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The Bucklin Park needs your help!! Our swings are cracked, our chains are rusted, our playfort has broken ladders and splintered wood. Our basketball court is busted concrete, held toge... more


Updated posted by Tammy Standley 8 months ago

Can you believe that we just received another $100.00 donation! Thank you Jeff & Pam Harper. Yes, we are still taking money. After doing the edging and mulch we are hoping to be able to place some benches and a tree or two!

If you haven't seen it, the big play structure is in. Thank you to Doug & Marc Finney for taking the lead on getting that installed! We appreciate what you have done! Thanks to all of you who helped with that. We know it was a big job. When I went up tonight to take pictures, there were kids playing on it. The whole reason this project began. Just makes me smile. Hearing the laughing and screams of excitement. . . awesome.

We just can't thank all of you who have donated enough. We know most of you will not be able to hear the laughter and screams like I did tonight but without you, it wouldn't have happened.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Updated posted by Tammy Standley 9 months ago

The Court. Is DONE.
It started at 6:25a.m. when the Bucklin Fire Dept began soaking the court area with 1,000 gallons of water. (So the concrete wouldn't dry too fast.) Bobby and Greg had to work a full day after soaking our court, re-filling the fire truck, and shoveling gravel. We appreciate them and Shorty Hulett, who was also working before sun-up.
By 2:30p.m. the gang at Tall Paul's was feeding a hot, tired, and GENEROUS concrete crew. But oh-so-much happened in between.
As we watched the work progress throughout the day we became acutely aware of just how much Triple J Construction had given us. They had driven from Moberly, Atlanta, Bevier, Jacksonville, and Clarence. They had given us a day of their lives, a combined 60+ years of concrete experience, the muscles in their lower backs, the gas in their power trowels, and gallons of sweat.
As temperatures soared past 90 degrees and the humidity rose, they never slowed down and never complained. When their work was done, they quietly packed their tools and drove away without looking for a "thanks" or a pat on the back. These fellas may have their faults... their wives could probably give us a short list. But you'll have to look a long time to find guys with bigger hearts than Jon Curless' crew.
When I tried to thank one of them, he brushed it off by saying, "it's for kids; it's worth it."
Maybe you're a praying person; maybe you aren't. But if you are - say a blessing on these guys who gave so much to help kids they've never met. We remain humbled by their generosity.
And the court looks AWESOME!!!

PLEASE visit www.facebook.com/darlan.tammy to see the finished court and lots of pictures from the day. Again, you do NOT need a facebook account to see this page.
Go see what you have helped build.


New Court!


Updated posted by Tammy Standley 9 months ago

Today was an impressive day for the park project!

First, we received a $100 donation from Joe & Beverly Cupp. This brings our official "Put Some Spark in Our Park!" total to $22,274. Thanks, Joe & Beverly!
That's right - it isn't too late to donate. At this point we're planning finishing touches like benches, trees, trash cans, etc., so every donation is important. If we really get lucky, we may be able to add another small piece of equipment. (With all the families now using the park we're definitely seeing a need for benches, which is something we hadn't planned.)

Second, Jon Curless and his crew from Triple J Construction formed up the basketball court today and got it ready to pour. If the weather continues to cooperate, they may be pouring on Wednesday. These are the guys who volunteered to finish the concrete for FREE. Not one of them is from Bucklin, but each of them gave up a day of pay for some kids they've never met.
Amazing, huh?

If you happen by the park when these guys are working, why don't you stop and say "Thanks", or drop a note in their truck. They've given us a lot and it would probably make them feel great at the end of the day to know their hot, dirty, tiring, UNPAID work is appreciated. Also, Tall Paul's has donated meals to the concrete crew. It wouldn't hurt to let Paul & Kim know that you appreciate them as well. They have already generously donated to this project, but are going above and beyond to show their gratitude to Jon Curless' crew. We think that's pretty awesome.

This project has certainly brought out the best in people, and we're blessed to have seen such generosity, community spirit, and kindness. Thanks for all the things you've done - great and small - to make this project a raging success. :-)

* Whether you "facebook" or not, go to www.facebook.com/darlan.tammy to see more pictures and updates. Remember, you don't need to log in to facebook - our page is public. *


Triple J Construction

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Created by Tammy Standley on March 30, 2013

The Bucklin Park needs your help!!
Our swings are cracked, our chains are rusted, our playfort has broken ladders and splintered wood. Our basketball court is busted concrete, held together by grass.
Our kids need a place to play!

Our first goals?
Wooden playhouse - $300
New Swings & chains - $300
Two Spring Riders - $1000
Merry-Go-Round - $2500

Help us accomplish THAT, and we'll move on to a play structure and new basketball court. 100% of donations go toward purchase of equipment. We are counting on volunteers to install everything.

So where are you?
Guys who played town team basketball?

Well-meaning strangers who pity our small, rural, brokeness?! ;-)



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The You Tube video of Mark's challenge is so cute and funny!!! I don't know Mark but I sure hope they make their mark!!! (Get it??)

posted by Natalie Gordon Burks 11 months ago

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