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For many of you, this is the first time you are hearing this story…For some of you, you have been listening to this story since the beginning…And the rest of you are living this story…Brent Garrison is a husband, father, son, brother, cousin... more


Updated posted by Joe Dickson 10 months ago

Hi Everyone,

Today, Melanie and I have a new appreciation for how fortunate we are to have so many caring friends and family. We have been filled with even more hope, from all the smiles and memories shared with Melanie and I at the fundraiser this past Saturday. We want to let everyone know how much we appreciate all the help received. We are still in awe over how much help has originated from the GoFundMe website and from so many individuals in the community in so many ways.

We have decided to end the GoFundMe website since all the support we have received has helped turn things around for us both personally and for our business in such a short time. We started a blog at "" to continue with the kind thoughts, prayers, and encouragement. We will be sharing updates when we can.

Thank you,
Brent & Melanie Garrison


Updated posted by Joe Dickson 10 months ago

Dear Family, friends and those we haven't met...

Thank you for your endless support, your donations, your prayers and encouraging words. It has meant so much to Brent, Melanie, Brady and Amelia. We started this page with a $10,000 goal and you have all helped us to surpass this goal – all in support of Brent - Thank you!

With the auction behind us, we are now closing the GoFundMe website. The auction raised over $18,000 for Brent and his family! Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for the evening.

Thank you for taking this journey with us and for sharing Brent’s story. A message from Brent and Melanie will posted shortly and will be the last message posted here.

Baracak Obama said, “If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.”

Thank you all for 'hope'....


Updated posted by Joe Dickson 10 months ago

Tonight's the Night! Auction & Dance in Support of Brent Garrison...

The auction is SOLD OUT! Unfortunately, due to space restrictions, only those with tickets (or on the paid ticket list) will be able to join us for the auction.

Anyone who was not able to get auction tickets is invited to join us for the dance. Doors will open at 10:30 pm.

Thank you for your continued support and thank you to the girls from Mel's work for putting tonight together.

See you tonight!

(Hall Address - 843 Fall River Road, LWF Hall)

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Created by Joe Dickson on May 16, 2013

For many of you, this is the first time you are hearing this story…

For some of you, you have been listening to this story since the beginning…

And the rest of you are living this story…

Brent Garrison is a husband, father, son, brother, cousin, nephew, friend, mentor, entrepreneur and so much more to so many people. Brent with his huge smile, dimples and big heart is always willing to lend a hand, share a laugh and listen. I often hear people say, “Brent is just a good guy.”

In February 2011, Brent shared his news. “I have melanoma.” It wasn’t fair, it didn’t seem real.

His first surgery was in March 2011. A 2.75 cm tumor was removed from his back. As with everything he does – Brent quickly bounced back. He educated and talked openly with anyone who would listen. He talked about the importance of sunscreen and when the children would ask about his scar he told them the truth. “I had cancer, the doctors cut it out.”

Although doctors were able to successfully remove the tumor, Brent’s diagnosis still remained high risk. He was closely monitored and required checkups every 3 months. Brent had no detectable cancer until January 2013.

A tumor was found in his back muscle, next to the original melanoma excision area. Doctors successfully removed the grapefruit sized mass and were impressed with Brent’s quick recovery. Two weeks later doctors discovered a 2.4 cm tumor in his stomach and another surgery followed. Brent’s latest test results have revealed that there are now 3 tumors on his pancreas, a tumor in one of his lymph nodes and a large mass growing in his chest between his lungs and near his heart. He has been told that without treatment the effects of the mass growing in his chest will be felt by August. It isn’t fair, it doesn’t seem real.

This is Brent’s truth. “Cancer”, is now a common word used in everyday conversation.

Traditional treatment methods are not an option; they will not successfully remove the cancer in Brent’s body. In 2 weeks Brent will start a medical trial and he needs our help. Fighting the cancer; the doctors’ appointments, specialist appointments and hospital stays have reduced Brent’s capability to work and running a small, independent business in an industry currently in a decline has compounded the financial strain. Your donation will help lessen their current and future financial pressures. It will allow them one less worry while they spend time together as a family, raising their children and making memories that will get them through the many tough days ahead. Brent always gives selflessly, independent of who he is giving to; his family, a friend, a client or his community. We are asking that you give to Brent, Melanie, Brady and Amelia the way that Brent gives to all of us – selflessly.

Brent recently said, “I want to make a difference in the world.” What he doesn’t realize is that he has already made a difference. He has touched so many of us in so many ways. He has made a difference in so many lives; please help us make a difference in theirs.

We will continue to update you of Brent’s fight through this website. Thank you for taking time to read his story. It isn’t fair, it is real.

(Tracey Dickson on behalf of Brent and Melanie Garrison.)


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Hi Brent, this is Kam great picture buddy great looking family. best of luck with your battle ill be praying for you

posted by Kam Singh 10 months ago

So very sorry we have not kept in touch, I am very bad for that lol. It should not only be in times of hardship that we reach out to our family. I am anxiously awaiting the auction fundraiser next weekend to spend some time and to support you in your time of need. I know my dad, Granville, is looking down on you and protecting you the best he can. Hugs and Kisses, your cousin Terri Garrison

posted by Terri Garrison 10 months ago

As I sit here writing I try to imagine, but I just can't, what your family must be going through. I often wonder if there's something I've done or said that has made a difference. Well I just want you to know that you have. My children just got an extra goodnight hug because of you. Take care.

posted by Bobbi Riddle 10 months ago

Brent and Melanie, 9 years ago this July my husband died of metastatic melanoma. I truly feel your pain. Keep spending that time together and talk to each other about everything. Leave no stone unturned.

posted by Yvonne Andersen 10 months ago

I love you Brent and Mel! We had so many good nights at ur house.. In Ontario! Remember us?? Lmao! I'm not that far away, I wanna come see you guys..

posted by Missy McErlain 10 months ago

Hello Leah - Your kind words and good vibes are a wonderful donation. Thank you for your support. Thank you, Tracey

posted by Joe Dickson 11 months ago

We can't donate right now, but we want you to know that our prayers thoughts good vibes are with you.

posted by Leah Hunter 11 months ago

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Jackie Pothier

10 months ago


Our thoughts are with you




10 months ago




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Chris Marriott Weir

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Sanders Family

10 months ago


As a young family, your story saddens us and we send out love, prayers and positive thoughts. May you be granted strength in the days ahead and may your family have much more time together!



Arthur Doyle

10 months ago



Marsha & Charles Butler

10 months ago


Sending our love, prayers and strength from all of us. You're in our thoughts.



Laurie & David Perry

10 months ago


Melanie & Brent, You're in our prayers, and we're still hoping for a miracle, along side you, even though we can't be there. We wish you continued strength during this battle Brent. We cherish all of the great times we've had together, here in Ontario, and back home. Sending all of our love from your family in Ontario...keep fighting! xoxox




10 months ago


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