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Hello, my name is Ben Schwab. I am a Registered Radiation Therapist with Missouri Baptist Medical Center in St. Louis, MO. In March 2014, I will join a team of mountain climbers and he... more


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Every day we get closer to our goal! Thank you to everyone that has donated so far. Every little bit will help someone less fortunate get the treatment that they so desperately need!

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Please help me in this great cause! Together, we can literally impact millions of lives with this project!

People in developing countries are not as fortunate as we are, and likely have little access to modern cancer care

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Need for Equipment


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If you want to make a tribute to someone in your life that has been affected by cancer, please donate to this fund! $5 $10 $20! Any amount helps! If you donate, I will carry a prayer flag to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro with a personalized message from you!

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Created by Ben Schwab on August 21, 2013

Hello, my name is Ben Schwab. I am a Registered Radiation Therapist with Missouri Baptist Medical Center in St. Louis, MO. In March 2014, I will join a team of mountain climbers and healthcare professionals to summit Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest free standing mountain in the world! I will be climbing for Radiating Hope, a volunteer run 501(c)(3) nonprofit humanitarian organization that helps cancer patients around the world. Our goal is to raise money to provide and update radiation therapy equipment in countries where cancer treatment services are hard to find. Cancer kills more people in developing countries than HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined. 70% of all cancer deaths occur in low and middle-income countries. Cures and treatments exist; they just need to be made available!

This year our goal is to bring cancer care to Moshi, Tanzania, the home of Mt. Kilimanjaro. This area of Tanzania has no cancer center, and absolutely no radiation oncology treatment options. Radiating Hope is planning on changing this!

In order to accomplish our goal, myself, other cancer caregivers and advocates will travel to Africa in March to take on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Our hope is to raise awareness and funds that will help build the future cancer center at the Kilimanjaro Catholic Medical Center, which provides services to a region of 11 million Africans. We are partnered with various guide services, so the majority of the funds raised are able to go directly to Radiating Hope. The land is already set aside, and with enough funding this area will have its first cancer center!

I have taken a pledge to raise $12,000 by February 1st in order to help this cause. Your donation or sponsorship will help to ensure that people in this part of Africa can begin to receive the treatment that they so desperately need.

Your Support Makes all the Difference
· The U.S. has one radiation machine for every 100,000-200,000 people.
· Nations in Africa are far less fortunate.
o Ghana: 1 machine for 1,000,000 people
o Ethiopia: 1 machine for 70,000,000 people
o Senegal: 1 machine for 13,000,000 people
o South Africa: 1 machine for 1,000,000
o 9 African Nations do not have any treatment machines!

These statistics are deplorable. It is our mission to make a drastic and extraordinary change in the worldwide dynamic of cancer care. Please help me in partnering with Radiating Hope to bring hope and support to Tanzania and other developing countries worldwide. Yourcompassion andgenerosity can change the lives of millions of people!

It is our hope that our collaborative efforts will bring an end to the devastating effects of cancer in developing countries around the world. As we share our abundance, we will create sustainable change and build community relationships across the globe.

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Good Luck Ben



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Go Beno!!



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enjoy the climb



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Great cause, good luck on your climb.


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