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This fund is to benefit the dogs rescued by myself, Charlie Moreno and Melina Garos from Howl-A-Day Inn. These dogs were rescued from Chaparral, NM. We have provided our inventory of dog... more


Updated posted by Charlie Moreno 2 months ago

We need your help again. Over the last few months Melina Garos at Howl A Day Inn and her staff having been caring for these dogs from Chaparral. The work is 24 hrs a day. Melina lives on the property. There are over 30 dogs from the Chaparral case and several other rescues from other situations, and of course the client's dogs being boarded there. It's a lot of work.

Some of us involved with this case have been pushing the Otero Sheriff's behind the scenes to charge Felix Moriel with animal cruelty. We've been pushing hard. Recently the media announced that Felix Moriel, the man responsible for this situation has finally been charged with 156 counts of animal cruelty! We are happy to see that they did not just sweep it under the rug as they attempted to at first.

Sadly Howl A Day Inn was not mentioned in the article as having many of these dogs. Howl A Day Inn needs to make repairs on some of the kennels and shelters. They need food donations (Diamond brand dog food preferred).

This is why I am begging for more help. It's been 3 months since we've received any donations. Every dollar really does make a difference. If you can't donate money we can also take gift cards (Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Sam's, Costco) or materials (cement, plywood, Diamond dog food, chicken wire). If you're interested in volunteering to help with repairs or care for the dogs, please contact me, Charlie Moreno at


Chaparral rescues still need your help


Updated posted by Charlie Moreno 6 months ago

We are one month in and still looking for donation to help get these babies microchipped, some still need spays/neuters and more food. As the winter month approach we will be in need of extra bedding and shelters.
Please donate. If you can't donate, please share with others.


Chaparral Rescues: One month later.


Updated posted by Charlie Moreno 7 months ago

Hi Everyone!

We want to update you all on the progress with our Chaparral, NM Hoarding rescues.
Yesterday we moved some plastic pallets and dog igloos over to our large yards to keep the dogs comfortable. We have brought in another staff member to come in and help with the extra load at the boarding facility.

Later this afternoon we have Dr. Janie Grant from Dog, Cat, & Bird Hospital coming out to Howl-A-Day-Inn to check and vaccinate the dogs in our care.

We also have plenty of photos on our Google+ page:


Dog Igloos are set up.

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Created by Charlie Moreno on September 7, 2013

This fund is to benefit the dogs rescued by myself, Charlie Moreno and Melina Garos from Howl-A-Day Inn. These dogs were rescued from Chaparral, NM. We have provided our inventory of dogs to the Otero County Sheriff's Department and hoping others also provide as much information for them to prosecute for animal cruelty.
Melina Garos and I ARE NOT a non-profit organization. This is why we have set up this page.
We are animal lovers that are helping the poor dogs in this case.
This donation page is to provide support for animals me (Charlie Moreno) and Melina Garos (Howl-A-Day Inn Training & Boarding) have rescued. We currently have over 30 rescues that are being vaccinated, treated for illnesses, injuries, and housed while we get rescues to help us.

Many of these rescues are now ready for adoption. Adoptions are being provided by Cherished K-9 All Breed Rescue in Las Cruces, NM.

Please visit for more info coming soon on each of the available dogs.



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Pets barn working hard to get as many costumers to help with the cause and weve been gettin positive results! We'll be dropping what we've come up with soon!

posted by Mayra Banuelos 7 months ago

I have a little bit of room at my ranch in future land , I hqve ch I huwhuas, boston terriers and english bulldovs , do u hqve of those with u ....

posted by James Miller 7 months ago

Who is this donation collection going to?

posted by Nina Stively 7 months ago

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Shirley Fambrough

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Great Job



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Linda McKnight

2 months ago


Thanks for all that you're doing!



John Hoover

2 months ago


I hope this helps a bit.



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6 months ago


Thank you for all you're doing, from the video clip all the dogs look to be socialized and would make great additions to families. If we didn't already have 4, I'd take one! God Bless You!


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