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Welcome! I originally created this page to help Andrea with her expenses as it related to her cancer treatment. The first $4300.00 shown was actually given to Andrea while she was alive,... more


Updated posted by Jessica Lowery 9 months ago

Sorry for the second message but I had the incorrect time for Andrea's ceremony tomorrow and I just wanted to correct myself. It'll actually be at 11:30am.


Updated posted by Jessica Lowery 9 months ago

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to send out a reminder that Andrea's celebration of life is tomorrow, July 13th from 11am-3pm at Lynndale Park. Let me know if you have any questions. This will be a great celebration of the girl we all loved, as well as a time to lean on others for support as we grieve her loss. You can still make donations to this fund, or bring them in person and give to her family. Hope to see you all there!


Updated posted by Jessica Lowery 10 months ago

Just wanted to send out a special update to the fund on behalf of mine and Andrea's family. Any money that is raised and left over after funeral expenses will be donated to the Virginia Mason Oncology charity program. This is a program that helped Andrea out while she was going through treatment. Andrea would definitely want to help other people who are going through treatment but don't have the funds for it. After my own short 6 month battle with cancer, I was shocked by how much treatment costs. It was almost $200,000 for me and this doesn't take into account people who have multiple battles with the disease, like Andrea did. So please share this page in any way you can. Thank You!

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Created by Jessica Lowery on June 8, 2012

Welcome! I originally created this page to help Andrea with her expenses as it related to her cancer treatment. The first $4300.00 shown was actually given to Andrea while she was alive, and for that she was very thankful! The remaining goal listed is to help with Andrea's celebration of life ceremony, July 13th from 11am-3pm at Lynndale Park. Anything left over will go to the Virginia Mason Oncology charity fund, which helps cancer patients who can't afford treatment. Andrea was a recipient of this help during her treatment, and it would mean a lot to her to give back.

Here is some background about why I created this page originally, the original text for the page, and what Andrea has gone through:

I have created this page to benefit a wonderful person named Andrea. Andrea is practically part of my family. It has been difficult to watch her go through one obstacle after another in her life & not feel like there was anything my family could do to help.

At 15 she was diagnosed with VonHippel Lindau syndrome, a very rare condition in which she began growing benign tumors on her central nervous system & various organs. She had most of her adrenal glands removed at this time & now has to be on medication daily to stay alive.

In 2001 she developed Pancreatic cancer. She had a WHIPPLE surgery, in which the lower part of her stomach, part of the upper intestine, the head of the pancreas, common bile duct & gall bladder were removed. She followed that up with chemo & kicked cancer's butt! As a result of her surgery, she became diabetic.

In 2009, she developed liver cancer. At the same time she was to start treatment, her beloved fiance passed away. While grieving she had to continue on with treatment, which included more chemo & various surgeries.

In March 2011, at almost 30 years old, after complications due to pneumonia, Andrea went into a coma, had to be intubated and nearly died. She recovered from that but had to be switched to a very aggressive form of chemo, since she was not responding to previous treatments. Before all this started she had been going to school to get her degree in nursing. Unfortunately, it became too difficult to manage school with everything going on and she had to stop.

Amidst all of this, her and Adam began dating. She often talks about how he was very aware of all she was going through when they began dating and chose to stick by her side. It's obvious that he saw what we already know, how amazing she is! :)

With everyone's continued support, she has just had her third round of this treatment. Her side effects seem to be even more terrible this time around and make it difficult to function let alone work.

We all know Andrea has always been independent, strong, resilient, and positive. She picks herself back up after every fight and continues on, because she's strong and brave.

She already has goals set for herself. Once she starts feeling better she would love to go back to school to become a nurse. She'll be a great nurse with all of her experience as a patient!

Her teeth have also been a real problem with all the chemo and radiation she's received over the years. Unfortunately it does a real number on your bones, including your teeth. She's suffered with poor dentition and a lot of pain as a result and would love to have some work done to make them less painful.

So now, as she fights this latest battle, she needs your help because bills have been piling up as she tries to handle this on her own. But no one should ever have to worry about finances as they are fighting for their life.

Update: On June 10th, 2013, shortly after 1pm, Andrea passed away after complications related to cancer and diabetes. She will truly be missed.


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I would just like to say thank you again to everyone that is making this happen for me, in my tuff time. It really is such a help, I can not explain how much stress it is helping relieves from my life. Thank you again and my family along with Adam also extend there gratitude, love for helping me. love always Andrea

posted by Andrea Boag-Day 21 months ago

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Travis & Lorencita Diel

9 months ago


Andrea was truely an inspiration to us, We will miss her beautiful smile and spunky personslity. We feel blessed to have known her and have her as a friend and sister.



Mike and Barbara Ward

9 months ago



Dave & Marlene Johnson

9 months ago



Julie & Tony Favro

9 months ago


There are no words to describe how much we miss you. We love you so much Andrea!!!!!



Sarah Hamack

9 months ago



Jamie Kemano

10 months ago


Prayers to Andrea's family




10 months ago



Melinda Sloan

10 months ago




10 months ago



Megan Eager Klay

10 months ago


Sending love to all Andrea's loved ones. She was a beautiful person, and is now a beautiful angel.


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