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On Saturday, July 1, 2012, an unknown attacker viciously assaulted Ashley Pruneau with a hammer while she was alone inside her apartment. Ashley suffered numerous blows to the head dur... more


Updated posted by Liz Clark Shambaugh 19 months ago

Ashley had her second surgery last week, and is recovering well. She is doing really well. She had a chance to go through and read some of the messages that you all have sent along with your donations, and was very touched by them, as well as with the generosity that has been showed to her. I know that she would give each and every one of you a big thank you hug if she could! I'm keeping the page going, so if you know of anyone who might want to donate, please send the link to them! I would also like to thank you all for helping raise this money, which will really help her get back to a place in life where she can be comfortable, and not have to worry about paying the bills for a little while! I'll keep the page updated with information whenever I have any...


Updated posted by Liz Clark Shambaugh 20 months ago

I just wanted to post a quick update on how Ashley is doing. Her sister tells me that she is doing really well. She was cleared from physical therapy, so now she only needs speech therapy. They found a surgeon close to home in Ohio, and she met with him last week to talk about the next surgery. That will probably happen in the next month or so. He said she will most likely only need to stay in the hospital for 3 days after the surgery, and then can come back home and recover there. After the surgery, the surgeon will continue to monitor her for about a month, and they will ask for a full evaluation at that time to ensure that she is back to where she was prior to the attack, or as close as possible.

I know that the family is incredibly grateful for the generosity that has been shown to them. I am also very thankful that people have been so amazing, and have been sharing her story with others so that we can continue to raise money to help Ashley. Please keep it up! Every dollar helps, so if you know of someone who might be willing to donate, please send them the link to this page! Thank you to everyone, and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Updated posted by Liz Clark Shambaugh 20 months ago

Thank you SO much to everyone who has donated, and helped us achieve our goal of $10,000! Although I set that as the goal, obviously that doesn't mean that I will stop trying to raise money for her. Please continue to share the link, spread the word, and help raise money to help Ashley out with some of her bills. I sincerely appreciate all of you who donated, and also those who couldn't, but who left a nice message of encouragement for Ashley.

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Created by Liz Clark Shambaugh on July 7, 2012

On Saturday, July 1, 2012, an unknown attacker viciously assaulted Ashley Pruneau with a hammer while she was alone inside her apartment.

Ashley suffered numerous blows to the head during the assault, and the attacker left her to die. Fortunately, she was discovered and was rushed to the hospital in time to save her life. 

While police investigate this scary and horrific crime, Ashley remains in
 stable condition at Stroger Hospital in Chicago. She has had one head surgery, and will need a second surgery in a month. Once released from the hospital, Ashley will begin the road to recovery at a rehabilitation center for an unforeseen amount of time.

Needless to say, Ashley needs our help and support. 

Ashley's friends, family and co-workers have started a fund to help her through these hard times. All money raised will be used solely to maintain Ashley's living conditions and help to pay off the medical debt she is incurring. Whether you can spare $5 or $500, any amount will be greatly appreciated. The more money we raise means less that Ashley will have to worry about finances once she's out of the hospital. Let's let her focus on her recovery, not on how she will pay for it. 

Please consider donating what you can to help Ashley get through this. We would appreciate it if you would forward this link to others so that we can raise awareness of the crime, so that Ashley's attacker will be brought to justice.

If you have any tips or leads, please contact the Chicago Police Department.  I will find out a more specific phone number or email for the person handling the case, but until then, you can call the police department and they should be able to point you in the right direction. If you have any questions, you can click on "contact" under my photo on the top of this page, and I'll do my best to answer.

Thanks for all of your support!



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I'm very sorry to hear about this - and would like to offer my support [both financially, and otherwise]. It's hard for me to even comprehend how people can do these sorts of things to others. When I was a Paramedic, I saw my share of brutal, senseless attacks on innocent people. It always left me sad and depressed, that others have such little regard for human life. Please call me directly at: 1-800-727-2100, Option 1. I will do everything I can to offer support and encouragement, moving forward.

posted by George Massalas 20 months ago

I do hope you do well, I wish you and your poor friend all the best.

posted by Bridget Floristry 20 months ago

Hi Liz, Thanks for setting this up... so very sad. I hope she's doing ok. Letizia's Fiore just set up an FB fundraiser for her here: /400718653309522/ Just spreading the word... Carrie J

posted by Carrie Jensen 21 months ago

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I'm adding the $20 from the silent auction from the event at the Double Door a few weeks ago. I won an auction, and the organizers told me to just add it to this fund. It's all going to the same place, right? This is for the Jay Ryan print...



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Hi Ashley, today I found out what happened to you two months ago, and I'm so saddened to hear it. Your friends at Letizia's say your recovery seems to be going very well. I wish you the best!



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