for Him using me to glorify His Holy name!

I have understood what being in complete surrender through the storm feels like. What does that feel like? What that feels like is not getting in the storm and hold His Hand. He has all the Power and all I have to do is what Walter Stapthy says

“Get on the Plow”

God is the Ox that’s pulling the plow and all I have to do is get on it!


Updated posted by Phillip Bryant 12 months ago

What a blessing to see how many people have given donations! You just don’t know how much it means to me to be able to go to Project Walk! I am so excited! I will be in Oceanside California in 23 days! I would have never thought that I could have even attended Project Walk. God is good! I can’t believe how giving and good you all are! I am at 50% raised already!

I have been going at it pretty hard the last 2 years and now I get to learn some new tricks! I was just telling a physical therapist a few weeks ago that I was tired. I told him I was mentally tired. I have been going to the gym, walking in braces at home, going to therapy on the lokomat, doing horse therapy, crawling on the floor, etc… Working full time to get back up and going.

My legs are constantly changing with new good changes, but I just don’t know what else to do. That’s why I felt tired. Not tired of wanting to just give up by no means, I just felt tired of trying to figure out what else to do. I have been at this hard for 2 years and giving up is not an option. It wasn’t a week after I said I was tired to my physical therapist that I got the call from Project Walk. Answers from above! What a blessing to get to go to SoCal and get a new look on therapy! What a second wind! I’m excited and ready to get to work.

I am so thankful for all the support from everyone. Nothing but a blessing all the way around! I just want everyone to understand that God is good and if they just look at what He is doing in my life they can see how real He is! From the start of this accident to now He has been right here holding my hand leading me beside still waters restoring my soul. He is getting me ready for something big. I feel it in my bones. I just have to wait patiently and be humble and understand that His healing hand is coming and it’s to glorify Him not me. None of this is about me. Everything is to glorify Him. I must seek His kingdom first and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added. This is how it works. I’m not praying to walk again. I’m praying to run 5k races to glorify His Holy Name. I say:

“Here I am God, send me”

God Bless everyone that has been a part of this with me.


Updated posted by Phillip Bryant 12 months ago

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the donations! It’s a blessing to have you in my life! I am almost half way there! Thanks to everyone that has helped with this journey it means the world to me! I am very excited about going to Project Walk and learning some new things! Thanks again and God Bless!

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Created by Phillip Bryant on March 18, 2013

 *Please take a few minutes to read this story about an amazing man with an amazing opportunity!! Please help if you can! Every little bit makes a difference!*

*This page was created by loved ones of Phillip*

Two years ago I was in an auto accident and pronounced dead on the scene.  I came back to life and I was in a coma and in the hospital for 5 months.  I was put in a wheelchair and was told I was never going to walk again.

I truly gave my life to Christ in that hospital. He has taken me on such a wonderful adventure since my accident.  It has been a blessing to me, although I don’t always see it.  He has taken me to the bottom, stripped me of all I thought I loved, and replaced those things with what is most important…loving Him, my family, and helping others know Christ.

When my accident happened, I had no health insurance.  After I woke up, I was sent to one of the world’s greatest spinal cord injury hospitals in Atlanta on a scholarship that only 2 people get a year!  Thanks so much to those of you who helped me get there!  Then the Lord brought me home and put me to work with 7 of the most amazing people that I now call my family and love dearly, all at Vidant Medical Center.  They put me on a machine called a Lokomat that cost 350.00 and hour, a program I have been blessed with for over a year.  All I can say is, its been “Paid for by God”.  They continue to put me on that machine, no questions asked.  God is just moving mountains.  Today was my 143rd Lokomat session.  God is looking after me, showing me what true love is, just between him and me.  And all it took was a wreck and for me to sit down see the glory of God.  I wouldn’t change one day of it.  He is my only answer, my provider, my healer, my savior.

Thanks to God’s grace and this therapy, I’ve gradually been getting movement back in my legs and feel I am almost out of this wheelchair!  I have had to learn that things happen on His time, not mine.   He has me on a journey, and that is to Glorify His Holy name and He just wants me to trust Him and watch how powerful He is.  I am now able to take a few steps in braces and push a little weight with my legs.  It’s not walking just yet but that’s all in the Lord’s timing.

Two weeks ago I was called by one of worlds most sought after physical therapy facilities in California, called Project Walk.  They have seen my progress through the videos I made of me walking the past two years on YouTube.   Gigi, the program coordinator, said that they want me to get out of the braces and stand under my own power.  I am very excited about the program they have waiting for me but am unable to fund the trip and stay on my own.  I have been hearing about Project Walk since I woke up from my coma 2 years ago.  They are the best facility out there for physical therapy and their reputation is known worldwide as a place that truly stimulates healing.  There are people all over the world coming to the USA to go to Project Walk because it is known for results!  I told Gigi I just couldn’t afford to come, but she told me she called because she thought I was a good candidate for a scholarship!  I submitted a package and have been accepted for a MONTH of therapy.  This is such a blessing if I can raise the funds to get there and stay for a month.

 After I submitted my package, I just sat there and just thought about how God has been so good to me. I had no insurance when I got in my wreck, but I have been to a world class facility in Atlanta, been given virtually unlimited access to the Lokomat, and now this scholarship to Project Walk.  Isn’t that crazy?  If someone can’t see the power of God by looking at what He is doing with me then their eyes are closed!  This isn’t about luck..there is no such thing as luck!  This is grace.  It’s a blessing from the Most High. 

So now I am working on a fundraiser to help me get there and stay so I can attend the therapy sessions and live in SoCal for a month.  Departure date is April 22, and my budget is $5000. All the therapy is…“Paid for by God”… I just have to get there, find a place to stay and rent a car with hand controls.  I have only been to Cali one time, but Project Walk is on the beach just 45 minutes north of San Diego and 1 hour south of L.A.   I am so excited!  I am asking for your help, in any way you can. 

Thank you so much, and may God richly bless you as he has me.

Love In Christ,


Phillip Bryant



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